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De Nederlandse Bachvereniging (Choir & Baroque Orchestra)

Founded: 1922 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

De Nederlandse Bachvereniging (The Netherlands Bach Society; = NBV) owes its existence and fame to the performances of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion (BWV 244) which it has given since 1922, in the Grote Kerk, Naarden. These performances are greatly beloved by the Dutch public, and they attract a yearly audience of more than 12,000. Since 1983 De Nederlandse Bachvereniging is working with its own Choir and Baroque Orchestra. The present-day Netherlands Bach Society consists of a group of professional singers and instrumentalists who are specialized in the performance practice of 17th and 18th century repertoire. The artistic director, and chief conductor of The Netherlands Bach Society, is Jos van Veldhoven.

The Netherlands Bach Society gives about 50 concerts a year, primarily with works of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries and predecessors. There is a wide range of programming, ranging from the major Baroque works to lesser known compositions and the smaller-scale repertoire. The flexibility of the ensemble enables it to give performances with both large and small settings, of both religious and secular choral and orchestral music. The Netherlands Bach Society has therefore performed an impressive number of works including many compositions receiving their first-ever present-day performances. This creative programming is inspiring for both musicians and public.

Most of the concerts take place in the Netherlands. The Choir and Baroque Orchestra of The Netherlands Bach Society have frequently appeared at festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Concert tours have brought the choir to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Norway, Japan, and the USA. Intensive co-operation with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra under Ton Koopman has resulted in many joint projects. The Netherlands Bach Society also co-operates regularly with ensembles such as Concerto Palatino and l’Ensemble vocal Sagittarius.

About half of the yearly projects are conducted by artistic director Jos van Veldhoven. On other occasions, the Netherlands Bach Society (Choir and Baroque Orchestra) has collaborated with prominent early music conductors such as Gustav Leonhardt, Ton Koopman, Paul McCreesh, Marcus Creed, Jos van Immerseel, Philippe Herreweghe, Hermann Max, René Jacobs, Frans Brüggen, Andrew Parrott, Monica Huggett, Roger Norrington, Iván Fischer, Paul van Nevel and Masaaki Suzuki.

The Netherlands Bach Society has made several CD-recordings in a successful cooperation with Channel Classics Records. These series of innovative recordings of lesser known works include music by Netherlands and Italian composers. All of these CD's have also received high praise from the critics.

'The playing was lively and fresh, and the small choir floated over it with perfect clarity' (New York Times)
Christmas Oratorio: 'Anyone looking for a classy present need look no further than this deluxe set'; 'The performance is unfailingly stylish, moving in the retelling of the Nativity and appropriately joyful'. (Sunday Times);
' played and sung with great urgency and stylishness by the voices and period instruments' (The Guardian)
Death & Devotion: This is one of the most successfully made discs I've heard in a very long time' (Classics

Artistic Directors

Johan Schoonderbeek (1922-1927)
Evert Cornelis (1927-1931)
Anthon van der Horst (1931-1965)
Charles de Wolff (1965-1983)
Jos van Veldhoven (1983-Present)

Members of De Nederlandse Bachvereniging Choir (1992-2015):





Margriet Agricola
Joke Anjewierden
Lauren Armishaw
Ulrike Barth
Mariëtte Bastiaansen
Ghislaine van den Berg-van Opstal
Elisabeth Blom
Christine Bohnenkamp
Loes Bottemanne
Annelies Brants
Lucy De Butts
Lucie Chartin
Griet de Geyter
Marjan van Giel
Loes Groot Antink
Marijke van der Harst
Marie Heeschen
Anne Hodgkinson
Christien van 't Hof
Liesbeth Houdijk
Margot Kalse
Mónica de Jesus Monteiro
Lisa Mooyman
Mariëtte Oelderik
Marta Paklar
Esther Putter
Hilde Van Ruymbeke
Marjon Strijk
Maria Valdmaa
Klaartje van Veldhoven
Orlanda Velez Isidro
Colette Vodegel Matzen
Kristen Witmer

Marjolein Aartsen
Pedro Adarraga
Harry Baas Becking
Mirjam Boers
Saskia Bouma
Helen Cassano
Victoria Cassano McDonald
Elsbeth Gerritsen
Marleene Goldstein
Siebe Haagsma
Barnabás Hegyi
Madeleine Ingenhousz
Gemma Jansen
Marianne Kettel
Iris de Koomen
Kaspar Kröner
Saskia Kruysse
Daniel Lager
Mieke van Laren
Bernadett Nagy
Annemieke van der Ploeg
Truike van ver Poel
Elena Pozhidaeva
Laurence Renson
Michaela Riener
Bart Uvyn
Lida Wels
Lucia van Westerlaak
Jan Zwerver

Christofoor Baljon
Jan Berkers
Robert Buckland
Rens Buma
Ben Coelman
Christian Damsgaard
Hans van Dijk
Dolf Drabbels
Ton Edelbrock
Robert Getchell
Guido Groenland
Yves van Handenhove
Tom Huizinga
Niek Idelenburg
Daniel Johannsen
Gert Klück
Gert M. Knepper
João Moreira
Luigi Orsini
Richard Prada
Diederik Rooker
Immo Schröder
Kevin Skelton
Mikael Stenbaek
Ronald Threels
Endrik Üksvärav
Réne Veen
Hans van de Veerdonk
Ronald Visser

Matthew Baker
Donald Bentvelsen
Hans van Bergen
Martijn de Graaf Bierbrauwer
Nicolas Boulanger
Jan Carpentier
Kees Deij
Erks Jan Dekker
Michaël van Ekeren
Ken Gould
Peter Dijkstra
Jelle Draijer
Lex de Haan
Frank Hermans
Arie Hordijk
Paul Joosten
Rob Kortlang
Pierre-Guy Le Gall White
Michiel Meijer
Lionel Meunier
Sebastian Myrus
Paul-Peter Polak
Drew Santini
Robert van der Vinne
Matthias Winckhler
John Woudt

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Source: Liner notes to the 3-CD album ‘J.S. Bach: Matthäus-Passion’ conducted by Jos van Veldhoven (Channel Classics, 1997); De Nederlandse Bachvereniging Website (March 2003); Hans Schimmel - The Netherlands Bach Society (May 2006)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2001, March 2015, September 2015), Hans Schimmel (May 2006)

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Peter Dijkstra

Choir & Orchestra

V-13 (2013): BWV 244 [4th recording]

Ton Koopman


BWV 244 [1st], BWV 245 [1st]

Gustav Leonhardt


BWV 232

Lars Ulrik Mortensen


Video: BWV 54, BWV 82

André Vandernnot


BWV 245

Charles de Wolff


BWV 244

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