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Books about Bach & his Music

This section of the Bach Cantatas Website (BCW) contains Reviews & Discussions of Books about J.S. Bach & his music, most of which have been compiled from the Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML) & Bach Recordings Mailing List (BRML).

If you want to contribute a book review or to discuss a book relating to J.S. & his music, please send a message to BCML/BRML. If you are not yet a member of the BCML/BRML, you are invited to join. The instructions how to join the BCML/BRML and how to post messages appear at: How to contribute.


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Index to Reviews & Discussions of Books about Bach & his Music

Analyzing Bach Cantatas
Author: Eric Chafe
Oxford University Press (2000)

Author: Martin Geck
Edition: Haus Publishing (2003)

Bach - An Extraordinary Life
Author: Davitt Moroney
Edition: ABRSM Publishing (2000)

Bach & God
Author: Michael Marissen
Edition: Oxford University Press (2016)

Bach and the Dance of God
Author: Wilfrid Howard Mellers
Edition: Oxford University Press (1981)

Bach and the Patterns of Invention
Author: Laurence Dreyfus
Edition: Harvard University Press (1997)

Bach Interpretation: Articulation Marks in the Primary Sources of J.S. Bach
Author: John Butt
Edition: Cambridge University Press (1990)

Bach und Ich
Author: Maarten ‘t Hart
Edition: Gebundene Ausgabe (2002)

Bach in Berlin
Author: Celia Applegate
Edition: Cornell University Press (2005)

Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven
Author: John Eliot Gardiner
Edition: Knopf (2013)

Bach Werke Verzeichnis
Author: Schmeider
Edition: Breitkopf & Härtel (1998)

Bach's Cantatas: Discussions | Petition
Author: Alfred Dürr
Edition: Oxford University Press (2005)

Bach's Changing World: Voices in the Community
Author: Carol K. Baron
Edition: University of Rochester Press (2006)

Bach's Choral Ideal: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Author: Joshua Rifkin
Edition: ? (2002)

Bach’s Continuo Group
Author: Laurence Dreyfus
Edition: Harvard University Press (1987)

Bach's Major Vocal Works
Author: Markus Rathey
Edition: Yale University Press (2016)

Bach’s Passion (new title: Sebastian, the life of J.S. Bach)
Author: RuthAnn Ridley
Edition: Quiddity Press (was: WinePress Publishing)

The Bach Reader / The New Bach Reader
Editors: Author: Hans T. David, Arthur Mendel, Christoph Wolff (Editors)
Edition: Dent & Sons / W W Norton & Co (1967 / 1998)

Author: Martin Petzoldt
Edition: Bärenreiter (2004)

Bach Vocal Music Guide to the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) Year B
Author: Gary Harney
Edition: Bach on Budget (2017)

Die Blechblasinsturmente in J.S.Bachs Werken
Authors: Gisela & Jozsef Csiba
Edition: Berlin (1994)

The Cambridge Companion to Bach
Author: John Butt
Edition:Cambridge University Press (1997)

The Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach: Sacred & Secular
Author: William Gillies Whittaker
Edition:Oxford University Press (1959)

J.S. Bach - The Complete Cantatas in German-English Translation
Author: Richard Stokes
Edition:Long Barn Books / Scarecrow Press (1999)

Die Blechblasinstrumente in J. S. Bach's Werken [The brass instruments in the pieces of J. S. Bach]
Authors: Gisela Csiba & Jozsef Csiba
Edition:Merseburger (1994)

Complete Church Cantatas on CD
Edition:CD Sheet Music (2001)

The English Bach Awakening
Authors: Michael Kassler, Philip Olleson & Yo Tomita
Edition:Ashgate (2004)

The Essential Bach Choir
Author: Andrew Parrott
Edition:Boydell Press (2000)

Evening in the Palace of Reason
James R. Gaines
Harper Perennial (2006)

Exploring the World of J.S. Bach
Authors: Robert L. Marshall & Traute M. Marshall
Edition: University of Illinois Press (2016)

Fugitive Notes on Certain Cantatas and the Motets of J.S. Bach
Author: William Gillies Whittaker
Edition: Oxford University Press (1924)

Handbook To Bach's Sacred Cantata Texts
Author: Melvin P. Unger
Edition: Scarecrow Press (1996)

Hearing Bach's Passions, Updated Edition
Author: Daniel R. Melamed
Edition: Oxford University Press (2016)

A History of the Vienna Boys’ Choir
Author: Kim Lorenz
Edition: Book Guild (1998)

J.S. Bach
Author: Albert Schweitzer
Edition: Dover Publications

Johann Sebastian Bach (3 Volumes)
Author: Philipp Spitta
Edition: Dover Publications

Johann Sebastian Bach: Life and Work
Author: Martin Geck
Edition: Harcourt (2006)

Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician
Author: Christoph Wolff
Edition: W.W. Norton & Company (2001)

Les cantates de J.-S. Bach
Author: Gilles Cantagrel
Edition: Fayard (2010)

Life of Bach
Author: Peter Williams
Edition: Cambridge University Press (2003)

Meter in Music, 1600-1800
Author: Gerge Houle
Edition: Indiana University Press (1987)

MOI, JSB [French]
Author: Jean-Pierre Grivois
Edition: Bokopole (2003)

On Johann Sebastian Bach's Life, Genius, and Works
Author: Johann Nikolaus Forkel
Edition: J.M. Dent & Sons (1802)

The Organs of J. S. Bach: A Handbook
Authors: Christoph Wolff & Markus Zepf
Edition: University of Illinois Press (2012)

Oxford Composers Comapnion - J.S. Bach
Author: Malcolm Boyd
Edition: Oxford University Press (1999)

Sebastian, the life of J.S. Bach (was: Bach’s Passion)
Author: RuthAnn Ridley
Edition: Quiddity Press (was: WinePress Publishing)

Text and Act
Author: Richard Taruskin
Edition: Oxford University Press (1995)

The Sacred Dramas of J.S. Bach
Author: W. Murray Young
Edition: McFarland & Company (1993)

The St. Matthew Passion: Its Production and Performance

Theories of Fugue from the Age of Josquin to the Age of Bach
Author: Paul Walker
Edition: Boydell & Brewer (2000)

Tonal Allegory in the Music of J.S. Bach
Author: Eric Chafe
Edition: University of California Press (1991)

The True Life of J.S. Bach
Author: Klaus Eidam
Edition: Edition: Basic Books

Worship Wars in Early Lutheranism
Author: Joseph Herl
Edition: Oxford University Press (2004)

The World of the Bach Cantatas
Authors: Christoph Wolff & Ton Koopman
Edition: W.W. Norton & Company (1997)

The Early Music Movement from Within and Without [Article]
Author: Uri Golomb


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