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Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir (Baroque Orchestra & Choir)

Orchestra founded: 1979 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Choir founded: 1992

The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir (= ABO&C), founded in 1979 by Ton Koopman, are a group of musicians from all over the world, with a particular passion for the Baroque. About seven times a year they get together to perform live and make CD-recordings under the inspired direction of Ton Koopman.

For the musicians each concert is a new experience. Ton Koopman's boundless energy and enthusiasm are a sure guarantee of a lively performance with many surprises, again and again. Live performances take the orchestra to the great concert halls, for example The Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Barbican Centre (London), Konzerthaus (Vienna), Lincoln Center (New York) and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (Tokyo).

The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra has been recording for the French label Erato, a subsidiary of the Time Warner media group, for fifteen years. And not without success. Among the accolades the orchestra has received are the Gramophone Award, Diapason d'Or, "10-Repertoire", "Stern des Monats-Fono Forum", "Must-Compact Discipline Magazine", "4 Clés Télérama", "10 in Luister", the Prix Hector Berlioz, two Edison Awards and the Deutsche Schallplattenpreis.

In 1992 the Amsterdam Baroque Choir was founded. The choir consists mainly of young Dutch professional singers. The choir made its debut in 1992 during the Holland Festival of Early Music in Utrecht, where the programme consisted of the Requiem (for 15 voices) and Vespers (for 32 voices) by H.I.F. Biber. For both works this was the world premiere. The recording of these works won the Cannes Classical Award for the best performance of 17th/18th century choral music.

In November 1994 Ton Koopman and his ABO&C embarked upon what the Guardian called "the recording project of the nineties". For the first time the complete Bach Cantatas, both sacred and secular, are being recorded and performed in concert as well.

The concerts take place in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Radiorecordings of the concerts are being made by AVRO and EO radio. The broadcasts include comprehensive background information. March and April 1997 Dutch TV broadcast a series of six documentaries dedicated to the project. Meanwhile 13 CD-boxes are already released. For the first 4 CD-boxes Ton Koopman and The ABO&C have received the "Deutsche Schallplattenpreis Echo Klassik 1997" in Germany, an award for the excellent recording of the cantatas. The project also encompasses 3 books about the cantatas edited by Christoph Wolff and Ton Koopman. Of these 3 books, the first has already been translated in English and Italian, the second is soon to follow.

By the time the 250th anniversary of J.S. Bach's death is commemorated in the year 2000, Ton Koopman recorded almost eighty per cent of J.S. Bach's total output. In October 2003 he finished recorded all the Bach Cantatas.

Members of Amsterdam Baroque Choir:





María-Luz Álvarez
Mariëtte Bastiaansen
Andrea van Beek
Gela Birckenstaedt
Els Bongers
Martha Bosch
Isabel Delemarre
Esther Ebbinge
Henriëtte Feith
Pauline Graham
Melanie Greve [MB]
Anne Grimm
Loes Groot Antink
Francine van der Heijden
Margareth Iping
Cécile Kempenaers
Vera Lansink
Mónica Monteiro
Annemieke Rademaker
Nadia Ragni
Hilde Van Ruymbeke
Josie Ryan
Caroline Stam
Lut van der Velde
Orlanda Velez Isidro
Anita Veerling
Dorothee Wohlgemuth
Mieke Wouters
Johannette Zomer

Pedro Adarraga
Betty van den Berghe
Richard Bryan
Robert Bryan
Annemieke Cantor
Stephen Carter
Anne-Marieke Evers
Marleene Goldstein
Peter de Groot
Margareth Iping
Kaspar Kröner
Dorien Lievers
Hugo Naessens
Annette Stallinga
Carla Schaap
Martine Straesser
Mieke Wouters
Jan Zwerver

Malcolm Bennett
Geert Berghs
Otto Bouwknegt
Jetse Bremer
Sebastian Brouwer
Wim-Jan van Deuveren
Florian Feth
Andreas Gisler
Guido Groenland
Henk Gunneman
Marc van Heteren
Raphael Höhn
Hans Hermann Jansen
Marco van de Klundert
Tilmann Kögel
Jörg Krause
Michiel ten Houte de Lange [MB]
Joost van der Linden
Falco van Loon
Kevin McLean-Mair
Jeremy Ovenden
Tom Phillips
Jakob Pilgram
Geraint Roberts
Huw Rhys-Evans
Geraint Roberts
Markus Schuck
Eitan Sorek
John Wright

Donald Bentvelsen
Julian Clarkson
Ralf Ernst
David Greco
Kees van Hees
Johan Lippens
Matthijs Mesdag
Lionel Meunier
Sebastian Myrus
Harjo Pasveer
Mitchell Sandler
René Steur
Bart Vandewege
Bas Verkuyle
Hans Wijers

MB = Missing Biography. If you would like to contribute a biography of the artist, please send me a message. My e-mail address and the instructions can be found at the page: Short Biographies - Explanation.

Members of Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra:

Violins: Nicolo Cleminson, Marc Cooper, lona Davies, Margaret Faultless [Leader], Lisa Ferguson, Foskien Kooistra, Marshall Marcus, Carlo Marona, Carlo Marotto, Fanny Pestalozzi, Sebasliaan van Vucht
Violas: Morino Ascherson, Marlin Kelly, Jane Rogers
Viola d'amore: Margaret Faultless
Cellos/Violas da gamba: Jaap ter Linden, Jonathon Manson
Double-bass/Violone: Nicholas Pap
Recorders: Sigrun Lefringhausen, Heiko ter Schegget, Reine-Marie Verhagen
Flutes: Brian Berryman, Wilbert Hazelzet;
Oboes/Oboes d'amore/Oboes da caccia: Alfredo Bernardini, Michel Henry, Marcel Ponseele, Ann Vanlancker
Bassoon: Marc Vallon
Trumpets: James Ghigi, Jonathan Impen, Stephen Keavy
Horn: Andrew Clark
Trombones: Wim Becu, Cas Gevers, Simen van Mechelen, Charles Toet
Cornetts: Bruce Dickey, Jeremy West
Lute: Mike Fentross
Timpani: Luuk Nagtegaal
Organ: Jon Kleinbussink, Ton Koopman
: Ton Koopman


Source: Ton Koopman & Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir Official Website (August 1998)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2001, August 2014, September 2015)

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