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Kristen Witmer (Soprano)

Born: Tokyo, Japan

The American-Korean soprano, Kristen Witmer, was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She began her musical studies with piano and singing at age 8, and harmony under Masato Suzuki at age 15. She studied Classical singing and Baroque singing at Tokyo University of the Arts where she was awarded Yomiuri New Artist Prize, Akanthas Prize and Douseikai Prize upon graduation. After graduation she received a scholarship from The Meiji Yasuda Cultural Foundation and studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague where she obtained Bachelor degree in Early Music Singing and Master degree specializing in Henry Purcellís vocal music. She was coached there by Peter Kooy, Lenie van den Heuvel, Jill Feldman and Michael Chance. Music studies outside the university include Medieval and Renaissance music and participation in the master-classes by Peter Kooy, Robin Blaze, Gerd Türk, Masaaki Suzuki and Konrad Richter. She won prizes in contests such as the Yuai International Lied Wettbewerb, Concour de Melodies Francaise et Japonaise, Japanischer Mozart Musikwettbewerb and Japanischer Schubert Musikwettbewerb.

Kristen Witmer'ss concert repertoire ranges mainly from Renaissance to Classical music, and she actively performs in concerts with many established conductors and ensembles in the Early Music field. As a soloist she has sung with conductors such as Jos van Veldhoven, Philippe Herreweghe, Joshua Rifkin and Frans Brüggen, and has performed J.S. Bach's Cantatas, B-minor Mass (BWV 232), Magnificat (BWV 243), St. John Passion (BWV 245) and St. Matthew Passion (BWV 244), George Frideric Handel's Messiah, Purcellís Dido and Aeneas (Belinda), Gabriel Fauré's Requiem, Allegri's Miserere and Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine. She also appears in concerts with Baroque and Renaissance ensembles such as Vox Luminis (Director: Lionel Meunier) and Sette Voci (Director: Peter Kooy) and has sung as a soloist with Collegium Vocale Gent (Director: Philippe Herreweghe), The Bach Ensemble (Director: Joshua Rifkin), Bach Collegium Japan (Director: Masaaki Suzuki), and L'Armonia Sonora (Director: Mieneke van der Velden).

Recent performances as a soloist include George Frideric Handel's Messiah with Masaaki Suzuki, Duo Recital with Peter Kooy and Ensemble FLUX in the Early Music Festival Utrecht, J.S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248) with Manoj Kamps, Purcell's King Arthur with Jean Tubéry, and J.S. Bach's Easter Oratorio (BWV 249) & Ascension Oratorio (BWV 11) with Le Concert Lorrain (Director: Stephan Schultz).

Source: Kirsten Witmer Website (April 2015); Photos: Ola Renska; Vox Luninis Website; CBC Music Website (February 2015)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2015)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Philippe Herreweghe


Member of Collegium Vocale Gent:
C-23 (2013):
BWV 44 [2nd], BWV 48, BWV 73 [2nd], BWV 109
C-24 (2016):
BWV 101, BWV 115, BWV 103

Lionel Meunier


Member of Vox Luminis:
C-2 (2016):
BWV 150, BWV 131, BWV 12
Motets of Bach Family, including:
Johann Christoph Bach: Motet Der Gerechte, ob er gleich zu zeitlich stirb
J.S. Bach: Motet Ich lasse dich nicht, BWV Anh 159
Johann Christoph Bach: Motet Merk auf, mein Herz und sieh dorthin, BWV Anh 163

Masaaki Suzuki


Member of Bach Collegium Japan:
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 45:
BWV 39, BWV 129, BWV 187

Jos van Veldhoven


Member of Nederlandse Bachvereniging:
AOB Video:
BWV 67, BWV 102

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