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Michaël van Ekeren (Bass-Baritone)

Born: The Netherlands

The Dutch psychiatrist and bass-baritone, Michaël van Ekeren, studied at ATC (1972-1978). He was trained as training as a psychiatrist at the Utrecht University (Drs, medicine: 1981-1988). He also studied miusic at the Koninklijk Conservatorium (1998-2002) and Utrechts Conservatorium (2002-2006). He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from the Conservatory of Utrecht, wherte he had studied with Pierre Mak (2000-2012). He also took lessons and master classes with teachers like ao Maarten Koningsberger and Maria Acda. Now he is coached by Valerie Guillorit, professor at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Michaël van Ekeren's professional expereince as a psychiatrist have included: psychiatrist in Altrecht (1990-1993); Psychiatrist at NIFP Pieter Baan Centrum (NIFP/NVDMG/Reinier de Graaf Hospital) and NIFP Rotterdam (since April 2009). In the area of music, he has been a member of various ensembles. He was a member of the core group of the Nederlandse Bachvereniging (Director: Jos van Veldhoven) for 15 years (1989-2004), focusing on the authentic performance practice of music from the Baroque and classical periods.
He is also active in several other professional vocal ensembles. He participated in several CD recordings, including Biber's Requiem conducted by Gustav Leonhardt, J.S. Bach's Matthäus-Passion BWV 244, W.A. Mozart's Requiem and J.S. Bach's Weihnachts-Oratorium (BWV 248), all conducted by Jos van Veldhoven. As a soloist he focuses mainly on oratorio and art song, with the Russian and French song has his special interest.

Since January 2009, Michaël van Ekeren is Psychiatrist at Voice Consultancy NVDMG. At Voice Consultancy they work with professional singers with voice problems. We work in a team with Ear Nose Throat Specialist, logopedist and psychiatrist who is also a professional singer. Since January 2010, he is bass-baritone singer in Studium Chorale Maastricht.

Source: M.D. van Ekeren profile on LinkedIn; Oecumenische Streek Gemeente Website (March 2010)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2015)

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