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RIAS-Kammerchor (Chamber Choir)

Founded: 1948 - Berlin, Germany

As soon as he was founded in 1948, the RIAS-Kammerchor played a decisive part in the revival of the musical life of Berlin. Before becoming a partner of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Berliner Philharmoniker, the choir participated along with the RIAS-Kammerorchester and well-known soloists not only in Karl Ristenpart’s J.S. Bach Cycle (68 cantatas, the Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248) and the Saint-John Passion (BWV 245) were recorded between 1947 and 1952) but in works of 28 other composers under this same conductor.

Conductors like Ferenc Frisay, Karl Böhm, Herbert von Karajan and Lorin Maazel were closely associated with the Choir, and in more recent years special mention may be made of its collaboration with Claudio Abbado, James Levine and Daniel Barenboïm. However, the RIAS-Kammerchor developed its specific artistic profile out of its own independent existence as a chamber ensemble and established an international reputation as one of the world’s leading vocal ensembles, owing the lustre of its name especially to its performances of the a cappella repertory. In this respect the Choir occupies an unrivalled position among German professional choirs. Under its principal conductor, Marcus Creed, the Choir has gone from strength to strength. At the same time, the Choir has broadened its repertory to include performances of early music, with Nikolaus Harnoncourt, John Eliot Gardiner, Frans Brüggen, Roger Norrington and René Jacobs.

Chief Conductors / Artistic Directors

Herbert Froitzheim (1948-1954)
Günther Arndt (1954-1972)
Uwe Gronostay (1972-1986)
Marcus Creed (1987-2003)
Daniel Reuss (2003-2007)
Hans-Christoph Rademann (2007-Present)

Members of RIAS-Kammerchor:





Michaela Aichele
Ulrike Barth
Christine Bohnenkamp
Lucy De Butts
Claudia Ehmann
Madalena de Faria
Kristin Foss
Katharina Hohlfeld
Christina Kaiser
Mi-Young Kim
Susanne Langner
Anette Lösch
Sabine Nürmberger-Gembaczka
Anja Petersen
Stephanie Petitlaurent
Judith Schmidt
Hannelore Starke
Angela Umlauf
Inés Villanueva
Fabienne Weiß
Marie Luise Werneburg
Ji Yoon
Dagmar Wietschorke

Ulrike Bartsch
Andrea Effmert
Waltraud Heinrich
Regina Jakobi
Bärbel Kaiser
Susanne Langner
Sibylla Maria Löbbert
Franziska Markowitsch
Claudia Türpe
Susanne Langner
Hildegard Rützel
Ursula Thurmair
Marie-Luise Wilke
Hildegard Wiedemann

Volker Arndt
Reinhold Beiten
Joachim Buhrmann
Wolfgang Ebling
Florian Feth
Stephan Gähler
Friedemann Hecht
Minsub Hong
Friedemann Körner
Sebastian Lipp
Matthias Lucht
Christian Mücke
Volker Nietzke
Kai Roterberg
Maximilian Schmitt
Masashi Tsuji

Christian Backhaus
Janusz Gregorowicz
Christoph Hartkopf
Clemens Heidrich
Ingolf Horenburg
Wieland Lemke
Werner Matusch [MB]
Paul Mayr
Rudolf Preckwinkel
Andrew Redmond
Johannes Schendel
Ingolf Seidel
Klaus Thiem
Jonathan de la Paz Zaens

MB = Missing Biography. If you would like to contribute a biography of the artist, please send me a message. My e-mail address and the instructions can be found at the page: Short Biographies - Explanation.

- Harmonia Mundi Website
- Renowned critic Hans-Heinz Stückenschmidt wrote in “40 Years RIAS Chamber Choir 1948-1988” (publ. by RIAS, 1988) that it was “Karl Ristenpart’s choral work as early as 1946 for the Berlin DIAS (=Telephone wire broadcasting in the American Sector) which created the conditions allowing for the foundation of the RIAS-Kammerchor.”
- „A Musician to the Core: Remembering Karl Ristenpart,“ a broadcast by Dr. Charles W. Scheel, aired on Dec. 23rd 2006 in the “KONZERT” series on Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin.
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2001, August 2007); Charles Scheel (February 2007); Andrew Redmond (February 2011)

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Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Bernhard Forck


BWV 84

Hartmut Haenchen


BWV 169

Daniel Harding


BWV 62 BWV 248/1-3 [1st], BWV 248/1-3 [2nd]

Herbert von Karajan


DVD: BWV 243

Fritz Lehmann


BWV 248

Roger Norrington


BWV 232

Simon Rattle


DVD: BWV 245

Hans-Christoph Rademann


Sinfonias from BWV 35, BWV 146, BWV 169, BWV 188
BWV 225-228, BWV 244
V-9 (2012):
BWV 248/1-6 [2nd recording]

Karl Ristenpart


BWV 245, BWV 248 [Tape]

Peter Schreier


BWV 55, BWV 233-236, BWV 243

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