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Maarten Engeltjes (Counter-tenor)

Born: 1984 - The Netherlands

The Dutch counter-tenor, Maarten Engeltjes, started singing in a boys-choir when he was 4 years old. In 1995 Sir David Willcocks recognized his special talent and selected Maarten as soprano soloist for the Coronation Anthems (George Frideric Handel) at a boys choir festival in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He also participated as a soloist on several CD recordings in the Dom Cathedral in Riga, Latvia, including Miserere Mei (Allegri); Magna Opera Domini (Karlsons); Te Deum in C (Benjamin Britten); and Pie Jesu (A.L.Webber). His voice broke when he was 13 years old, and he decided to continue as a counter-tenor, under the guidance of Paul Hameleers. (Hameleers received several honors from both the Dutch royal family as well as the Pope for his services to music.)

After Maarten Engeltjes turned 16, he had his counter-tenor debut performance, singing alongside an alto-aria in the St. Matthew’s Passion (BWV 244) by J.S. Bach). Subsequently he participated as a solo performer in several Bach concerts, including the St. Matthew’s Passion (BWV 244), St. John's Passion (BWV 245), the Mass in B minor (BWV 232), the Weihnachts-Oratorium (BWV 248), and several cantatas. He also performed in G.F. Handel's Messiah, Carmina Burana (Orff), Elias (Felix Mendelssohn) and music by Purcell and Blow.

Meanwhile, Maarten Engeltjes started studying classical music at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, (the Netherlands), under guidance of Maria Acda and Manon Heijnen. In 2003, the famous Michael Chance selected Maarten from among 20 talented young counter-tenors, and invited him to participate in a master-class, which was broadcasted on the Dutch national television. In October 2004, Maarten and Michael Chance performed an evening program singing several duets by Purcell and Blow, including An ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell, conducted by Gustav Leonhardt. Maarten receives lessons by Michael Chance monthly.

In October 2005 he was awarded as being the youngest participant of the “Concours International Chant Baroque de Chimay” with 3 prices: the 2nd price, le Prix du Printemps Baroque du Sablon and le Prix du Festival des Arts de Nantes. The jury was chaired by (among others): William Christie and Jill Feldman. In December 2005, Maarten participated as a soloist in the performances of G.F. Handel's Messiah and J.S. Bach's Weihnachts-Oratorio (BWV 248) in Japan, conducted by Jos van Veldhoven.

Source: Operissimo Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (February 2005)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2005)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Peter Dijkstra


BWV 243

Nico van der Meel


BWV 245

Pieter Jan Leusink


BWV 244 [2nd]

Pieter Jan Leusink


Member of Holland Boys Choir:
Cantatas Vol. 1:
BWV 80, BWV 61, BWV 16, BWV 133, BWV 97, BWV 132, BWV 72, BWV 113, BWV 42, BWV 33, BWV 56, BWV 37

Hajo Wienroth


Arias from BWV 232, BWV 243, BWV 248/2 [w/ Le Chardon]

Klaas Stok


BWV 35, BWV 54, BWV 170

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