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Barbara Schlick (Soprano)

Born: July 21, 1943 - Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany

The admired German soprano, Barbara Schlick, studied at the College of Music in Würzburg with Henriette Klink-Schneider and with Hilde Wesselmann in Essen, later with Gisela Rohmert and Rudolf Piernay.

In 1966 Barbara Schlick joined Adolf Scherbaumís Baroque ensemble as a soloist, and began to sing widely in Europe. In 1972 she toured North America as soloist with Paul Kuentz and his chamber orchestra. In subsequent years she established a strong international reputation as an interpreter of baroque and classic music, performing in nearly all of the important musical centres of Europe, Israel, Japan, Canada, America and Russia. At noted festivals of early music (Ansbach, Berlin, Bruges, Göttingen, Lisbon, London, Paris) she has worked together with directors such as Frans Brüggen, William Christie, Michel Corboz, Reinhard Goebel, Philippe Herreweghe, René Jacobs, Ton Koopman, Sigiswald Kuijken and Karl-Friedrich Beringer.

Barbara Schlick's interpretations are comprehensively documented through radio, television, and CD-recordings, among others Georg Philipp Telemannís cantata Ino with Musica Antiqua Köln (Archiv Produktion), J.S. Bach's St John Passion (BWV 245), St Matthew Passion (BWV 244), B minor Mass (BWV 232) and Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248) under Philippe Herreweghe, as well as George Frideric Handelís opera Giulio Cesare under René Jacobs (Harmonia Mundi France). Together with the counter-tenor Kai Wessel she has recorded songs and duets of Max Reger (Cavalli-Records).

Most recently, Barbara Schlick has devoted much of her energy to lied interpretation and gives frequent recitals with pianist Elzbieta Kalvelage.

Since 1997 Barbara Schlick has been professor at the College of Music in Cologne and guest instructor at the College of Music in Maastricht.


Source: Liner notes to Rondeau CD ROP-2006 (Cantatas BWV 215 & BWV 195, conducted by Beringer, 2000); Bakerís Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Classical Musicians (1997)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2001)

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Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Under her name


BWV 439-507

Shalev Ad-El


BWV 82a, BWV 209 [1st]; Aria from BWV 127

Karl Friedrich Beringer


BWV 195, BWV 215

Georg Christoph Biller


BWV 248

Christophe Coin


BWV 6, BWV 41, BWV 49, BWV 68, BWV 85, BWV 115, BWV 180, BWV 183, BWV 199

Michel Corboz


BWV 248

James Fankhauser


BWV 243

Reinhard Goebel


BWV 182 [Radio broadcast]

Philippe Herreweghe


BWV 11 [1st], BWV 21 [1st], BWV 42, BWV 43 [1st], BWV 44 [1st], BWV 73 [1st], BWV 80, BWV 105 [1st]
BWV 232, BWV 243, BWV 244 [1st], BWV 245 [1st], BWV 248 [1st], BWV 249 [1st]

Ton Koopman


BWV 4, BWV 18, BWV 21, BWV 23, BWV 31, BWV 61, BWV 71, BWV 132, BWV 150, BWV 152, BWV 162, BWV 172, BWV 185, BWV 196, BWV 199 [1st], BWV 208
BWV 232, BWV 244 [1st], BWV 244 [2nd], BWV 245 [1st ], BWV 524

Paul Kuentz


BWV 51 [1st, 1991]BWV 244, BWV 245
Selections from BWV 140, BWV 147, BWV 232

Sigiswald Kuijken


BWV 245 [1st]

Hans-Martin Linde


BWV 177

Martin Lutz


BWV 214, BWV Anh 9

Joachim Carlos Martini


BWV 232 [1st]

Hermann Max


BWV 78, BWV 147
J.L. Bach: Cantata Ja, mir hast du Arbeit gemacht, JLB-5
J.L. Bach: Cantata Die mit Tränen säen, JLB-8
J.L. Bach: Cantata Mache dich auf, werde licht, JLB-9
J.L. Bach: Cantata Er machet uns lebendig, JB-11

Peter Neumann


BWV 248

Helmut Winschermann


BWV 232

Charles de Wolff


BWV 245

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