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Choir and Orchestra of J.S. Bach Foundation
Schola Seconda Pratica (Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 2006 - St. Gallen, Switzerland

The Choir and Orchestra of the J.S. Bach Foundation (formerly: Schola Seconda Practica) was founded by Rudolf Lutz in 2006. The ensemble consists of professional musicians from the whole of Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria. All its members are experienced in historical performance practices and relish the challenge of exploring a contemporary and vital interpretation of J.S. Bach's cantatas. The Choir and Orchestra consists of regular members, with extra musicians being engaged according to the demands of the work performed. The choir's size varies in the range of up to 40 voices, and is made up of young professional singers. Individual members receive the opportunity to take on solo roles from time to time.

Conducted by Rudolf Lutz, the Choir and Orchestra has been performing J.S. Bachís cantatas in a monthly concert cycle since October 2006. Throughout the ongoing work of this project, it has continually developed and matured. Today, the ensemble is distinguished by its homogenous, yet flexible sound and its wealth of experience in the interpretation of J.S. Bachís works. The quality and of vitality of its performances have garnered the group notable critical acclaim. In recent years, the Choir and Orchestra has ventured beyond its home concert hall in Trogen, Switzerland, and now gives regular concerts both nationally and internationally.

Members of Choir of the J.S. Bach Foundation (2010-2014):





Lia Andres
Lucy De Butts
Felicitas Erb
Susanne Frei
Léonie Gloor
Olivia Heiniger-Fündeling
Guro Hjemli
Mami Irisawa
Lena Kiepenheuer
Gunhild Lang-Alsvik
Damaris Rickhaus-Nussbaumer
Jennifer Ribeiro-Rudin
Simone Schwark
Susanne Seitter
Julia Schiwowa
Gunta Smirnova
Noëmi Sohn-Nad
Noëmi Tran-Rediger [MB]
Madeline Trösch
Alexa Vogel
Anna Walker [MB]
Maria Weber
Mirjam Wernli-Berli

Jan Börner
Antonia Frey
Corinne Grendelmeier-Nipp
Olivia Heiniger-Fündeling
Katharina Jud
Dorothee Labusch
Liliana Lafranchi
Misa Lamdark (Jäggin)
Francisca Näf
Kazuko Nakano
Alexandra Rawohl
Damaris Rickhaus-Nussbaumer
Simon Savoy
Lea Scherer

Marcel Fässler
Clemens Flämig
Manuel Gerber
Achim Glatz
Raphael Höhn
Daniel Issa
Tobias Mäthger
Christian Rathgeber
Sören Richter
Nicolas Savoy
Walter Siegel
Jonathan Spicher

Matthias Ebner
Jean-Christophe Groffe
Fabrice Hayoz
Matthias Lutze
Chasper Mani
Grégoire May
Valentin Parli
Daniel Pérez
Retus Pfister
Philippe Rayot
Oliver Rudin
Jonathan Sells
Othmar Sturm
Manuel Walser
Tobias Wicky
William Wood

MB = Missing Biography. If you would like to contribute a biography of the artist, please send me a message. My e-mail address and the instructions can be found at the page: Short Biographies - Explanation.

Source: J.S. Bach-Stiftung St. Gallen Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (October 2009); Xoan Castineira (Vertriebs AG der J.S. Bach-Stiftung, July 2013)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2009, August 2014, July 2016); Xoan Castineira (July 2013)

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