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Links - Bach and Non-Bach Page at The Face Of Bach

The Face Of Bach

This remarkable photograph is not a computer generated composite; the original of the Weydenhammer Portrait Fragment, all that remains of the portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach that belonged to his pupil Johann Christian Kittel, is resting gently on the surface of the original of the 1748 Elias Gottlob Haussmann Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach.

1092-18A-0635.jpg  Loading 64973 bytes
1748 Elias Gottlob Haussmann Portrait, Courtesy of William H. Scheide, Princeton, New Jersey
Weydenhammer Portrait Fragment, ca. 1733, Artist Unknown, Courtesy of the Weydenhammer Descendants
Photograph by Teri Noel Towe
©Teri Noel Towe, 2001, All Rights Reserved

Useful Links, Bach and Non-Bach


a+30+a' - Goldberg Variations - The locus centrum for rabid aficionados of the greatest set of variations ever composed. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

The American Bach Society - The Western Hemisphere's twin to the Neue Bach Gesellschaft.

Bach-Archiv Leipzig - Located in the historic Bose Haus, directly across the street from the site of the Thomasschule. The current Director of the Bach-Archiv Leipzig, is Christoph Wolff, author of Johann Sebastian Bach, The Learned Musician and editor of The New Bach Reader.

Aryeh Oron's Bach Cantatas Website - The labor of love of an industrious and committed self styled "Bach and Jazz Music Fan", these pages are a magnificent, reliable, exhaustive, and invaluable resource for those who are interested in Sebastian Bach's vocal music. Aryeh has established and maintains an especially useful Links Page at the Bach Cantatas Website. Aryeh's Bach Cantatas Website complements his BachCantatas List. Aryeh also is the founder and owner of the J. S. Bach Web Ring, of which The Face Of Bach and Teri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages are proud to be members.

Bach Central Station - My personal favorite among the premier Bach sites!

Bach Festival Society of Winter Park, Florida - The Bethlehem Bach Festival of the South.

Bach in Cöthen - The town's official page on its most famous "artist in residence".

The Bachhaus in Eisenach - The web site of the Museum in the antique house on the Frauenplan in Eisenach in which Johann Ambrosius Bach once resided (but NOT when his most famous son was born!). Well worth a visit, even if the Ihle Portrait isn't.....

The Bach Portal - J. S. Bach's World - Yet another title that tells it like it is!

Bach Ressourcen - A valuable Bach Links Page.

The Bethlehem Bach Festival - The beloved centerpiece of the more than a century old Festival is the annual spring performances of the Mass in B Minor in Packer Memorial Church on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, are, for a dyed-in-the-wool Bach fanatic, an experience not to be missed. (I know! I have been a Festival Guarantor since 1983!) Please tell Greg Funfgeld that I sent you! {:-{)} The website is an especially ambitious one and well designed.

Simon Crouch's Home Page - One of the most valuable of the smaller, "personal" Bach websites. Particularly useful are Mr. Crouch's Bach Books and Bach Anhang Pages. In fact, thanks to the miracle of MIDI and the industry and artistry of Maestro Crouch and his eponymous Schola Cantorum Bristolensis, the Bach Anhang Page contains the only available recorded performance of the Cantata, Denn du wirst meine Seele, which masqueraded as JSB's Cantata No. 15 for over a century, until, in 1959, my treasured friend and mentor William H. Scheide, the owner of the 1748 Haussmann Portrait, conclusively showed it to be by Bach's distant cousin and good friend, Johann Ludwig Bach (1677-1731), the Capellmeister in Meiningen and the father of the Gottlob Friedrich Bach who limned the portrait of JSB familiarly known as the Meiningen Pastel.

International Bachakademie Stuttgart - Cyberspace locus centrum for the remarkable Helmuth Rilling and also of one of the two exemplars of The Group Portrait That Does NOT Portray J. S. Bach And Three Of His Sons. - The URL says it all! A remarkable resource!

J. S. Bach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page - This time the title says it all! Another invaluable resource. The creation of the remarkable, passionate, and knowledgeable Bernard S. Greenberg.

Dr. Herbert Anton Kellner's Pages on "wohltemperirt" tunings systems and the technological specifications of "wohltemperirt Bach" - A fascinating series of pages, invaluable to those who want to play the Bach keyboard pieces on instruments tuned as JSB most likely tuned them! And an understandable explanation of why the widely used Kirnberger III is NOT "wohltemperirt" is provided!

London Bach Society - Home Page of the London Bach Festival and the Steinitz Bach Players. For those of us who are of "a certain age", the name Steinitz evokes many pleasant memories thanks to Paul Steinitz's important and sadly largely forgotten recordings of then "unusual" parts of the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Neue Bach Gesellschaft- Europe's twin to The American Bach Society. Proprietors of the Bachhaus in Eisenach, supra, and the publishers of the Bach-Jahrbuch.

Die Quellen der Bach-Werke - Eine Datenbank der Bach-Werke und ihrer handschriftlichen Quellen bis 1850 - A wonderful resource for those seeking to locate original source materials.

Riemenschneider Bach Institute - Located at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. Under the able direction of Melvin Unger, the Riemenschneider Bach Institute issues a periodic journal, called BACH.

Yo Tomita's Favorite Links to Bach Pages - Exactly as described. Yo's distillation of favorites from the myriad links that he has gathered together over the years and shared with the Bach community for a number of years. I am deeply honored that the Johann Sebastian Bach Pages at my personal home page are among them. Here is a link to the main page of his Bach Bibliography-Research Publication on the Internet, the most valuable resource of its kind.

Hubert Wendel's Recordings of the Organ Music of J. S. Bach - In addition to being one of the world's pre-eminent authorities on the recorded legacy of the controversial Dutch conductor Willem Mengelberg, Hubert Wendel is a superb organis who certainly deserves to enjoy greater renown. His performances are exciting and profound. Recorded in recital, these magnificent recordings are only available on custom order from Hubert directly. I particularly recommend the recording of the recital at Reichenbach. What a performance of the Prelude and Fugue in E Flat Major, BWV 552! Hubert also sells high quality transfers of rare Willem Mengelberg recordings. both "commercial" and "live" at his home pages.

Håkan Wikman's The Hamburg Organ Record - The Artistic Director of the Vantaa Baroque Week in Finland, Håkan Wikman is an especially talented young Finnish organist, and his recording of Bach organ works, including the "Dorian" Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 538, the Toccata, Adagio, and Fugue in C Major, BWV 564, and the Praeludium in C/E Major, BWV 566, is a remarkable disc, to say the least. I listened to this CD at least a dozen times during the first three weeks after Håkan sent me copies, and I enjoyed his precise but passionate playing more and more each time I listened to him. The instrument on which he chose to record is the legendary and stupendous four manual and pedal Arp Schnitger organ in the Jacobikirche in Hamburg, an instrument on which Bach played in 1720, and an organ that has recently been scrupulously and accurately restored to its mid 18th century state by Jürgen Ahrend. I cannot recommend this wonderful recording too highly, but, like Hubert Wendel's Recordings of the Organ Music of J. S. Bach, Håkan's record is not readily available commercially and best acquired from him directly, via the internet.


A Classical Record - Albert ten Brink's unsurpassable shoppe in Hackensack, New Jersey, which issues periodic mail order catalogues, is the store to which the serious collector of classical long playing records (LPs, as we called them in the guten alten Zeit) repairs when he or she needs to find that hen's tooth that will fill the final gap in that archival collection. I have known Albert since Rhamses was Pharaoh, and he is the BEST!!! Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

American Musicological Society - Publisher of JAMS, the American Musicological Society is a scholarly organization in which membership is open to all. The musicological community in the USA "networks" to the hilt at the Annual Meetings of the AMS.

America's Shrine to Music Museum - South Dakota is an unlikely place for a museum that houses some of the finest and rarest keyboard instruments in existence, but, unlikely or no, the Shrine to Music Museum is located on the campus of the University of South Dakota.

Barbetta - Located in the historic, century and a quarter old, Astor-Maioglio townhouses on New York's famed Theatre Distirct "Restaurant Row", Barbetta is the greatest Piemontese restaurant outside of Italy, the oldest restaurant in New York still owned by the family that opened it, and one of the two favorite restaurants of the Weydenhammer Portrait Fragment. (The other is the greatest of the old-guard French bistrots in New York, Tout Va Bien, a favorite boîte of theatre goers, concert goers, musicians, actors, and members of New York's Breton and French communities for more than a half a century.) Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval. - Great Books Online - I learned of this munificent and indispensable blibliographic and reference resource one night when I serendipitously and fortuitously found myself siting beside the web site's founders at the bar at New York's Mustang Harry's, under the watchful eye of that unsurpassable mixologist, George Wicklow. Many out of print reference books can be found at

Berkeley Festival & Exhibition - The West Coast biennial equivalent and alter ego of the Boston Early Music Festival. Nirvana for Performance Practice Puritans. Need I say more?

BIS Records - Robert von Bahr's extraordinary independent classical record label. Long may his flag wave! Home of the Suzuki/Bach Collegium Japan Cantata series (which, unfortunately, uses the discredited Erfurt Portrait as cover art!). Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

The Robert Bloom Collection - Created and maintained by his widow, the dynamic and delightful Sally Bloom, this web site is devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the artistry of the extraordinary Robert Bloom, one of the greatest oboists of all time. The CDs that are available from The Robert Bloom Collection manifest the highest performance and production quality. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

Boston Early Music Festival - The East Coast biennial equivalent and alter ego of the Berkeley Festival & Exhibition. Nirvana for Performance Practice Puritans. Need I say more?

Capriccio Stravagante & Skip Sempé - Why Skip Sempé and his first-rate early music ensemble are not better known is absolutely beyond my ken! Skip's playing is the most exhilarating around. The concerts that he gives and the recordings that he makes with his extraordinary ensemble are charismatic, "echt", and scrupulously researched early music experiences, each and every one!! Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

The Countertenors - The website for sopranists, altists, haute-contres, and falsettists. Links to many other "countertenor" sites, including my personal homepage. (Believe it or not, once upon a time, I was a falsettist!) Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

Country Life Online - Home of loose boxes, bathrooms en suite, and glorious articles, reports, and photographic essays describing both the past and present of what makes Great Britain Great Britain and Toney Tony Blair, the UK's foremost neo-Middle-American, so livid. Locus centrum of Tottering-by-Gently, the deliciously over-the-top cartoon strip that is drawn by the incomparable Annie Tempest.

The Dickinson Homestead - The beloved home of the brilliant poetess Emily Dickinson in Amherst, Massachusetts, the town in which the Volbach Portrait resided for many years. Next door to the Dickinson Homestead is Evergreens, the home of Emily's brother Austin and a veritable time capsule that after many vicissitudes and the threat of demolition, is now open to the public and undergoing restoration.

Digital Matrix of Olympia, Washington - The company of Jay DeBoer, the inventor of Quin-See™, the digital image forensic comparison program that he has made available to The Face Of Bach, and the creator of the remarkable images of Bach that you can study if you click here.

Dorian Recordings - One of the great independent record labels. Home to many top flight early music performers and ensembles, including Joshua Rifkin and The Bach Ensemble, Red Priest, and Les Violons du Roy. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval. Please tell Brian and Craig that Laughing sent you!

Early Music - Home page of the legendary journal.

Early Music America - The early music support group and membership organization in the USA. Infected with Performance Practice Puritatnism, but immensely useful to all and sundry nonetheless!

Early Music Network - Another title that speaks for itself.

Ethel Enterprises - This superb Classical CD and video dealer sends out via snail-mail and posts at its website a monthly catalogue of recent releases that have been vetted before they are listed. I might not condone all of Pat's "sins of omission", but I have been introduced to countless discs that I otherwise would have overlooked had it not been for the fact that Pat and her colleagues listed them.

Four Nations - one of the best early music ensembles around.

The History and Rebuilding of the Frauenkirche in Dresden - Rob Kruijt's exhaustive and meticulous discussion of this laudible endeavor and his regular reports on the current white-hot international controversy over the attempt to install an organ that is not a replica of the legendary Gottfried Silbermann organ which Bach played. And then there's my own page about the Frauenkirche Fiasco....

La Page de Philippe Gelinaud (French and English versions) - An important early music web site. The pages devoted to the librettist Pietro Metastasio are the ne plus ultra. Philippe, however, says that Dr. Don Neville's Handbook for Metastasio Research is even better, so I have linked this page to Dr. Neville's, too! No disparagement intended, but Philippe's page is more fun!

Goldberg - The Connaissance des Arts, the Architectural Digest, the Country Life of early music magazines! Parnassan production values, sumptuous feature articles, record reviews by a top drawer staff of knowledgeable and broad-minded critics. And, wonder of wonders, it is not seriously infected with Performance Practice Puritanism! The periodic offers for a subscription plus all of the back issues (As of this writing, there are 14 issues all told.) is a bargain that is not to be missed by any committed aficionado of early music and early music recordings. When you subscribe, please remember to tell them that Flavio, the creator of the Orfeo's Glorious Mailing List Home Page, sent you!

Göteborg Organ Center - Exactly what the name implies. A fascinating site from one of the world's most important organological institutions.


Handel Pages

Brad Leissa's and David Vickers's George Frideric Handel Pages - Brad and David have created and devotedly maintain what is indisputably the foremost and most important web site devoted to the great George Frideric Handel, but please be advised that these pages are infected with Performance Practice Purtianism and do not qualify for the Stamp of Approval from the HIP-ocrisy Home Page.

Tony Davie's Handel Catalogue, Biography and Thematic Index Site - Another extremely important Handel resource in cyberspace.

The David Edelberg Archive of Handel Recordings and Handel Ephemera - One of the most complete archives of Handel recordings and a remarkable collection of Handel inspired ephemera. The on line catalogue is very difficult to use, however.

Göttinger Händel-Gesellschaft - The official web site for the Göttingen Handel Festival, an early summer ritual that is the Handelian equivalent of Bayreuth. Recordings of various outstanding festival performances are available to members of the Gesellschaft. Brush up on your German!

Handel at Adlington Hall: A Unique Personal Insight - A delightful page that my internet correspondent, Michael Sartorius of the Wonderful World of Baroque Music website (It's just as entitled!), brought to my attention. I would be hard pressed to better the description that he sent to me:

"Documenting Handel's friendship with the Legh family and visits to the family home at Adlington Hall, Cheshire. Adlington Hall is home to a fine Bernard Smith organ of 1670, still in original condition, on which Handel would have performed. Here is an interesting and little-known insight into Handel's life, recounted by the late Charles Legh quoting several supporting documents still at Adlington."

Adlington Hall has its own website, by the way, and, as you will discover when you explore it, you can dine where Handel dined. I think that it is a lovely idea, don't you? A dinner party to celebrate Handel's birthday, in a room which he would find most familiar!

Händel-Festspiele Halle - The official website of the annual festival that is held in Halle an der Saale, the Saxon city in which Handel was born on Feburary 23, 1685. Noch ein Mal, brush up on your German!

The Handel House Museum - One of the few such dwellings to survive. Open to the general public as of November 8, 2001. Another such survivor is the Händel Haus in Halle, the house in which he was born. Je, noch ein Mal, brush up on your German!

The London Handel Festival - The life's work of the remarkable Denys Darlow, a true believer in a "living, breathing Handel". Annual series of concerts and recordings, too (Good ones, too! The recording of Silla is a particular joy!)

Hear Handel - A schedule of live performances worldwide - Where and when to hear G F Handel's music live, around the world - Res ipsa loquitur!


End of the Handel Pages

Harmonia Mundi France - Now over four decades old, Harmonia Mundi France is one of the oldest and most distinguished international independent record labels and one with a long standing and unswerving commitment to early music. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval. Harmonia Mundi France is not to be confused with DHM (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi), which is now a wholly gobbled up and largely eviscerated subsidiary of BMG Classics. Please tell Bernard, Rene, Robina, and Sara at Harmonia Mundi France that I sent you!

The Three Hautes-Contre - These hagiographic and idolatrous pages are but one of the parts of the early music related web pages created by Galina Victoria Kolomietz, Esq., the Claudette Colbert of the Cyberspace Early Music Scene. There are many useful links, and the "Pin Ups" (my moniker, not hers!) at the bottom of the main page, to which Ms. Kolomietz, aka Iphise, adds regularly and incessantly, are a source of particular delectation. I warn you, however, that Ms. Kolomietz's pages are chronically and incurably infected with Stage 5 Performance Practice Puritanism, and they have a snowball's chance in a blast furnace of ever receiving the Stamp of Approval from the HIP-ocrisy Home Page, BUT, that advisory notwithstanding, her pages are of inestimable value to those who are interested in early music and in today's "cutting edge" interpreters of the same. And I agree with her wholeheartedly about Andrea Bocelli.

John Hebden - Baroque Composer - A complete resource for those who are interested in this top-class but little known contemporary of Handel.

Here Of A Sunday Morning - If there is a regularly scheduled early music radio show that has been around longer than Chris Whent's astonishing, incomparable, and unsurpassable Here Of A Sunday Morning, which I can personally testify has been on the air on a weekly basis for at least 27 years, I do not not know what station hosts that program or when it airs. Chris's website is every bit as extraordinary as his radio shows are, and the Links Page and the Reseach Period sections are particularly valuable. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval. Please tell Chris that Laughing sent you!

Historic Brass Society - Headed by the highly esteemed trumpeter and cornettist, Jeffrey Nussbaum, who is a pupil of Don Smithers, the Historic Brass Society publishes an annual journal that is essential reading for anyone interested in the brass instruments of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

Jacks, Pipes and Hammers - JPH Publications - To quote directly from the website's index page: "Here may be had Music of the 17th & 18th Centuries in Facsimile (a goodly selection of English music) for Various Instruments and a fine service for all your early music publications." The JPH "Composers" Page contains accurate thumbnail biographies of English composers of incredible but unjustified "obscurity".

Journal of Seventeenth Century Music - A scholarly journal for which the web site is much more than a mirror of the printed journal. A vastly undervalued and all together too little known cyberspace early music resource.

Igor Kipnis's Website - The home page of one of the great harpsichordists, clavichordists, and fortepianists of this or any other era. The son of the legendary, stupendous basso Alexander Kipnis, Igor is also an astute critic, one of the rare ones with a vast knowledge of the history of performance as it is documented on recordings, and those who are astute enough to subscribe to Goldberg have the inestimable benefit of his wisdom and insight on a regular basis. I am proud to say that it has been my privilege and my joy to number Igor Kipnis among my good friends for nearly thirty years. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

Angelo Manzotti Discography - The recordings of a most remarkable sopranist, a truly fabulous singer. If you can find the records on French EMI, grab them! They are spectacular! There is also an Angelo Manzotti Mailing List at which his committed fans exchange information about Manzotti and other sopranists and falsettists.

Kirk McElhearn's Home Page - Kirk McElhearn is a linguist, applied linguistician, professional translator (français-anglais and English to French), and free-lance journalist who also is the owner/moderator of at least three internet e-mail discussion lists, the BachRecordings List, the BachCantatas List, and the EMRecordings List. A special treat at Kirk's Home Page is the bogus Review - It's the Thought that Counts! section.

Music Before 1800 - Now nearly three decades old, Music Before 1800 is New York City's longest running early music series and far and away its finest! Founded and directed by the remarkable Louise Basbas, Music Before 1800 presents the finest early music performers and ensembles in concert and recital in Corpus Christi Church, one of the few venues in New York that is truly appropriate for the performance of the music of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Those lucky enough to attend the concerts presented by Music Before 1800 hear early music in a space in which Henry Purcell, George Frideric Handel, and Johann Sebastian Bach would feel right at home. In New York City, Corpus Christi Church is about as close as you are likely to get to the ambience of the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court, the Foundling Hospital Chapel, or the Himmelsburg in the Schloss in Weimar. The Laughing Cavalier is proud to say that he has been a patron of Music Before 1800 for many years. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

The Music Library Association - The home page for Music Librarians in the United States of America.

Musica Omnia - The remarkable new record label, a not-for-profit venture, created by the equally remarkable harpsichordist, Peter Watchorn, the favorite and finest pupil of the late, great, and, sadly, largely forgotten period instrument revival pioneer, Isolde Ahlgrimm. Musica Omnia's "mission statement", to use a trendy phrase from the last decade of the last century, says it all: "Musica Omnia is the vibrant new classical music label featuring historically-informed performances by internationally acclaimed artists." In addition to Peter himself, the roster of artists includes Jaap Schröder, Max van Egmond, Penelope Crawford, and Kenneth Slowik, among others. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

The Home Page of NEMA - The National Early Music Association of the United Kingdom - One of the world's seminal and premiere early music "support group" organizations, legendary for its annual scholarly anthologies and its pithy newsletters (Edited by the redoubtable and tireless Mark Windisch, the most recent issue of the Newletter, which discussed the potential impending death of the organization - something that MUST be prevented, also included a superb, authoritative biography of Pieter Hellendahl.) An organization worth joining and supporting, no matter what your geographic location. There is an alternate entry to the website; if you encounter difficulties with the primary hyper link, please try this alternate.

Orfeo's Glorious Mailing List Home Page - The web pages of the energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate Flavio Ferri Benedetti Guidelli, a/ka/a "Senesino" ~ singer, keyboard player, linguist, and webmaster. (Be sure to visit "The Senesino Corner" at Orfeo's Glorious Mailing List Home Page and read the complete curriculum vitae on this remarkable young man.) Flavio is both a sopranist and a countertenor, whose exquisite, warm, unforced, perfectly focused, and meltingly beautiful falsetto voice, judging from the brief recorded excerpts that I have been privileged to hear, is light years better than that of many "professionals" whose caterwauling and wailing I have had to endure on recordings and in concert over the years. Many know all too well that Flavio and I have had our vigorous and acerbic differences of opinion, to say the least, and that he and I have battled via the internet on more than one occasion, but let it be known that, no matter what our disagreements have been and may be in the future, I revel in and am rejuvenated by his devotion, his commitment, and his knowledge, all of which leave their indelible imprint on his delightful, effusive, flamboyant, and exhilarating pages. Flavio also provides his visitors with many, many extremely useful links, especially if you are a Henry Purcell enthusiast or a devote of the singing of sopranists, male altos, countertenors, haute-contres, falsettists, and castrati, past and present. As the name of his site implies, Flavio owns and moderates an internet discussion group/mailing list. When you visit the Orfeo's Glorious Mailing List Home Page, please don't forget to visit The Baroque Deities Pages, which contain many splendid portraits and illustrations.

Het Orgel - Internet Magazine on European Organ Art - Yet another hyperlink title that says it all!

Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde - The German organization of pipe organ enthusiasts.

Pavilion Records - The bailiwick of John Waite and Philip Leask, Pavilion Records is the parent of four of the premier historical reissue labels - Pearl, Flapper, Topaz, and Opal. In concert with the unsurpassable Seth B. Winner, the ne plus ultra of sound restoration engineers and my treasured friend and colleague of more than two decades, I have produced a number of historical reissues, transfers from 78s to compact discs, for Pearl and for Opal. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

Perseus Digital Library - Flavio turned me on to this site, the premier internet resource for those who are interested in any aspect of the Ancient World. Spectacular!

Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik - A cross between a Grammy® and an ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award, the German Record Critics' Award is one of the greatest honors that those responsible for a recording can receive. I am privileged to be able to write that I know from experience. One of the historic transfers that Seth B. Winner and I have produced and engineered together, The Art of Harold Samuel, was honored by the Deutsche Schallplattenkritik in 1992. The present President of the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, e.V. is Dr. Martin Elste, the distinguished gramophonic musicologist and historian.

Reprints - Fac-simile ~ Musique ancienne de Clavier - Based in France, this site offers, by subscription, early music scores on CD-ROM, in historic editions, like Alexandre Guilmant's Archives des Maîtres de l'Orgue. Recipient of the HIP-ocrisy Home Page Stamp of Approval.

Rittenhouse Book Distributors - The premier distributors of health science books and digital and computer health science information systems in the United States of America, if not the world.

Royal Academy of Music - The British Juilliard School of Music. FABULOUS library and museum!

Elsa Scammell's Home Pages - Elsa is the world's foremost authority on the castrati of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and her web pages are the starting point and the most accurate resource site for those who are researching any aspect of the castrati.

Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft - The "official" Arp Schnitger page!

Discography of the organs of Arp Schnitger - with many hyperlinks. The Schnitger recording fanatic's dream come true.

The Arp Schnitger Organ in the Jacobikirche in Hamburg Home Page - The specifications and the detailed history of one of the most important surviving antique organs, an organ on which many famous organists and composers, including Johann Sebastian Bach, have played. This page has a link to a page that provides the details about the spectacular CD of organ works of J. S. Bach that the talented young Finnish organist, Håkan Wikman, recorded on the Hamburg Schnitger that I describe in greater detail in the Bach section of this page, supra.

The Arp Schnitger Organ in the Pancratiuskirche, Neuenfelde, Home Page - The safety of this wonderful organ, located in the historic village that was Schnitger's birthplace, and that of the village itself are under unremitting and unrelenting threat from the rapaciously ever expanding Hamburg International Airport.

Andreas Scholl Home Page - The official home page of the deservedly and universally acclaimed male alto. His devoted followers also hang out at the Andreas Scholl Society.

The Home Pages of David Schulenberg and Mary Oleskiewicz, a ne plus ultra husband-and-wife early music team! David is a fine keyboard player and an authority on the Bach keyboard music in general and on Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in particular. Mary is a superb flutist, and a highly regarded scholar in the field of early and mid 18th century music for the transverse flute.

David W. Solomon's Music Site - Male alto and composer whose home page is a valuable internet early music resource.

Count Frantisek Antonin von Sporck - A Biographical Note - An erudite, mesmerizing explanation of the ecumenical exploits of the nobleman to whom J. S. Bach once loaned the parts to the "Sanctus" that found its way into the B Minor Mass, BWV 232.

The New Home Page of Christopher Stembridge - keyboard player, authority on early keyboard instruments, teacher, recording artist.

The Tulip Book of P. Cos - A remarkable iconographic and bibliophilic "survivor" that will prove a source of delight to all who love tulips and to all who love 17th century Dutch drawings.

The Voynich Manuscript - The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World - The ultimate scholarly enigma hidden within the ultimate bibliographic conundrum. The Fermat's Last Theorem of manuscripts. And, the Voynich Manuscript is genuine, unlike the notorious Vinland Map, which my beloved oldest brother, Kenneth M. Towe, helped to discredit once and for all, despite the desperate subsequent efforts of the Vinland Map Revisionists!

The Silvius Leopold Weiss Pages - An excellent resource for those interested in the life and work of this legendary lutenist and personal friend of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Westfield Organ Center - An American corollary to the Göteborg Organ Center.

Arto Wikla's Early Music Pages - There is no early music web site more valuable or more essential than Arto Wikla's. The catalogue of hyperlinks is mind-boggling, and always up to date.

The Wonderful World of Baroque Music - The creation of the remarkable Michael Sartorius, this website is another that is, as we lawyers say, is Res ipsa loquitur.

WQXR, 96.3 FM - THE commercial Classical Music radio station in the United States, if not the entire world, and the broadcast stomping grounds of my good friend, the unsurpassable Gregg Whiteside.

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ca. 1733 ca. 1741 1746 1747 1748 1750


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