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J.S. Bach Web Ring

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The J.S. Bach Web Ring is dedicated to all internet sites about Johann Sebastian Bach and his music.

If you love the greatest composer of all time and his music, you will enjoy the informative sites on the J.S. Bach Web Ring.

The purpose of this ring is to expose the viewers to a wide variety of sites. If you are unfamiliar with Internet or Web Rings, they link together different Internet sites. A person finding the J.S. Bach Web Ring logo can visit every member's site, without having to use a search engine or knowing the other sites' Internet locations.

Any site, covering Johann Sebastian Bach and his music [Biography, Bibilography, Analysis, Educational, Institutes, Festivals & Events, Performers (choral groups, singers, conductors, etc.) who specialize in J.S. Bach’s music, Audio (MIDI, MP3, etc.), Images, Recordings, Links] may join the ring.

If you are visiting the J.S. Bach Web Ring, most sites will have one of the J.S. Bach Web Ring logos on the main page. A few may not. If the J.S. Bach Web Ring logo is not on the main page, look for a "links" or "Web Ring" page.

Here it is! Visit the Ring Hub!

If you have a website that you feel meets the criteria for admission to this webring that are mentioned above, please submit it using the steps below.


Why Join A Web Ring?

There are several reasons why you might want to join a web ring.
1. To get more people to visit your site.
2. To get visitors at your site who were unaware of your site.
3. To help expose the casual "web surfer" to a wider variety of subject matter.
4. As the ring expands, you get to visit many more new sites.
5. Being associated with other sites dealing with the same subject: J.S. Bach.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact RingMaster


Instructions on how to join

First, please visit the J.S. Bach Web Ring "List" page on Web Ring at and click on the "Join This Ring" link. WebRing will take you through the steps to submit your site.

Next, be patient for a few days. Submitting your site does not automatically make it a part of the J.S. Bach Web Ring. Your site will be sent to the Queue to await final approval. The RingMaster will visit your site and decide if your site meets the criteria for a J.S. Bach Web Ring website and if Navigation Bar is properly displayed. If you site is accepted, it will be made a part of the J.S. Bach Web Ring. Whether you site is accepted, or the Navigation Bar is not properly installed, or your site does not meet the criteria for the J.S. Bach Web Ring, you will be notified by email as soon as possible.

Then, if your site is selected to be a member of the J.S. Bach Web Ring, your email notification will include instructions for obtaining a Navigation Bar like the one below:

Finally, you must install the Navigation Bar within 5 (five) days of notification. If you have not installed the Navigation Bar within that time, membership in the J.S. Bach Web Ring must be suspended until you add the Navigation Bar to the Home Page of your Bach site.


How to get the Navigation Bar?

Here is the procedure:


First sign in with your Web Ring ID and password.


On the top 'Welcome' line of the WebRing page click the 'MyRings' link.


Click the link to 'manage your web site URL, etc.'


Click the link 'Get SSNB Code'.


Copy the Java Script. If your server does not support Java Script, you can use HTML Script instead by by pressing the link ‘here’ in the line 'Members who wish to use the HTML version of this nav bar should go here’, which appears at the bottom of the page.


Enter the Java Script (or the HTML Script) of the Home Page of your Bach site (the web page you registered with J.S. Bach Web Ring) and paste the script you copied into the appropriate place (usually near the bottom of your Bach site's Home Page).


Update the server in which your site is hosted with the new version of the your Bach site's Home Page.


Next time you enter your Bach site, you will be able to se the Navigation Bar of J.S. Bach Web Ring.


Send me a message.


Editing your site

Once you are a member of the Ring, you can edit the Ring's information about your page.

Click here to Log In and Edit any of your site information.


Need Help?

Visit WebRing online help:
And you can always: Send me a message


Want to go to an Index of the sites already on the ring?

Thank you for coming to the J.S. Bach Web Ring Home Page.



Aryeh Oron
WebMaster of Bach Cantatas Website
WebMaster of Original Abu-Gosh Music Festival Website
RingMaster of J.S. Bach Web Ring
Moderator of Bach Cantatas Mailing List
Moderator of Bach Recordings Mailing List
Moderator of Bach Musicology Mailing List
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