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The Bach Cantatas Website (BCW) is a comprehensive site covering all aspects of J.S. Bach's cantatas and his other vocal works and many of his instrumental works. The BCW contains for most works: detailed discographies, discussions, texts and translations, scores, commentaries, references, music examples... Performers of Bach’s works: their biographies, Bach discographies... Poets & composers associated with Bach: their biographies, Bach connection... Other resources: the Lutheran church year, chorale texts & melodies, books and movies on Bach, concerts, Bach festivals, guide to Bach tour... The BCW is an international collective project.
The boxes below describe the main sections of the BCW, including recent additions/updates.
Works for Discussion
The works are discussed in the BCML on a weekly basis.
Order of Discussion 2014
Oct 12: Cantata BWV 180
Oct 19: Cantata BWV 38
Oct 26: Cantata BWV 80
Nov 2: Cantata BWV 115
Nov 9: Cantata BWV 139
Nov 16: Cantata BWV 26
Nov 23: Cantata BWV 116
Nov 30: General Topic: De Tempore Season themes in the Chorale Cantatas + Cantata BWV 62
Dec 7: Cantata BWV 91
Dec 14: Cantata BWV 121
Dec 21: Cantata BWV 133
Album from Bach Cantata Pilgrimage Discographies of all Bach Cantatas and discussions of each work. Recent: Discographies: BWV 26 | BWV 139 | BWV 115 | BWV 80 | BWV 38 | BWV 180 | Discussions: BWV 26 | BWV 139 | BWV 115 | BWV 80 | BWV 38 | BWV 180
St Matthew Passion Discographies of Bach's other vocal works and discussions of them. Recent: Discographies: Johannes-Passion BWV 245 | Aria BWV 1127 | Little Magnificat BWV Anh 21 | Discussions: Mass in G major BWV 236
Goldberg Variations Discographies of Bach's works for solo keyboard, lute..., discussions, reviews. Recent: Discographies: Variations & Capriccios BWV 989-994 | Goldberg Variations BWV 988 | Solo Keyboard Concertos BWV 972-987 | Italian Concerto BWV 971
Arrangements/Transcriptions of Bach's works & Bach-inspired works. Recent: Works: G. Faure | L.v. Beethoven | R.schumann | Discographies: Walton: Wise Virgins | F. Busoni: 2010-2019
John Eliot Gardiner Bach discographies of performers of vocal works and discussions of them. Recent: Discographies: Óscar Gershensohn | Santiago Lusardi Girelli | Christopher Shepard | Alfredo Bernardini | Joshua Rifkin
Glenn Gould Bach Discographies of performers of instrumental works and discussions of them. Recent: Discographies: Christian Ferras | Joseph Keilberth | Alessandra Artifoni | Holger Groschopp | Barbara Harbach | Sandro Ivo Bartoli
OVPP Discussions of general topics relating to Bach & his music. Recent: Dialogue Cantatas | Chorales in Bach's Vocal Works | About the BCW 2014 | BCML 2013 | Liturgical Service
Gerorg Philipp Telemann Doubtful/spurious works; works of other composers performed by Bach, arranged by Bach, in Bach's library; Bach Family, Thomaskantors, Bach Pupils. Recent: Bach's Pupils | Thomaskantors
Bach & friends Filmography of Bach Movies and discussions of them: movies about Bach's life, documentaries about Bach & his works, movies with Bach's music in the soundtrack... Recent: The Cantor of St Thomas's
Martin Luther Explanation; Events and corresponding Bach's works; LCY in the Lifetime of Bach; LCY 2000-2015; Readings from the Epistles/Gospels; Motets & Chorales for the LCY. Recent: Trinity 22 | Trinity 20 | Trinity 19 | Trinity 18
Texts & translations of all Bach Cantatas & his other vocal works (4,749). Recent: Revised Catalan: BWV 101-200 | Dutch: complete Sacred Cantatas BWV 1-199 | Greek: BWV 46 | Russian: Complete New Set
Scores (Sheet Music) of all Bach’s vocal works in both the first Bach edition (BGA) and Vocal & Piano edition as well as in Capella format...
Commentaries on Bach Cantatas & other vocal works, including links to commentaries in other websites. Recent: Revised French commentaries on Cantatas - Completed: [Role]
The important resources for the documentation of evidence on which musical scores of Bach’s works are based. Provenance pages of the scores/sets of parts upon which reproductions of modern performance materials are based.
used in Bach’s vocal works, including translations into English.
used in Bach’s vocal works. For each: the origin and history, instances in Bach’s works and settings by other composers.
50 places are associated with Bach. Each place: description and history, Bach connection, features of interest, photos, Maps... Recent: Videos of Bach Places | Köthen | Weimar | Stöntzsch
Bach Festivals & Series around the world. For each: location, dates, history & mission, posters... Recent: Bach in Plön | Festivalul Internaţional J.S. Bach | Festival Bachovej hudby Bach Tribute | Festival Bach du Schauenberg
World-wide schedule of concerts of Bach's vocal works, arranged by year/country. Major Bach events around the world: festivals, conferences...
Schedule of Concerts: 2014 | Recent: Major Bach Events 2015
Biography, photos and Bach discography of performers who have recorded Bach's vocal works, solo keyboard works and lute works (8,887). Recent: Ronald Threels | Klaartje van Veldhoven | Diederik Rooker | Hilde Van Ruymbeke | Saskia Kruysse
Biographies of poets & composers associated with Bach: hymn-writers, librettists, composers of chorale melodies, arrangers of Bach works, musicians from Bach Family, composers whose works Bach performed... (1,414) Recent: Gabriel Faure | Robert Schumann
Bach appears on numerous items, musical and non-musical alike: Bach-inspired art works and items with Bach image/name. Recent: Ohrdruf Bach Monument 2 | Ohrdruf Bach Monument 1 | Klankkleuren van Passie | Bach on Stamps
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