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Maria Keohane (Soprano)

Born: Sweden

The Swedish soprano, Maria Keohane, covers a wide range of music, from the baroque to contemporary compositions including chamber music, opera and oratorios.

Maria Keohane has performed in Peri's Euridice (as Proserpino and L'Altra Ninfa) at the Gothenburg Theater, and in Monteverdi's Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria (as Melanto) at the Drottningholm Royal Court Theatre in Stockholm. She has also sung J.J. Mourets Les Amours de Ragonde and the title role in M. Marais' Alcione. She recently performed the part of Salome in A. Stradellas oratorio San Giovanni Batisda in Malmo, Sweden. She specializes in adapting her stage appearance to Baroque practices.

Maria Keohane is often engaged as an oratorio soloist and has performed with the Malmã Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Eric Ericson, and with the Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble, conducted by Anders Öhrwall. She also takes a keen interest in chamber music and appears regularly with the Gothenburg Bach Ensemble.

Outside Sweden Maria Keohane has performed in Italy, with Jakob Lindberg and in France and the Ukraine, with the trumpeter Niklas Eklund. With Eklund she also made a six-week tour of the USA, performing at various universities and conservatories.

For Naxos, Maria Keohane contributed to the recording with Niklas Eklund and the Wasa Baroque Ensemble of The Art of Baroque Trumpet, Vol. 5, singing rare ensemble pieces by Galuppi, Ziani and Antonio Vivaldi.

Source: Naxos (August 2001) & Trumpet Guild Websites
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2008)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Fabio Bonizzoni


AOB Video: BWV 57, BWV 84

Fabio Bonizzoni


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BWV 56

Per Enevold


BWV 248

Philippe Herreweghe


BWV 225-230 [2nd]

Lars Ulrik Mortensen


BWV 51; BWV 232 [1st]
Video (2011):
BWV 151
Audio (2015):
BWV 232 [2nd]

Philippe Pierlot


BWV 63, BWV 110, BWV 151
BWV 235, BWV 243 [1st], BWV 243 [2nd], BWV 245 [w/ Ricercar Consort]

Jos van Veldhoven


AOB Video: BWV 29, BWV 50, BWV 51 [2015], BWV 110 [2nd], BWV 120, BWV 130, BWV 146, BWV 191, BWV 206

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