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Ricercar Consort (Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 1980 - Belgium

The Belgian intrumental ensemble, Ricercar Consort (RC), was created in paralel with the record company Ricercar in 1980, year of the first recording bringing together François Fernandez, Bernard Foccroulle, and Philippe Pierlot.

In 1985, the Ricercar Consort made their first tour with J.S. Bach’s Musicalisches Opfer (BWV 1079), and is rapidly internationally known for it’s interpretation of cantatas and instrumental music of the German Baroque ; numerous concerts are given with famous artists like Henri Ledroit, Max van Egmond and James Bowman.

In 1990, the Ricercar Consort performed Heinrich Schütz Auferstehung Historie at the Festival de Saintes and since then regularly plays in all the important international ancient music happenings, like Festval des Flandres, Utrecht,Versailles, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Santander, San Sebastian, Magdeburg...

For the last few years, Philippe Pierlot has been directing the ensemble, alterning chamber music and important productions, where the viola da gamba takes an important place.

More than fifty CD’s are realised, especially the complete works of Nicolaus Bruhns and Matthias Weckmann. The recordings of the Ricercar Consort received international praise: their Haydn Baryton Octuors, Purcell’s Sonatas of III Parts, German Music for Viola da Gamba Consorts, Michael PraetoriusTerpsichore received ‘Choc du Monde de la Musique’ and ‘Diapason d’Or’. The important productions of the last year: Il Ritorno d’Ulisse (Monteverdi) with ensceneering by William Kentridge, Concerti Sacri (Samuel Scheidt) and the recording of Marin Marais Suites en Trio (being part of the complete works recorded by Philippe Pierlot) The productions in 1999-2000: Kunst der Fuge BWV 1080 (J.S. Bach), Alessandro Scarlatti’s St John Passion, the opéra Sémélé (M. Marais), a Ferrabosco recording, Grands Motets de Henry Dumont, Bach Cantatas.


Source: Ricercar Consort Official Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2002)

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