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January 2017

Jochewed Schwarz wrote [via Facebook] (January 12, 2017):
Congratulations, Aryeh Oron, a fantastic source of information indeed.

Warren Prestidge wrote (January 12, 2017):
The Bach Cantatas Website is an amazing resource, worthy of its subject, and I appreciate it hugely. Thank you.

John Christopher [UK Emeritus Professor of Physics, VP BOD Kentucky Bach Choir] wrote (January 21, 2017):
<> Again, thanks for your efforts on behalf of Bach lovers.​

David Shengold (OPERA NEWS, etc) wrote (January 20, 2017):
<> Thanks for your pages!


February 2017

Steffen Appelquist wrote (February 5, 2017):
I frequent very often. It's the best site about Bach. <>

Carlo Zanovello [Secretary, Progetto Bach, Italy] wrote (February 5, 2017):
We have been visiting very often the website you created, the "Bach Cantatas", and we would like to congratulate with you for the big work done and the richness of dates that can be found in the website.

Our Associazion Culturale Mousikè as well, which has been founded in 2000, is working on a Project that could be defined really unique in Italy.

You can find informations about the work which has been done on our website : - Facebook

We performed a lot of compositions and the connections between the programs are very special, we had the honor of hosting famous musicians, many of them began their careers from this project and many others who brought the project visible in the international scene. <>

Gérard Mohr [Montreal, Canada] wrote (February 25, 2017):
This is another update on Bach performances by tenor Josef Traxel sent from Montreal, Canada, but first, allow me to reiterate my admiration for your extraordinary and passionate work of archiving records from Bachs spiritual works, particularly remarkable when one considers that his fundamentalist lutheran vision may stand in sharp contrast with the principles of Judaism.


March 2017

Beatrice Sacher wrote (March 10, 2017):
I just found your beautiful website and read some biographies about artists i know and i found the one about Leonore Kirschstein. <>

Peter Fulop [Mikrokosmos] wrote (March 13, 2017):
I am just wandering of you still running the fantastic website: Bach Cantatas? I am working on a new website about classical records. Completing the database I find many additional details to your site. If you wish I will be very happy to share with you the new data. <>

Asako Arai wrote (March 14, 2017):
First of all, thank you for creating the Bach Cantata website. Its a very valuable resource and I appreciate the time that it must take to maintain it. <>

Ofer Refaeli wrote [via Facbbok) (March 21, 2017):

Aaron Engebreth [Baritone, USA] wrote (March 22, 2017):
Ive long been a fan of your site, and would be pleased to be among the singers listed on it. As a professional baritone, Ive been singing primarily baroque and contemporary music for the past 20 years in the U.S and now in Europe where I reside. I was a regular member of Emmanuel Music in Boston from 2002-2008 and still sing lots of Bach with groups from American Bach Soloists to Handel and Haydn to others. <>

Alexander Gebhard [Tenor, England] wrote (March 24, 2017):
I just realized that you created a profile for me on your Bach Cantatas website, which I am fine with. <>

Paul Mytton wrote (March 30, 2017):
<> As always, I am very grateful for the site, I use it regularly.


April 2017

Philippa Boyle wrote [via Facbbok] (April 9, 2017):
Dear Aryeh, thank you so much for your friend request and indeed for the write-up of me on! I've followed your site for many years and I'm delighted to be included among the many wonderful singers on there. <>

Joachim Mayer wrote [via Facbbok] (April 11, 2017):
i just discovered your website and your translation of my vita! thank you very much!
i enjoy and appreciate it really! <>

Gerda Arendt wrote (April 15, 2017):
<> Thank you for what you do, and happy Easter!

Traute and Robert Marshall wrote (April 20, 2017):
We were delighted to learn that Jörg Hansen made sure you had a copy of our book, and we obviously encourage you to mention it on your website, with whatever quotes you deem useful.

We were certainly aware of your website, <> Your (ongoing) work on it is indeed altogether impressive and as Jörg mentions, extremely helpful in finding pertinent information all bundled very accessibly. <>


May 2017

Louise Wayman [Soprano, England] wrote (May 1, 2017):
Hi Aryeh, thank you so much for putting my biography on the Bach Cantatas website, it's a site I use a lot so it was a lovely surprise to find myself there. <>.

Thanks again,

Ramon Casadesus-Masanell wrote: (May 2, 2017):
I have been a member of the BCML for a while. I am wondering if you have plans to have an app developed to access the valuable content you have amassed through mobile devices.
Thank you for putting together such as great repository of JSB's work.

Peter Bloemendaal [The Netherlands] wrote: (May 13, 2017):
Indeed. Its been too long since our last contact. Yet Ive been lurking about the Bach Cantatas Website, every time rejoicing this formidable achievement of yours is still alive and available. <>

Julien Laloux wrote (May 19, 2017):
Thank you very much for your incredible work ! <>

Piotr Packowski wrote (May 23, 2017):
HI, Merci pour votre site consacré à J.S. Bach! Bravo!

Cordialement Piotr Packowski


June 2017

Michael Hix [Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA] wrote (June 3, 2017):
<> Thanks so much for this awesome resource! I love the website.

Michael Hix, D.M.
Associate Chair, Department of Music
Coordinator of Vocal Studies
Associate Professor of Voice
University of New Mexico
National Association of Teachers of Singing
President Rio Grande Chapter

Wieneke Gorter [USA] wrote (June 2, 2017):
I'm Wieneke Gorter, the author of the Weekly Cantata blog (
First I would like to thank you for having assembled such a wealth of information on your website. I make frequent use of it. I especially find the pages per year very helpful, so I can see in which order Bach wrote his cantatas. It is too bad that the visits to Köthen or Strömthal etc are missing from these lists, but I understand you have to draw the line somewhere, and it clearly states at the top that it is just Sundays and holidays.

Ariel Ilan Gorter [USA] wrote (June 28, 2017):
I have written to you in the past to express my admiration of your Bach website. <>


July 2017

Martin Feinstein [Flautist, UK] wrote (July 1, 2017):
<> Your site receives a lot of hits, and quite rightly so: It is an fantastic site and an very useful source of information. I refer to it myself all the time. <>

Sara Terrell [Conductor, eastern USA] wrote (July 2, 2017):
ULY and will soon be giving an all-Bach concert to commemorate Bachs death day. Two of the selections on <> Many thanks for your consideration and for all the work you do maintaining such a valuable website.

Jeffrey Strauss [Baritone, USA] wrote (July 3, 2017):
<> Many thanks for your consideration and your hard work in maintaining the site.

Dean Kekoolani wrote (July 4, 2017):
Thank you for your Bach website.

Much appreciated.

Russell Hoyser [Leavenworth, KS USA/EEUU] wrote (July 12, 2017):
Thank you!

Love the website! I train wind bands, when I can, with the Bach Chorale Harmonizations. <>

Eva Hedlund [Sweden] wrote (July 20, 2017):
<> Glad fall you write!

Terence O'Grady wrote (July 30, 2017):
This is a wonderful site <>


August 2017

Bruno Monteiro [Violinist, Portugal] wrote (August 27, 2017):

[After creating a bio page of him on the BCW]
Greetings. Thank you very much for your replay and for the wonderful page you have created.
Warm regards and congratulations on your fantastic website.

Steven Soph wrote [via Facebook] wrote (August 30, 2017):
Hi there, Aryeh Oron! Very happy we're connected via Facebook as it gives me an opportunity to thank you for your indispensable work. I have enjoyed using the Bach Cantatas Website for years and anticipate doing so for years to come. Many, many thanks and all my best to you.


September 2017

Rosemary Galton wrote (September 7, 2017):
Firstly, I'd just like to say what a great resource the Bach Cantatas website is! <>

Dan Eumurian wrote (September 14, 2017):
From 1972 to 1974 I was a member of the Kent State University choir under Robert Hull Foulkes. One of the works we sang was Bach's St. John's Passion. <> Thank you and God bless you for your work.

Tobin Schmuck wrote (September 16, 2017):
bravo to you!
you do great things!
so pleased Bach is all over the world.

Christian Dehn Bang [Enghave Barok] wrote (September 16, 2017):
<> And once again: Thank you so much for your great work its highly appreciated!

Christopher Wilson wrote (September 24, 2017):
I've just discovered your astonishing website and I can only express my admiration at your erudition and dedication. <>


October 2017

dschbach glaud wrote (October 1, 2017):
<> > En vous remerciant pour votre site : Bach Cantatas Website

Jeremy Ward [guest lecturer at Wheaton Conservatory of Music in historical performance] wrote (October 3, 2017):
<> Thank you for the work you have done to bring so much valuable information into one place. It has been hugely helpful to me in my own research.

Marlon Hurst [Kentucky Bach Choir] wrote via Facebook (October 5, 2017):
Hello, Mr. Oron. I am Marlon Hurst of the Kentucky Bach Choir. I was doing a google search for something Bach-related and was delighted to discover that you have included information about the Kentucky Bach Choir on your most outstanding Bach Cantatas Website. Thank you so much. Your labor of love with this site is one of my most used resources. What a gift!

Agnieszka Żarska [Poland] wrote via Facebook (October 5, 2017):
Dear Aryeh, thank you very much for so great edited informations about us I found today on Bach Cantatas Website! we are really gratefull for you. best wishes from Poland!

Rainer Hudemann [Germany] wrote (October 7, 2017):
[After updating the bio page:]
We are very impressed by your competence, friedliness and rapidity! <>

Filip Adam Zieliński [Poland] wrote (October 7, 2017):
<> Although I do not know you by sight, yet I give great thanks for your generosity in running such a wonderful site. Ever since I became aware of the odor of your good reputation which has spread far and wide like a sweet perfume, I have longed to make myself known to you at some favorable opportunity, that I might deserve through this acquaintanceship to gain your friendship. I visited your site dozens of times and each time I was amazed that such a glorious task in a deed of one man, of course helped by many, including me. <>

Patrick Aïach [The Pianist's Corner] wrote (October 17, 2017):
First, I would like to thank you because your biographies are often a valuable aid to our work. <>

Mark Harrington wrote (October 19, 2017):
Hi there, Thanks first for the great site, I love it and visit frequently. <>

Peter Baldwin wrote (October 22, 2017):
<> Thank you for this great web site I use it weekly!


November 2017

Susanne Langner [Mezzo-Soprano/Alto, Germany] wrote (November 24, 2017):
Its an honor to have place on your wonderful webpage! <>

Thank you so much!

Ulrike Hofbauer [Soprano, Germany] wrote (November 24, 2017):
Thank you for your resourceful and helpful Bach-Cantata-Webpage. I am very honoured to be mentioned there, too, as one of the singers. <>

Thank you very much for the great work

Ellen Dieleman wrote (November 25, 2017):
<> While at it, I want to add that - as an amateur cellist and Bach lover - I immensely appreciate all the pages on the Bach cantatas on your site!

Mitch Boucher wrote (November 26, 2017):
I have been browsing your website for quite a few years and I would like to join. There is much that I have learned from your contributors, and not to mention that I'm a giant fan of Bach. <>

Thanks very much,


December 2017

Marion van Sinttruije wrote (December 2, 2017):
As a Bach groupie my fellow sufferers and I are heavy users of your website. <>


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