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January 2014

Tanya Weliky [ Director of Marketing - ArtistWorks, Inc.] wrote (January 2, 2014):
I was just reading your BIO for Jason Vieaux which is great!

Jan Leontsky [Odessa] wrote (January 2, 2014):
i wish you a very happy new Year.
Long life to the BCW !
Nobody can never be tired of Bach : he's the Father.

John Hendron wrote (January 5, 2014):
[In his applicatio to join the BCML]
I'm a Bach enthusiast and have found the discussions at Bach Cantatas very valuable in learning more about his vocal works.

Andrew Kobach wrote (January 13, 2014):
While doing a web search, I stumbled upon your Bach Cantatas website, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with all the information you've compiled in one place! <>

Robert King wrote (January 15, 2014):
Just to let you know that, sadly, Timothy Penrose died on 9 January 2014.
You may therefore wish to update the entry for him on your excellent website.

Robert King wrote (January 16, 2014):
[After updating the bio of Timothy Penrose]
Well found – you are truly the King of biographical searches!

Paul Mytton wrote (January 19, 2014):
<> Keep up the excellent work. The site is an important tool for me.

William Hoffmasn wrote (January 20, 2014):
Thank you for the great work. <>

Peter Seivewright [Pianist, Divine Art] wrote (January 31, 2013):
I am delighted to see such a full biography of myself on the magnificently informative 'Bach Cantatas' website. Thank you very much indeed ! <>


February 2014

Andres Carciente [Pianist, Budapest, Hungary] wrote (February 1, 2014):
First of all I would like to congratulate you for your excellent site (Bach-Cantatas)!!! <>

Christoph Mocker (Auto Matos) wrote (February 3, 2014):
I found this page very helpful:
Nikolaus Harnoncourt & Concentus Musicus Wien
Gustav Leonhardt & Leonhardt-Consort
Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works
Recordings - Part 6

There I could download the booklets of the first CD edition. <>

Matthew Zadow [Baritone, Canada/Belgium] wrote (February 3, 2014):
[After updaing his bio page on the BCW],
Thank you. And Thank you also for all of the work you do to keep your website going. I am not ashamed to say that when I am hired to sing a new set of Cantatas, I reach for my dictionary, but I also look up all the translations that are available on your fabulous website. It is great to see the work of another devotee of the ultimate music...


Charlie Morrow [Composer, USA] wrote (February 10, 2014):
I admire the work you have done with

I propose to add the category RECOMPOSITION as many new works are inspired by J.S.Bach works, but recompositions have the original music imbedded. <>

Keith Harbaugh wrote (February 10, 2014):
First, let me thank you and your colleagues for developing and maintaining the invaluable web site. A real service.
Thanks again to all of you for your wonderful work.

Prof. Lorenzo Autero [M.A., Ph.D., Dip. Ed., Head of English Department, ITI Bearzi - Udine, IRES FVG - Udine, Italy wrote (February 11, 2014):
<> Thanks, keep up the good job.

Anthony Kozar [BCML] wrote (February 24, 2014):
[To Aryeh Oron] Thanks very much for your recommendations, Aryeh! I will check out both of those recordings as well (or again).

Your comprehensive discographies for the alto cantatas have been extremely helpful to me in my search. In general, your site has been simply invaluable to me in the process of researching Bach works, recordings, and performers (especially in finding the rare recordings of incomplete or apocryphal works). I have also used it extensively while retagging my MP3 tracks with more comprehensive information. It is wonderful to be able to find the title, scoring, chorale melody, etc. of every movement in one place!! I have even gone so far as to write an Applescript that allows me to select a track in iTunes and automatically open the corresponding page on the BCW

Thank you so much!!!


March 2014

Marion Eckstein [Contralto, German] wrote (March 1, 2014):
Thank you for posting my Bio on the bach-cantatas´ homepage!
Thanks a lot also for the translation! <>

George Riordan wrote (March 1, 2014):
I represent the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra (Julie Andrijeski, Artistic Director); we have a concert coming up (March 22 & 23), where we are performing Bach's Motet No. 3 Jesu, meine freude with the Georgia Boy Choir (David R. White, Artistic Director), and would like permission to reproduce in our program the English translation by Francis Browne that is on the Bach Cantatas Website. Both organizations have not-for-profit status [501 (c) (3)].
You can check our Facebook pages. By the way, the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra performs on historical instruments.
Many thanks for your great services to the musical community.

George T. Riordan, Secretary, Atlanta Baroque Orchestra
Professor Emeritus, Middle Tennessee State University

Julian Boutique wrote (March 2, 2014):
first of all I would like to congratulate you on your very interesting and informative website about J.S Bach. <>

George Riordan wrote (March 4, 2014):
<> Many thanks for setting up and managing such a fabulous website - it's a real help to the profession.

Dan Dews wrote (March 13, 2014):
<> Thanks again for all your wonderful work on the Bach Cantata website.

Mario Videla [Buenos Aires, Argentina] wrote (March 15, 2014):
<> I thank you very much for your Bach Home Page.

Henry Ladewig [Finance & Controlling, Eliette und Herbert von Karajan Institut, Salzburg, Austria] wrote (March 17, 2014):
<> Closing this email we would like to point out that we really like your website and find it very helpful for classical music lovers and interested person. <>

Heidi Hayes wrote (March 17, 2014):
<> Thank you for all you do for Herr Bach!

Adrian Bending [Principal Timpani, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment] wrote (March 24, 2014):
I have very much enjoyed reading a lot from your excellent website and found it all very informative and interesting! <>

Stanley Ritchie [Violinist] (March 26, 2014):
Greetings from Bloomington! I came across my biography that you contributed to the Bach Cantata website, and am grateful to you for having done so. <>


April 2014

Gordian Knot [Bach in the Subways] wrote (April 5, 2014):
Hello and thank you for such a wonderful resource as the Bach Cantatas website! <>

Robin Theel [Nederlandse Bachvereniging: All of Bach] wrote (April 10, 2014):
Thank you so much for all your effort! <>

Ronan De Burca [University of Limerick, Ireland] wrote (April 13, 2014):
Firstly can I say how grateful I am for the Bach cantata website, what a fantastic and rich resource.

I am in a formulative but critical phase of a research project for my Masters in music therapy at the university of Limerick in Ireland. My topic of research is the chorale - or at least the use of chorale tunes and structures for therapeutic songwriting.

I have found the website a huge help in guiding me towards tunes, other sources etc and would like to acknowledge it in my formal reference list at the very least - <>

Pieter Pannevis wrote (April 16, 2014):
[After updating the discography of Cantata BWV 49]
Thank you from Holland !

It;s my favourite !
Hope you're well !!
Have blessed days

Xesús-Manuel Suárez-García [Galicia] wrote (April 19, 2014):
May I first thank you for your nice and exhaustive web page. I must congratulate too the Spanish translator, Mr Saúl Botero-Restrepo for his execellent work.
Thank you for your work. And thanks too to Mr Botero.


May 2014

Maarten Zantinge wrote (May 9, 2014):
After regularly visiting your site, especially enjoying the cantatas' sheet music and the additional information about chorale melodies, texts and their authors, I came across the page:

Maarten Zantinge wrote (May 10, 2014):
<> the site continues to impress me with its completeness!

John Horrocks [BCML] wrote (May 12, 2014):
<> Yours is a marvellous site! <>

Da Jeong Choi [Composer] wrote (May 21, 2014):
Hope that you are doing well, sir. My name is Da Jeong Choi. I recently visited your website "Bach Cantatas Website." I appreciate your website and uploading my bio and pictures to your website. Da Jeong Choi (Composer) - Short Biography <>

Dee McKee [Vienna] wrote (May 28, 2014):
As promised, pleased find an update for your valuable website. <>

Bela Hartmann [Piano] wrote (May 29, 2014):
<> You have a very comprehensive and helpful website, thank you for your efforts!

Sergei Toropov [Fan of Bach - Russia, Irkutsk] wrote (May 29, 2014):
Only thanks to Your generous BCW I was able to collect records of cantatas performed by all Thomaskantors (starting with Straube), Scherchen, Prohaska, Ristenpart, Werner, Richter, Winschermann, Schreier, Jurgens, Marriner, Ansermet, Somary, Rifkin, Beringer, Muller-Bruhl, Lewis, Leonhardt, Rilling, Harnoncourt & Leonhardt, Gardiner, Leusink and others, as well as records in the performance of the great Bach soprano (from Schumann to Kozena) and the great contralto (from Klose to Stutzmann).
With sincere gratitude for Your unique missionary project.
Would be happy to show You Baikal


June 2014

Vincent Lesage [tenor/choir conductor/musicologist, B russls, Belgium) wrote (June 2, 2014):
I am a grateful user of the bach-cantatas website. Thank you so much for this treasure of information. <>

Daniel Martin Lewis [Pianis] wrote via LinkedIn (June 26, 2014):
<> I love the website and will have to submit some information for consideration, probably towards the end of the year.

André Papillon wrote via LinkedIn wrote (June 26, 2014):
<> Thank you for your work on this very valuable website !

James Janetzki [Forbes, NSW, Ausralia] wrote (June 29, 2014):
Thank you so much for your website, and work. <>


July 2014

Sergei Toropov [Russia, Irkutsk] wrote (July 1, 2014):
<> Reference. During BachFest-2014 I had a long and interesting conversation with Dr. Andreas Glockner of Bach-Archiv Leipzig and received his full approval of this table.

He knows and appreciates your BCW, especially for discussions.

With sincere gratitude for Your responsiveness. <>

Mag. Pia Bernauer, BA [Head of the Karajan Archive, Eliette und Herbert von Karajan Institut] wrote (July 3, 2014):
I recently came across your Bach Cantatas Website and was impressed by the volume and expertise that was collected there. <>

Graham Pearce wrote (July 9, 2014):
<> I love the site ... it's extraordinarily useful to me!

Katharina Jud [Contralto/Choral Conductor, Switzerland] wrote (July 23, 2014):
<> Thanks for your understandig and your big work,

Katharina Jud [Contralto/Choral Conducor, Switzerland] wrote (July 31, 2014):
[After updating her bio page on the BCW]

<> I wish you all the best for your work with the page. Thank you and greetings from Switzerland,


August 2014

Thomas Harington wrote (August 1, 2014):
<> Thank you so much for your contributions.

Vicent Adsuara Mora wrote (August 4, 2014):
I'm writing my master degree thesis about Bach chorales and I'm using as a source your webpage.
Thank you and congratulations for the page!

Tom Mohan wrote (August 12, 2014):
I am an occasional user of the Bach Cantatas website, and first of all would like to thank you for putting such an enormous amount of material in the public domain - it really is a very useful resource. <>

Sandro Ivo Bartoli [Pianist, Italy - Sandro Ivo Bartoli] (August 15, 2014):
Please forgive my intrusion into your correspondence; for years I have been visiting your wonderful site, and would like to congratulate you on your sterling work.
Wishing you every success, I send you my warmest greetings from sunny Italy and remain,

Stefan Lewicki [BCML] wrote (August 21, 2014):
I have enjoyed people's contributions on this website, and the astonishing resources, for a number of years now, and thank you all for this. <>

Erica Schwartz wrote (August 23/24, 2014):
I recently found this site while listening to Bach Cantatas. I have a correction on a translation for one of my favorite cantatas, #134. <> Minor correction and thanks for the site!
Thank you for the translations; it has been so nice to have when listening to the Bach cantatas. Makes me want to take a singing lesson!


September 2014

Bruce Lamott, Ph.D. [music history faculty, San Francisco Conservatory of Music wrote (Septrember 2, 2014):
<>Thank you for a great resource.

Evan Cortens [Musicologist, Lecturer, Developer - London, Ontario, Canada] wrote (Septrember 25, 2014):
I hope this email finds you well! As always, my sincere thanks for the the wonderful BCW, and the mailing lists. <>


October 2014

Hans Thijs [Holland] wrote (October 1, 2014):
Lovely site, reading takes a lot of my time :-) ,but
Many thanks for your great website and ill contribute some more in the future...
Greetings from hans thijs in holland!

Dan Pater [Hamilton, Ohio, USA] wrote (October 17, 2014):
I enjoy your Bach Cantatas Website and find it very useful as a source of information not easily found elsewhere. In a spirit of gratitude, therefore, permit me to observe the following, supplemented by a request.

Thanks again for great material!

Aurelio Guimaraes [via YouTube] wrote (October 28, 2014):
Hi! Aryeh! Congrats for the Website! <>


November 2014

Christian Skak Olufsen wrote (November 1, 2014):
Thanks for the great efforts put into the Bach Cantatas Website, it is a treasure of information and valuable exchanges of opinions. <>

Joachim Duske [Hamburg, Germany] wrote (November 10, 2014):
<> By the way - I am using often and I like it very well. Thank you for this very good site!

Dr. Bradley Martin [Associate Professor of Music, Western Carolina University] wrote (November 12, 2014):
Wanted to tell you how much I enjoy you Bach Cantata website –it’s most informative. <>

Lakia Hogyuan wrote (November 13, 2014):
<> Thanks for your effort on run so well!

Martin Rennert wrote (November 16, 2014):
I just stumbled over your highly recommendable site and notice that you are not aware of the two recordings Bach´s Lute Suites 997 and 995 I made over the years. <>

S. Alex Barry Jr. [Milwaukee, WI, USA) (November 19, 2014):

I just discovered your website and find it to be incredibly comprehensive and of great interest. I’ll be spending a lot of time delving into the scholarship you have compiled there, and I thank you for your efforts.
Thank you again, and I’ll be in touch.

Melvin Unger wrote (November 20, 2014):
Bach cantata website

<> With thanks for your diligent work,

Melvin Unger, D.M.A.
Riemenschneider Chair in Music
Director, Riemenschneider Bach Institute
Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory
Berea, OH 44017
Artistic Director, Singers’ Club of Cleveland


December 2014

Ilan Samson wrote (December 4, 2014):
<> On that occasion- Let there be no doubt: I positively think that your website is the most important one on the web! This sounds like a personal exaggeration but it is not: Bach is the greatest thing the human race has come up with and you thankfully prepared his website.

And another thing: Had you been around in 1750 we would have had at least one more Passion, at least 100 more cantatas, and god knows what else these great German culturalists lost and you would have saved...

Thank you Aryeh.

With much reverence,

Åse Lunnan, NRK wrote (December 4, 2014):
I am a music librarian in the Norwegian Broadcasting Company and I use your website several times a week. It is extremely useful for cataloging Bach cantatas in our record library. I check the instrumentations for each and every aria, recitative etc. There is one thing I would love to see, and that is a “next movement”-button from movement to movement in a cantata or oratorio/passion. Then we wouldn’t have to click back to the cantata’s /oratorio’s main page every single time we want to check the next movement. This adds a lot of extra clicking, especially in the oratorios/passions. I need to check every movement.

Just a suggestion! J And thank you very much for your wonderful site! Couldn’t do my job without it

Åse Lunnan, NRK wrote (December 4, 2014):
Thank you for answering! What you did with BWV 1 is exactly what I mean! But I do absolutely understand that this would be time consuming if you have to add the code on 2400 movements J Please don’t get yourself exhausted on my account.

Anyway, thanks again for the BCW, we are quite a few Bach fans in NRK, and we all check the site regularly. And the Lutheran Church Year feature with links to all the cantatas, dates etc – brilliant!

Gare Harney [Director - Immanuel Bach Consort] wrote (December 4, 2014):
After adding his Scorews to the BCW] I'm almost speechless at this! What extraordinary generosity and kindness on your part, which I appreciate more than you can imagine. Two questions so I'm sure I understand where you want to go.
Thanks again for all this. Really goes way beyond my wildest expectations.

Denis Kasparovitch [CEO of Ars Musica Estonica concert agency] wrote (December 10, 2014):
Tallinn Bach Music Festival 2015

We are very glad to see, that information about our festival is on Your homepage. Thank You for that!
Many thanks and best wishes!

Jacques-Olivier Chartier [Tenor, Canada] wrote (December 11, 2014):
My name is Jacques. I just realized that I have a profile on your Bach cantatas website which is great ! <>

Polideujk wrote (December 12, 2014):
[Upon his application to join the Bach ML's]
I'm a great fan of Bach's and Baroque music. I often visit mainly for bios of the performers or search for published recordings. I would like to contribute to the group.

Walter Popp wrote (Decemnber 16, 2014):
And thank you for your great work on BWS which must be one of the most complete sites on Bach I know.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m a German translator living in France for about 30 years, and my life partner is Dutch. She lives in Utrecht and, as a violist, is member of a well established Bach orchestra there, the Utrechtse Bachcantatediensten. Every month’s first Sunday, they perform a Bach Cantata, and this for 45 years now.

My friend is also responsible for editing the information leaflet for the audience, and she sometimes asks me to check the German text for mistakes. This time, I used your site to check on Cantata 122, and didn’t find any mistakes in the leaflet. <>

Walter Popp wrote (Decemnber 17, 2014):
Thank you again, Mr. Oron, for taking me by the hand on your impressive website.

Åse Lunnan, NRK wrote (December 17, 2014):
[After adding inter-links to ALL the movement pages of Bach's vocal works, allowing the user movving back and forth between the movements]
That is truly impressing and extremely helpful. I noticed yesterday when cataloging BWV 232 that I could press “next movement” all through the mass, and it saved me a lot of time! Time that you’ve had to spend instead, scripting... but now I’ll be able to save a lot of time each and every time I work with Bach vocal works here in our library, and I am sure there are a lot of other people who’ll appreciate this too.

Thank you so much for doing this!! And thanks again for a great resource, your site makes my work a lot easier.

Adolfo Polledo wrote (Decemnber 17, 2014):
Thanks for your kind and quick answer. I` ll check the pages you link. Your work is great.


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