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(Richard) Wilhelm Wiedl (Boy Soprano)

Born: March 10, ____ - Munich, Germany

The German tenor singer and dancer (and former boy soprano), Richard Wilhelm (Willy) Wiedl (known today as Richard Wiedel), was a member of the Tölzer Knabenchor and soprano soloist in the years 1977-1980. Among other things he took part in the Monteverdi - cycle under the direction of Ponnelle/Nikolaus Harnoncourt in Zürich. He also recorded many soprano solo parts under Nikolaus Harnoncourt in his joint Bach Cantatas cycle with Gustav Leonhardt (on Teldec). Wilhelm Wiedl studied singing at the Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium in Munich with Ursula Hirschberger, solo singing and opera appearance at the Hochschule für Musik in Munich with Professor Gerdes. He passed the exams of operetta-buffo "very good". He won prizes at several competitions, such as: 1st prize at The Federal Sining Competition in Berlin (1985), finalist at the musical competiotion in (1988), Deutscher Vizemeister in step-dancing (1990), etc.

Richard Wiedel has also pariticipated in several courses: in 1986 summer course of the Jeunesses Musicales in Schloss Weikersheim (Kiss me, Kate!), in 1988 Lieder course with Dr. Erik Werba; in 1989 guest role in the world premiere of the musical Rasputin by V. Plangg und H. Forche during the summer course of the Jeunesses Musicales in Weikersheim; in 1990 various private and master-classes with Aldo Baldin, James Wagner, Berthold Possemeyer, Arthur Mc Lane, Hans-Jürgen Stanislav und Frau KS Renate Holm; in 2004 master-class with Anna Reynolds in Neumünster.

Richard Wiedl was operetta buffo singer at the Stadttheater Würzburg with opera, musical and concert engagements. Further musical activities include: in 1981 founding member of the Süddeutschen Vokalensembles (= soloist ensemble of the choir of the Bamberger Symphoniker) - tour of Europa, Israel and South America; in 1988 co-operation with several free productions for the Opernbiennale Munich; in 1996 Protagonist in the premiere of Jack, the Ripper at the Vogtlandtheater Plauen, musical of G. Fischer, directed by Gunther R. Eggert; since 1995 participation in several German tours of the agency Kirsamer with operetta programmes; since 1998 various Lieder recitals with premieres of the composer E. Brittinger; in 2004 participation in Kleinkummerfelder Kuhstallkonzerten under the direction of Professor Thomas Mohr.

His TV appearances include: Stars von morgen with Professor Hermann Rauhe (ZDF, 1986); Sternstunden with Wiedl family (BR, 1997); Herbstfest der Volksmusik (ARD, 1998); Sternstunden (BR, 1999); Winterfest der Volksmusik (ARD, 2000); Kein schöner Land (ARD, 2001); Stars bei Huebner (Premiere, 2002); Fröhlicher Weinberg (SWR, 2003); Wunschkonzert der Volksmusik, (ZDF, 2003); Wiedersehen zu Hause (MDR, 2003); Fröhlicher Feierabend (SWR, 2004).

In dancing Richard Wiedl took part in the tour of Gesellschaftstanz (dance training society), step dancing with Rainer Köbelin (starting from 1982), ballet with K. Laue in Munich (1983-1988), moren jazz dancing, Hungarian folk dancing, acrobatics, mambo and salsa course in Würzburg.

Source: Richard Wiedl Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (October 2007)
Contributed by
Rocío Sánchez (October 2006)

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Boy Soprano

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Boy Soprano

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