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Heather Cairncross (Mezzo-soprano)

Born: England

The English mezzo-soprano, Heather Cairncross, trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London’s Barbican Centre (studying with Laura Sarti) and went straight into Opera.

Two years later Heather Cairncross joined the a cappella group the Swingle Singers (1988-1998) and toured the world with them for ten years. I did a lot of very detailed recording during her time with the group and sang in many different styles which was a great training for her current session work.

On leaving the Swingle Singers, Heather Cairncross started to specialise in contemporary music on microphone, working with composers like Steve Reich and Luciano Berio and singing with Synergy Vocals as soloists for orchestras all over the world. Alongside this she has a busy career as a session singer for film soundtracks and CD's. She also love to sing Jazz and premiered a Jazz Song Cycle Portrait of a Woman at the Arundel Festival. This was written for her by David Newton who was voted best Jazz Pianist in the British Jazz awards for the thirteenth time in 2014. They have continued to enjoy working together and recorded a CD called "At Last" which has received some great reviews. All the songs were recorded in one take.

Heather Cairncross has been a professional singer for over twenty five years now. She has been fortunate enough to work with some of the great musicians of our time in many different genres. She has performed concerts everywhere from La Scala, Milan to Carnegie Hall. In the last few years she has rekindled her love of Baroque music and is regular member of the Monteverdi Choir with Sir John Eliot Gardiner conducting. With the Monteverdi Choir she has sung the Alto Solos in both George Frideric Handel's Israel in Egypt, J.S. Bach's B Minor Mass (BWV 232) and his Advent Cantatas, and appeared on the Grammy winning recording of J.S. Bach's Motets, amongst others.

Source: Heather Cairncross Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2015)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




John Eliot Gardiner


Member of Monteverdi Choir:
BCP Vol. 28 (2012):
BWV 43 [2nd], BWV 37 [2nd], BWV 128 [2nd], BWV 11 [2nd]
V-9 (2011):
BWV 225-230, BWV Anh 159
F-1 (2013):
BWV 249 [1st]
V-13 (2013):
BWV 232 [2nd recording]
V-10 (2015):
BWV 232 [3nd recording]
V-11 (2015, Video)
BWV 232 [4th recording]

Ward Swingle


Member of Swingle Singers:
C-3 (1991): Selections arranged for a capella choir from:
BWV 60, BWV 80, BWV 140, BWV 208, BWV 232, BWV 244, BWV 368, BWV 373, BWV 508

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