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Links to Other Sites
General Sites about J.S. Bach & his Music




Comprehensive Sites

Bach 101

His Life and Times; Map of Important Bach Locations in Germany; What is Baroque? Learn about the works to be performed at the 2002 Bach Festival; Commentary on various Choral Works and Orchestral & Intrumental Works; Glossary; "Bach-Gammon"

Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr

Bach Page in Classical Net

Biography; Links; Recommended works & recordings; CD Reviews; Cantata Listener’s Guide; Works List

Dave Lampson

Bach World



Bach, Johann Sebastian

Biographical data, recommended CD’s, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays

Steven G. Estrella

Bach, l’offrande musicale

Sommaire du dossier Bach; Contexte Historique; Biographie(s); Les portraits de Bach; Bibliographie; Liens [Les Métiers du Classique, French]

Guillaume le Levreur / Catherine Bellemère

Bach, leven en werk

1. A quite extensive Bach’s biography
2. A chracterization and appreciation of Bach’s music, with special attention to the religious aspects of it [Dutch/Flemish]

Dick Wursten


Herzlich willkommen zum crossmedialen Projekt Bach über Bach. Mit seinen drei Themen - und nicht nur einem. Es geht erstens um die berühmteste Musikerfamilie der Erde. Zweitens um Ahnenforschung im Allgemeinen und die Genealogie der Bachs im Besonderen. Und last but not least, also drittens, um ein gemeinsames Abenteuer mit Ihnen in unserem Leben. [German]

Peter Bach

Beethoven and Bach

Beethoven and Bach, Christoph Wolf's Bach Biography, Creation Histories: St. Matthew's Passion, Coffee Cantata, Bach Originals in Danger, Interesting Bach Links [German/English]

Ingrid Schwaegermann

Classical Music Pages: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Article from The Grove Concise Dictionary of Music. Also links to related composers and topics, including cantatas, orchestral music, instrumental music, illustrations, list of works, and bibliography

Matt Boynick

Club JSB

Dedicated to the music of J.S. Bach and other great composers and performers

Tom L. Hubeart

Dave's J.S. Bach Page

Emphasis on the catalogue of works and the recommended recordings sections. In addition images, midi-files and audio-files

David J. Grossman

J.S. Bach

Includes detailed studies & translations of some cantatas [French]

Christophe Chazot

J.S. Bach Archive and Bibliography

Biographical information, pictures and the full texts of over forty cantatas

Jan Koster

J.S. Bach Home Page

Biographic information combined with fotos and touristic information; a small but interesting bibliography and a section discussing recordings of Bach's works; a timeline and some Bach-Portraits enclosed; the complete catalogue of Bach's works

Jan Hanford & Jan Koster

Johann Sebastian Bach

Introduction to the portraits of Bach, manuscripts and bach's handwriting

Teri Noel Towe

Johann Sebastian Bach

Classical Music Dictionary entry with life, works, catalogue, illustrations, and MIDI audio files

Musica Classica

Johann Sebastian Bach - A Life Album

A small life of the great J.S. Bach. A visual Kantate of his life and time, in picture fragments and many remarkable quotations.

Klaus-Jürgen Andrzejewski

Johann Sebastian Bach - Frequantly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Devoted to answering frequently asked or heard questions, especially on a basic level, about the composer, his work, musical concepts, or misunderstandings, with links to more indepth sites

Bernard S. Greenberg

Johann Sebastian Bach (Heart's Ease)

A brief biography, key works, recommended recordings, and additional resources

Heart’s Ease

Yo Tomita's Bach Site

This page includes the world wide link to the Bach-related sites. For the academic research [Belfast University, Ireland]

Dr Yo Tomita

Johann Sebastian Bach

La vita, le opere, i testi, i riferimenti bibliografici e discografici, alcuni link e un piccolo glossario [Italian]

Gianni Soro

Johann Sebastian Bach

Most famous Web page in Japan about classical music including Bach [Kunitachi college of music] [Japanese]

Professor Isoyama

Johann Sebastiab Bach: Eisenach 1685 – Leipzig 1750

A great biography on Bach, theory and analyses on his fugues, portraits, MIDI files (the most part are
real played)

Alessandro G. Simonetto [Kunst der Fuge]

Great Bach

Prologue, About Bach, Work List, Listen to Bach, Reference, FAQ, Board [Korean]

Kim Eun Ho

Johann Sebastian

Diese Website «in honorem» Johann Sebastian Bach ist der Treffpunkt für Liebhaberinnen und Liebhaber des bedeutendsten Komponisten aller Zeiten und seiner Musik. [German]


Johann Sebastian Bach

La vita, Il vero Bach, Bach Werke Verzeichnis, Cronologia, Gematria, Gli interpreti, Bach Tour, Appuntamenti, Genealogia, L’iconografia [Italian]

Paolo Zaia


Biographies of J.S. Bach

Baroque Age – Johann Sebastian Bach


IPL (Internet Public Library)

Composers Biographies – Johann Sebastian Bach

Biography of J.S. Bach

Karadar Classical Music

Greatest Lutheran Composer (The)

A tribute to him and his contributions to church music

James Sucha

Johann Sebastian Bach

Biography emphasizing personality and relationships as well as musical abilities from Decca

Decca Classics

Johann Sebastian Bach

Appreciation of Bach's life and work

Rick Doble

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Brief biography and caricature with summaries of choral and vocal, organ, other keyboard, chamber, orchestral music, and concertos with recommended Naxos recordings


Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

Basic information on the composer. Dropdown menu allows focus on specific periods of his life. Links to lives of other composers


Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

Brief sketch of his life, focusing on his rapidity of composition and technical skills both in playing and maintaining various instruments


Johann Sebastian Bach: A Biography

A Biography according to the major stations in JSB’s life; Johann Sebastian BACH: Portrait In Old Age; Bach's Leipzig In Pictures: 1725-1750; Bach's Cantatas: a Brief Orientation

Arton [Baroque Music Club]

Bach, Johann Sebastian

Biography & Summary of his Works

[The 1911 Encyclopedia]

Johann Sebastian Bach

Completa biografía, enlaces y fotos [Spanish]


Mundoclásico: Bach

Biografía de su vida y breves comentarios de su obra [Spanish]


Revistaclá : La Segunda Vida de Johann Sebastian Bach

Biografía del artista comentada y un listado de las que el autor considera sus obras más importantes [Spanish]


The Johann Sebastian Bach biography

Detailed biography from the Grove encyclopaedie of music (most recent version). It also include an interesting iconography section with significative pictures, and also notes on the music for organ, board, lute & chamber music

[Kunst der Fuge]

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Biography

Comprehensive biography in 8 parts, according to the main stations of J.S. Bach’s life

[Carolina Classical]


Radio & TV Broadcasts of J.S. Bach's Music

24 Hours Bach

Broadcast concert program on the 250th anniversary of the composer's death. (July 28, 2000)


Bach, the Evangelist

Text of radio play featuring the composer with contributions from Michael Merissen, Robin Leaver, and John Kleinig, with references to various compositions as his music and theology are examined

Stephen Watkins [ABC Online]

Radio B.A.C.H.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week we offer J.S. Bach's music. The German word Bach means a stream and it reflects the way we broadcast in

Internetowa Platforma Nadawcza

Bach 2000

Veranstaltungsübersicht des MDR zum Bachjahr 2000 [German]


Radio Bach (Otto’s Baroque Musick)

Radio station playing Baroque music 24 hours a day. You can listen to the radio either in 24 kbs stream or 64 kbs stream

Otto & Enrico

Bachfan's Songs

You can hear Bach music including many vocal pieces


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

YouTube is a consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. Everyone can watch videos on YouTube - both on and across the Internet. People can see first-hand accounts of current events, find videos about their hobbies and interests, and discover the quirky and unusual. As more people capture special moments on video, YouTube is empowering them to become the broadcasters of tomorrow. YouTube includes a growing number of Bach videos. Simply inseret into the Search Box 'Bach' and the work title and/or performer name.

Chad Hurley & Steve Chen



Bruno De Giusti's Web Site

Features Bruno's own Midi transcriptions. Includes the Goldberg Variations and rarer Midi territory such as the Six Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin. Propagandist for Midi

Bruno De Giusti

Classical Music Archives: J.S Bach

Extremely comprehensive site. Has a near complete St Matthew Passion and a complete St John Passion!! Has different MIDI versions of the same pieces in some cases. Files can be downloaded. There are also some downloadable MP3’s performed by mainly Eastern European artists


Johann Sebastian Bach Mp3 Page on Classic Cat

Classic Cat is a directory with links to over 1800 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work. Plenty of classic MP3, all free


Johann Sebastian Bach - Site Index & Mp3 Downloads

Comprehensive index of J.S. Bach resources and legal MP3 downloads


Johann Sebastian Bach Midi Page [Bach Central]

Biography, MIDI files, BWV Catalog, Pictures, Resources

Hylke Tromp

MIDI World

A lot of bach MIDI’s here including a version of the B Minor Mass and excerpts from the St Matthew Passion. Also Bach concerto arrangements after other composers


Moclin's MIDI Data Collection


Yaskawa Moclin


The Complete Catalog of J.S. Bach Works and many MIDI files


Selected Works of Johann Sebastian Bach


Gregor Rozman

Music of Bach

Most of Bach’s work available for lisening on-line [The recordings are from the Bach-2000 collection of Teldec]

David Zale

Kunst der Fuge

One of the most comprehensive of quality MIDI files about J.S. Bach. And this collection is free downloadable, without any limit, differently to other large sites. Over 6,000 Classical files!

Alessandro G. Simonetto

Why Bach?

An Online Appreciation for the General Reader

Dan Brown




Bach Digital

You can hear sound examples of instruments that Bach would have known. The main part of the site consists of high quality autograph score images


Tobi's Bach-Archiv · Die Capella-Sammlung

All Bach works in Capella format [Tobi's NotenArchiv]

Tobias Schölkopf

RowyNet - Archive

Many PDF scores of Bach's works.


1998 Bach Discography

Scores & Recordings to Enhance Your Listening Pleasure. Available in the Knight Library's Music Services Department [University of Oregon]


Johann Sebastian Bach and Works for the Trumpet

Consists of a list of works where Bach uses the trumpet as well as listings of players who have made recordings. Has scores in PDF of Bach's Cello Suites which can be played on the trumpet

Ole J. Utnes & Walter Roth

New Mexico Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe Leipzig

Complete BGA Scores in PDF format

Vince Ho



Bachdiskographie - Versuch einer Übersicht

Übersicht von Jochen Grob über die Fassungen der Werke Johann Sebastian Bachs mit Entstehungsgeschichte, Werkfassungen, verfügbare CDs und Noten [German]

Jochen Grob

1998 Bach Discography

Scores & Recordings to Enhance Your Listening Pleasure. Available in the Knight Library's Music Services Department [University of Oregon]


Bach CD Library

Web page about Bach's CD. Almost all CD information of Bach's music can be available here

Makoto Tamazawa


Other General Sites about J.S. Bach

Bach Articulation Project [N/A]

University of Massachusetts

Richard Cochran

Bach CD Library



Bach Notes

Trivia, factoids, and other gee-whiz stuff about Bach

David Gordon

Bach Page


Tim Cordell

Bach Plucked!

The Primary Resource of the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach played on Baroque lute and ClasGuitar on the Net

Michael Stitt

Bach to the Drawing Board with Beethoven & Brahms

A general overview of J.S. Bach’s life and a list of his works – Die Seiten für Musik


Bach: Genius Ignored


Lucius Furius

Bach: the Baroque and Beyond

Graduate seminar includes motivic variation, development, and saturation, permutation, symmetry, and counterpoint in the composer and others of the period, as well as later developments

Timothy A. Smith

Bach's Little Home Page

Presents mainly photographic documents on organs and the Thomasschule

Dr Rob Kruijt

Films with Bach Music

List of Films with J.S. Bach’s Music

Arthur Sulit

Göttinger Bach-Katalog

Sources of J. S. Bach's Works - Database of the works of Bach and their handwritten Sources till 1850

Dr Christine Blanken

Grave of Johann Sebastian Bach

Find a Grave details the burial, reburial, and subsequent moving of the composer's remains to Thomaskirche, Leipzig, Germany with portrait of composer and photographs of grave plate and church exterior


Information about Bach studies and other activities around the world

[Lucid Interactive]

Robin Chew

J. S. Bach: His Predecessors

Gives overview of his influences, including the German and Italian keyboard schools, French polyphony and organ music, as well as mathematics

Todd Michel McComb

J.S. Bach 2000


Michael Stitt

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Contains stamp images from around the world featuring Johann Sebastian Bach, his work and the places where he lived

Antonio Casagimeno

Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

Technical descriptions of Bach's compositions, mids; literature - Dostoevsky, Morrison, Rimbaud [Mostly Polish]

Jakub Król

Johann Sebastian Bach and Works for the Trumpet

Consists of a list of works where Bach uses the trumpet as well as listings of players who have made recordings. Has scores in PDF of Bach's Cello Suites which can be played on the trumpet

Ole J. Utnes & Walter Roth

MuseData - Edition of Bach’s Works


On the traces of Johann Sebastian Bach

Tourism site devoted to the places where Bach lived. Gives details on how one can stay there. There is also information on festivals which include the music of Bach e.g. Thuringian Bach Festivals


Op het spoor van Bach

On the trails of Bach. Dutch website containing personal impressions of the places where J.S. Bach worked and lived, written and photographed in Thuringia and Saxony. Includes picturebook, full list of Works in accordance with BWV, and a genealogy of the Bach family. [Dutch]

Wim van Teeffelen

Bach Screensaver

Loadable Screensavers with J.S. Bach’s pictures


Keyboard Tuning of Johann Sebastian Bach


John Charles Francis

Johann Sebasrian Bach 1685-1750

Bach-web-page built in 2000 with answers and questions in Dutch.

Johan De Boer


Bach Family

Bach family

Ancestors of J.S. Bach; Descendants of J.S. Bach; Others born before 1685; Family tree; References; External links.


Bach, Johann Sebastian: Family

Table of contents for their history with family tree and links to other resources plus glossary.


The Bach Family

Chronological and alphabetical categorizing of principal members of the family, spanning Johann's birth in 1604 through Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst's death in 1845. Includes links and commentary from the Here Of a Sunday Morning radio program.


The Bach Musicians' Family in Erfurt

Background on earlier generations in the town of Erfurt. Includes portrait of Johann Sebastian's father, Johann Ambrosius.

Erfurt Guide

Bach Notes

Short article.

David Gordon

Composers (Bach)

Numerical chart showing the relationships among more than 75 members of the family who bore the name with their dates. Includes some who were musicians but not composers.

Absolute beginners

Tracing Bach's Steps - The Bach Family

Short article.


Summary biographies of many of the known composers and musicians among several generations of the family in alphabetical order with noted genealogical number. From the Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio.


Bach Family Genealogy Forum

Discussion Forum.

Geneology Forum

The Bach Family of Musicians

Short article.

Suite 101

See also individual entries at: Bach Family: Sorted by Name | Sorted by Number | Family Tree



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