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General Sites




About: Classical Music

Guide to classical music, including composers, performers, music education, employment, sound clips, and more


Al Segno - Portraits

A database of classical composers complete with biographies, worklists and alot of free videos and music of great performances.


Al Segno

A collection of high quality videos of classical performances all available for free view. The main page is in Swedish however the videoplayer is in English.


AllClassicalMusic [N/A]

Includes essays and articles, classical music library builder plus events and links


Andante [N/A]

News, reviews, music, world calendar & more


Baroque Cantata Website


James Sanderson

Baroque Music Page


Mike Arton

British Harpsichord Society

Promotes the awareness, enjoyment, study, performance and ownership of harpsichords and related plucked keyboard instruments in Britain

William Vine


Contemporary and classical music and musicians - resources and information

John Tracy

The Classical Buffet

This website is for anyone interested in "classical music", or "art" music. Composers from various times in music history are covered here. As time goes on, you will find new articles and information about a variety of topics related to classical music, including performers, music education, games, and much more.

Cheryl Campbell

Classical Composer Biographies

Links, personal thoughts, and minimal biographical information on many composers

Michael Norrish

Classical Composers

This is a page about different composers with a summary and music for each composer


Classical Composers Midi Page

Excellent list of musical examples and features biographies for many hard to find composers

Reginald Steven Ritchie

Classical Composersí Archive

Searchable database of photographs and biographies of over 1000 classical composers. Also features a daily classical composer's birthday page


Classical Connect

ClassicalConnect is your virtual concert hall. It offers independent classical musicians the opportunity to be heard around the world while providing music lovers with a large selection of music performed by some of the most interesting musicians around.

Geoffrey Gegen

Classical Enthusiast


Alex Gordon

World Guitarist

Daily News Coverage for the World Classical Guitar Community

Gunnar Fisel

Classical is Cool

The latest in classical music, especially Classical Music Radio. Stations, program listings, contests, prizes, bulletin boards for Classical Music fans new and old


Classical Live Online Radio

An attempt to collect all live-broadcasting classical radio stations on the Web. Here you can listen for free to 150 online classical radiostations with live streaming music.


Classical Music Online

The premiere online resource dedicated exclusively to classical music


Classical Music Pages [N/A]

History, composer biographies, explanations of musical forms; dictionary

Matt Boynick

Classical Music UK

Guide to the finest classical music websites in the UK


Classical Net

Comprehensive collection of information and news: articles, CD reviews, composers and their music

Dave Lampson

Classical Notes [N/A]

Compiled from years of classical writing, covering a wide and diverse selection of contemporary music and standard repertoire

Richard Bratby

Classical Source

News and reviews

Dave Finley

Classical USA

A portal website to the best music, hi-fi, video, theater and film resources on the Internet

Paul Baker

Classicalist [N/A]

The leading Web-based instantaneous CV service for classical musicians

David Huw-Owen

The Development of Western Music

The composers listed will give you a better resource on how the development of western music took place.


Early Music Network

Promotes the understanding and enjoyment of early music and historically informed performance. It focuses ultimately on the audiences for early music, seeking to increase their numbers and also their understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of early music

Glyn Russ

Early Music News

The website is meant to be a community driven website where news items concerning early music news are posted and discussed. Through its networked membership,, will act as a central clearing house for news to the early music community.

Marc Paré

Early Music World

Range of articles, interviews and a selection of reviews. Includes interviews with Gustav Leonhardt and Sigiswald Kuijken, the latter specifically devoted to Bach.

Brian Robins

Essential Humanities

The site includes an overall timeline of Western music, as well as individual pages for each major period.

Ewan Gowan

Essentials of Music

Basic information about classical music with overviews of the six main periods in music history, brief biographies of nearly 70 composers, and a glossary with musical examples

Sony Music

Favorite Classical Composers

Engaging biographies of famous composers, and in-depth articles about a number of their most popular works. There is also have a section on hifi/stereo setups specifically for classical music.

Sebastian Mitchell

Gander Academy Classical Composers

Links appropriate for school students on Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Dvorak, Grieg, Handel, Haydn, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi

Jim Cornish


Classical, Opera and Jazz - see exclusive live events, buy CDs, listen to complete pieces of music, watch video interviews with artists and tune into GMN radio


Goldberg Magazine

An international, early-music magazine specialising in the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque perios, that is, all music composed up until 1750: over 1000 years of music!

Serafin Senosiain (Editor)


A weekly listening guide to good music of all types on compact disc. We focus on classical music but cover the spectrum from ancient to avant garde. Let us introduce you to music that you haven't heard before but wish you had!

Thomas Jordan

Harp opzijnbest, portal with links and information about harp

All you want to know about the harp [Dutch]

Jeroen Tijssen

Homes That Strike a Chord (Movoto Blog)

A graphic of the homes of famous musicians and composers, from Bach to Louis Armstrong.

Zack Mirsberger

HyperMusic - History of Classical Music

An exploration of classical music history from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century; including the main periods, subtopics, forms, and composers important to Classical music

Tim Brehaut

The Israel Choral Organization

The Israeli Choir Association - Hallel, was established by singers, conductors and choir directors to serve the artistic choirs around the country. All the members of the committee volunteer their services in order to advance the performance of choral music.

Yoav Belinsky

Karadar Classical Music

Contains composer bios, MP3s, MIDIs, opera librettos, photo files, etc


Klassische Musik Nachrichten und Rezensionen

Student project at LMU Munich [German]

Stefan Preusler

Klassik Online

Classical Music Magazine [German] GMBH


News, features, interviews of leading classical musicians, the 101 best classical CD guide for building the ideal CD collection, concert calendar and reviews by international critics and journalists

Culturekiosque publications

La Scena Musicale (LSM)

La Scena Musicale Online is a free monthly non-profit classical music magazine with major interviews, articles and CD reviews in html and PDF formats. LSM Online also contains Media Watch - Classical Music News, Audio and Video links and The Canadian Classical Music Calendar database [English/French]


The Male Soprano Page

This page is dedicated to Male Nightingales, singers whose vocal range goes considerably beyond that of countertenors and who thus are provided with a very rare and unusual kind of the (adult) male voice.

Andreas Kopp

Male Sopranos & Altos

Male Sopranos & Altos is a social networking site that focuses on the high male voice. Now that musicians and the public have been gaining interest in Baroque vocal works, more recordings are available and more opinions are expressed. If you are new to this topic, feel free to ask questions in our forums to receive replies from deeply informed enthusiasts.


Music & Vision Magazine

The world's first daily classical music magazine

Keith Bramich

Music Notes Ė An Inetractive Online Music Expreience

Music Notes: An Interactive Online Musical Experience goes in-depth into theory, styles, history, instruments, professions, games, and more!


Music (by

Explanation of various kinds of musical instruments

Bud Smith

Music Time Line

Find info on baroque music. Request anything you'd like! A lot of other stuff too!

Alex Gordon


The International Database of Choral Repertoire



Classical Concert and Opera Reviews, News and Interviews

Dominic McHugh & Agnes Kory

Music Compositions by Composer Marilynn Stark

A mixture of music theory and description of how classical music leads to an enlightened mind. This educational site is designed to create new devotees of classical music

Marilynn Stark


Database of composers and performers of classical music and other directories for classical music lovers



Information on music societies, composer profiles, CD and book reviews, and forums

Dr Len Mullenger


A site that tries to establish the largest collection of public domain (entirely free) music.


New Classical Portal

The first and only website in Israel dedicated to classical music. It includes: News, Forums, Chat, Concert schedule, List of Classical radio stations, Reviews of CDís & concerts, Files, List of music festivals, and more [Hebrew]

Eran B.

Opera in Hebrew

Operas: plots, librettos, Opera news, New Israeli Opera, biographies, and more [Hebrew]

Shemuel Bar-El

Opera Italiana

Our passion for opera, which we imagine you share with us, has moved us to create this site which seeks to trace the History of Italian Opera to date with over four thousand performances and 350 hours of music ranging from the early twentieth century to our own day. The site includes sheets, bios and curiosities on 35 authors and informations on over 900 italian opera performers. [Italian/English]

Gabriele Gallizia

Opera Language

Diction Coaching for Singers: German, Italian, English and Spanish repertoire. Sur-/Subtitles for opera. Foreign Language Assistance

Rochsane M. Taghikhani

Opera Today

Opera Today is a website devoted to all things relating to opera and vocal performance. Our purpose is to provide news, commentary, information and other resources that enhance your enjoyment and understanding of this great artistic genre.

Gary Hoffman

Orchestra - Conductors

Website about orchestra conductors. It is a database where you can find biographies, image galleries, links... about your favourite conductors

Andres Ramos

Piano Society

A community for classical pianists and music lovers. All pianists who join gets an account for free where they can upload their material. Alot of great pianists and pieces can be found here.

Robert Ståhlbrand, Erik Helling & Joffrey Wallaart


International online choral social network


Ray Hall's Website (Tasmanian Devil)

Compilation of RMCR newsgroup Superb links to classical websites. Valuable sources of information relating to classical music, and also great jazz singers

Raymond Hall

Sad Classical Music

Classical music, both traditional and modern, offers a wealth of beautiful, tear-jerking examples. You may find something on this site that resonates with you and delivers that emotional high that only music can. Perhaps you will even discover a beautiful piece for a special occasion, or a soaring symphony to use as a video backing track.

James Pace

WWW Virtual Library: Classical Music Composers

List of links and biographies of Classical composers


Yoav's Midi Files Site

The site aims to help choir singers to learn their parts. The aim is also to initiate translations into Hebrew and to add pronunciation files, background and explanations about the pieces, and live performances.

Yoav Belinsky


Resources & Directories




Aigam Search Engine

Web Directory

Jean Kovacevich

Artistopia - The Ultimate Music Artist Resource

Artistopia is the first company that delivers a clear, potent, and qualified strategy for independent music artists and music industry professionals to come together under one roof and speak one language - potential music success!



Launched on 2011, ChoirPlace is an online community-based center for choir members and vocal music lovers. The website aims at being the ultimate place for easily finding information about choirs and vocal groups, for finding and watching videos of choral music that were added by the commumembers.

Ori Kook

Classical Cat

Directory with links to over 1000 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work

Wim Roffel

Classical Composers Database

Listing of links for individual composer biographies

Joe Smeets

Classical Music Links - Carolina Culture Connection

An Index of Classical Music Web site links covering all historical periods, including information on composers, history, theory, genres, styles and forms

Charles K. Moss

Classical Search

Classical music search engine



A thematic search engine dedicated to classical music and opera. It explores all the pages of the referenced sites. Visitor is sure to find the most relevant information, without "noise" and without interference.


The Concertist

Free websites for classical musicians, directory
of concertists and social network.


DW3 Classical Music Resources

A well organized, well maintained index of 1,500 classical music links, including homepages, chronologies

Yale Fineman


An classical music database which features the most elaborate search engine tailored to classical music's specificities. Fughetta will allow you to search among 70,000 pieces of music by composer, nationality, year of composition, tone, opus number, genre, or using any possible combination of instruments, voices or ensembles. All of this in the language of your choice...

Marc Reboux

Golden Pages for musicologists

Find associations, universities, conferences, reference books, composer sites. A comprehensive informal list of sites about classical music geared toward musicians [Royal Holloway University of London Department of Music]


Internet Resources for Musicians and Music Teachers


Teacher Cetification

Just Sheet Music

Just Sheet Music lets you find sheet music in a fast and easy way. This site collects all the commercial and free sheet music that is available on the internet. You can use the search box at the top to find your sheet music or use the menu items to navigate through the site.

Hugo Peters

Kommentierte Musiklinks

Music Links with commentary

Thomas Kerzel Music

Librarians' Index to the Internet


Music Library Reference Desk
Internet Resources

Lots of excellent links on all aspects of classical music collected by the librarians [University of Washington Music Library]


Making Music Now

Piano course. Hundreds of Classical Music links

Jan Durrant

Music Production Schools: A Guide to Classical Music

List of several resources.


Musician Center

Extensive product reviews, online manuals and other resources for thousands of instruments.

Dan Kohn

Musician Resources

Sources geared toward singers. Includes also links for organizations, publishers, competitions, and education

An international choral classifieds and links directory Web site. The idea behind is to provide an online meeting place where people could exchange information regarding Choral Music via a modular online platform. Through, members will be able to post ads/links (related to Choral Music) regarding: Choirs, Performances, Organizations, Education, Choral related Market, Employment, Web, Conductors, Vocal, Soloists, Composers, Accompanists, etc.

Roberto Estorninho (Project manager)

New Forum for Classical Singers

Discussion groups on various topics for classical singers


Schubertline: Online Printing Of Lieder And Songs

A website offering 900+ songs and arias by classical composers which may be played, viewed and printed in any key. It uses Sibelius Scorch, the free software which allows users to download scores from the internet

Mary Nicholson

ScorSer - search engine for musicians

Search system of free sheet music, scores, tabs, backing tracks, mp3 and other music files. System support 40 languages and search is multilingual.

Sergey Korolev

Selected Music Resources on the Internet

[New York Public Library Music Division]


Singing Voice

Provides detailed information, history and links about the human voice, opera and the art of singing


Vocal Net

Ohio regional site for the singing community. Links include resources that include vocal competitions


YAVís Music Links


Christopher Yavelow


Classical Music - A Comprehensive Web Index

Adrian Hart



Prepared by Aryeh Oron (September 2001 - May 2013)
Thanks to contributors: Fredrik Nilsson (September 2008), Michelle Russell (August 2010)

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