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Nozomu Takahashi (Piano)

Born: Chichibu city, Saitama prefecture, Japan

The Japanese Pianist, Nozomu Takahashi, studied in Europe from 1998 to 2002. He studied piano with Riesel at the Saxony State Dresden University of Music "Carl Maria von Weber" in Germany. He completed the performance professional exam with the best result. He has studied piano with Naoko Yokota, Akio Hayama, Hiromi Sand Haseya, Akira Umeya, A. Nasekidin, P. Riesel, and chamber music with Haruko Ueda so far. Prizes include: 3rd Prize at the 13th Sonoda Takahiro Piano Competition (1997); 2nd Prize at G. Gandolfi International Piano Competition (Parma, Italy 1999).

Opera and concerts that Nozomu Takahashi saw in Europe for 4 years covers 550 times. In addition to four recitals at the Saxony State Dresden Music College Hall, the C.M.v. Weber museum near Dresden (the house which composed the opera "Mahjir no Mahon"), R. Schumann House (Zwickau) of the Zwickau , Saxony State Medical Center Hall Chamber Music Hall, Polish Wroclaw Music Academy Hall etc and returned to Japan in 2002.

Nozomu Takahashi returned to Japan in 2002. Since 2003, he has started the recital series Chichibu historical and cultural lore Museum, in both venues of Chichibu Myuzuku concert hall. In 2004 he was invited to regular performances at Uchinomiya Symphony Orchestra as well as regular recital at Chichibu City History Culture Tradition Hall, recital at Chichibu Muse Park Music Palette, recital at Tokyo Opera City, Orange Quartet (piano quartet) regular performances co-starring Sergei Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2. In 2005, he performed at Fujioka City Talisman Hall, Matsuyama City Hall, Mitaka City Art and Culture Center, Musashino Citizens' Culture Center, Konosu City Cultural Center etc and gained popularity with "musical friends" magazines. In 2006, he layed at Fukuroi Municipal Hall, Yufuin SEI Hall, Konosu City Cultural Center, Kazusa Arc, Chichibu Muse Park Music Festival, Forest Cultural Center in Miri Town Ruins, Ohime Hiishori Town etc.

In 2007, Nozomu Takahashi performed full-length concerts of J.S. Bach's Well-Tempered-Clavier, Book I (BWV 846-869) in Tokyo, Chichibu, "filled with the flow of songs that are wonderfully musical, supported by deep empathy from the inner world, and the modern piano and Bach Keyboard of the era Keyboard articulations that often discriminate functions from musical instruments, performances that are pierced by phasing. At the way to the end, I put myself under Bach and from the performance which tells the work without excess or deficiency, the composer proceeds to write the song We also saw the trajectory of maturity achieved by us and brought overwhelming impression with the last fugue of the 24th minor period "(Takuo Ikeda) and got a favorable reception. In addition, he has given in Chichibu city W.A. Mozart programme, L.v. Beethoven programme, Robert Schumann programm, Frédéric Chopin programm, Schubert programm, J.S. Bach and 20th century works, and recital series of chamber music by Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, etc. In 2008, he performed a NHK-FM masterpiece recital appearance, a 14th recital at Chichibu city historical culture tradition pavilion, a solo album CD recording (ALM-Record), a concert organized by Spica with Mr. Yuko Hoda at the JT Hall, Recital at Yokose Music Festival, Performance of Watase Forest and Midori Music Festival, recital series by All Chopin at Chichibu Muse Park Music Festival, 15th Commemorative Recital. In 2009, recital in Genealogy's Hall, recital of Debussy's works, J.S. Bach's Partitas recital in Chichibu City, Sendai Classic, Kawaguchiko Music Festival, Spica Concert, Chichibu Citizen Music Festival, Kawagoe Municipal Hall Recital and so on.

In 2010, Nozomu Takahashi formed Trio Nevensonnen with Seppo Kimanen and Yoshiko Arai. Performance and CD recording of Schubert by Trio Nevensonnen (Accustika) at the 20th Memorial Memorial Recital in Chichibu City, Kita Kyushu, Tokyo, Chichibu, Kioi Sinfonietta Tokyo at Mozart Music Festival and W.A. Mozart's Piano Concerto K. 413, debuted in W.A. Mozart's piano concerto K.413 at the Tokyo Wieel Ensemble, debuted in the Kauniainen Music Festival in Finland, in addition to Schubert's concert by Trio-Nevensonnen, in Kawaguchiko Round Hole, Chichibu Perform a concert of L.v. Beethoven's piano and trio by Trio Nevensonnen. In 2011, L.v. Beethoven's piano trio by Trio Nebensonnen in Kitakyushu, Tokyo, a recital by art education planning at Toppan Hall, regular quartet Espoir performances in Otemachirasato Town, recital in Chichibu city From the 23rd to 25th series of the series, the performances hosted by Epsazar, performances presided over by Misagiya Music Palace, music and watching sessions at elementary and junior high schools, and educational lecture meetings.

In 2012, Nozomu Takahashi performed in the Quartet Espoir 10th anniversary, the piano duo "Rontano" performance with Kenji Ito (Chichibu, Tokyo, Hiroshima) and the Royal Ballet Principal "Arena Cojokar Dream Project", World Ballet Festival Co-star with Paris Opera Grande Etoile etc in Val, Sonata City's 1st and 2nd recital, Sonata full concert for Beethoven's piano and violin with Atef Halim, recital series in Chichibu From the 26th to the 28th etc. were done. In 2013, Sonato Hallim in Suginami Kōkyu, Sonata full song concert for L.v. Beethoven's piano and violin works (all three times), Chichibu recital series 29th and 30th, Sakado series 3rd and 4th Chamber music with ensemble Virtuoso Koto national members, piano duo with Kanaka Ito "Ronthano" Tokyo, Hiroshima performance etc. are scheduled.

Nozomu Takahashi also gives concerts at elementary and junior high schools "Let's listen to the piano" and lecture meetings have been held 26 times in 18 schools since 2004.

Nozomu Takahashi has also co-operated with Yoshiko Karasawa - soprano, Yoshiko Makoto, Yuko Hoda - mezzo-soprano, Yasushi Wada - chromatic harmonica player, Atsushi Akasaka - clarinet player, Akio Miya - the second term conference, Mikiko Sonoda, Masahana Matsuyama, Kyoko Shinada, Yoshiko Arai, A Harim, C Siem, cello player L. Claret, S. Kimanen , Hegumu player Ha Myung-sse, and others.

Nozomu Takahashi currently lives in Chichibu city.

Source: Nozomu Takahashi Website (December 2012), English translation by Aryeh Oron (November 2016); Photo 01: Yukio Kojima
Contributed by Aryeh Oron (November 2016)

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