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Helga Schauerte (Organ)

Born: March 8, 1957 - Lennestadt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The German organist, Helga Elisabeth Schauerte- Maubouet received her BA (Abitur) from St Franziskusschule, Olpe in 1976. She passed the State examinations in Philosophy & Pedagogy at the University of Cologne in 1982, Music & Artistic Maturity in 1982, Organ Playing in 1985 at the Musikhochschule, Cologne (teacher: Viktor Lukas). She also studied at the Conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison, France in 1983.

Helga Schauerte made her first public appearance as organist, aged 10. She was chief organist, at the local parish church, aged 13. In 1982 she became organist of the German Lutheran Church in Paris. She has given recitals, lectures, master-classes, in Europe and the USA, including Royal Academy of Music (London), University of Michigan (USA). She gave radio performances, in West Germany & France. Her concerts include: performance of the integral of Jehan Alain's organ works in Paris in 1986; 1st performance of Jean Langlais' organ works, BACH, & Miniature II and Mort et Resurrection. She is also teacher at the Paris Conservatory Nadia et Lili Boulanger, and jury member for international organ competitions. In 2006 she founded a Bach-organ-academy in Pontaumur.

Helga Schauerte has recorded some thirty albums, including the complete organ works of Jehan Alain and Dietrich Buxtehude; portraits of Johann Heinrich Buttstett, Michel Corrette, Max Reger, Boëllmann, Théodore Dubois and Langlais, Francis Poulenc Organ Concerto; Works of Vierne, Marcel Dupré, J.S. Bach, Gottfried August Homilius, Johann Gottfried Walther, Johann Christian Kittel, Kellner, Andreas Armsdorff, Johann Gottfried Müthel. She is now in a process of recording the complete organ works of J.S. Bach.

Helga Schauerte is the author of the first book in the German language on Jehan Alainís music, she has discovered and acquired some forty of this composerís musical autographs. She has been engaged by Bärenreiter to contribute to the new edition of MGG, to write on French organ music subjects in the Handbuch Orgelmusik, and to publish scholarly-critical editions of the complete organ works of Léon Boëllmann, Théodore Dubois and Louis Vierne as well as of vocal music of Marc-Antoine Charpentier. She contributed articles to Ars Organi, Organists Review, The American Organist L'Orgue. She has also composed French Noël and German carol-settings for other instruments and organ published by Merseburger-Verlag.

Through her concert tours, radio recordings and CD's, as well as her musicological research, Helga Schauerte has within a few years become one of the outstanding musicians of her generation. In 1987 she received the cultural prize of Olpe, Germany. Since 1990 her biography has been included in the International Whoís Who in Music, and she has been selected to figure in 2000 Outstanding Musicians of the 20th Century.

Helga Schauerte married Philippe Maubouet on July 22, 1988. Her hobbies are mountain walking, reading and swimming.

Helga Schauerte at the age of ten at the historical organ in Lennestadt-Kirchveischede (1st photo as organist) [9]

Helga Schauerte at the Festival Bach in Saint Donat (France) in 1977 [1]

Helga Schauerte at the festival Bach in Saint Donat, France, in 1977 [2]

Helga Schauerte, 1983, portrait by Benno Heimes [3]

Helga Schauerte at the organ of the German church in Paris in 1984 [4]

Helga Schauerte, 1990 (Photo Philippe Maubouet) [5]

Helga Schauerte at the German Church, c1990 [7]

Helga Schauerte in Campagne, c1990 [8]

Helga Schauerte at the organ in Passau cathedral, 1995 [6]

Helga Schauerte, 2004 [10]

Helga Schauerte at the Bach-Organ in Pontaumur, France, 2008 (Phtoto taken by Michel Sinic) [11]

Helga Schauerte [12]

Recordings & Publications

Source: International Who's Who in Music & Musicians' Directory (13th Edition, 1992/93); The Artist (January 2009, May 2012):
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2009); Helga Schauerte (January 2009, May 2012)

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