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Simon Oberst (Baritone)

Born: Cambridge, England

The English baritone, Simon Oberst, Eton College in Windsor, Berkshire (1970-1975). He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degrree in History with Honors from Trinity College, Cambridge (1976--1979).

Simon Oberst is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and began his career in the City with firms which are now KPMG and PwC. After moving into the charity sector, he spent six years (2005-2011) with Macmillan Cancer Support as Head of Internal Audit and Organisation Review (February 2005-February 2008) and Director of Improving Cancer Services (February 2008-May 2011), which was a strategic role interacting with the NHS and the Department of Health. He specialised in the taxation of international companies and high net worth individuals. His current role (since October 2011) is Director of Clinical Development of the Cambridge Cancer Centre, working with colleagues within Cambridge University Hospitals and the CRUK Cambridge Institute on the Strategic Cancer Plan for Cambridge which embraces cancer biology, translational research and clinical excellence, and in particular plans for capital development of a new Cancer Treatment Centre on the Addenbrooke’s site.

In his spare time Simon Oberst moonlights as a semi-professional singer. After graduating as a choral scholar from Trinity College, he has been a member of the City of London Choir (Director: Hilary Davan Wetton) and of the Monteverdi Choir (Director: John Eliot Gardiner), for many years, and particpated in the latter Bach Cantata Pilgrimage in 2000. He currently lives in Cambridge, England. In 2013, he got engaged to Ursula Bambuch.

Source: Cambridge Biomedical Campu Website; Simon Oberst profiles on Facebook & LinkedIn
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2016)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




John Eliot Gardiner


Member of Monteverdi Choir:
C-5 (1998):
BWV 16 [1st], BWV 98 1st], BWV 139 1st]
BCP Vol. 4: CD-2:
BWV 186, BWV 107, BWV 187
BCP Vol. 5: CD-1:
BWV 178, BWV 136, BWV 45
BCP Vol. 7: CD-2:
BWV 50, BWV 130, BWV 19, BWV 149
BCP Vol. 8: CD-1:
BWV 138, BWV 99, BWV 100
BCP Vol. 19: CD-1:
BWV 155, BWV 3, BWV 13; CD-2: BWV 26, BWV 81, BWV 14; BWV 227
BCP Vol. 20: CD-1:
BWV 144, BWV 84, BWV 92
BCP Vol. 21: CD-2: BWV 182, BWV 1
BCP Vol. 23: CD-2:
BWV 104, BWV 85, BWV 112
BCP Feast of Purification of Mary:
BWV 83, BWV 125

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