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Alexander Frauchi (Guitar)

Born: January 4, 1954 - Rostov-Veliky, Yaroslavl Region, USSR

The Russian guitarist and teacher, Alexander (Aleksandr Kamillovich) Frauchi [Frautchi], studied violin with father. He then srudied with N.I. Ivnova-Kramskaya at the Moscow Conservatory High Music School from 1969 to 1973; with V.M. Derum at the Musorgsky Conservatory in Sverdlovsk from 1974 to 1979. He received Concert Performer and Pedagogue diplomas.

Alexander Frauchi made his debut at the Moscow Conservatory in 1978, and abroad in Esztergom, Hungary in 1983. He has numerous performances in Russia and from 1983 has made many tours tours, juries, worldwide including France, UK, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany (9 times), Belgium, Turkey, Greece, USA, Poland, Cuba. He serves as Artistic Director of the International Guitar Festival Alexander Frautchi Invites to Russia.

Alexander Frauchi has made many recordings for the Russian radio and TV; His recordings include the LP "Alexander Frauchi" (with J.S. Bach's Chaconne from Panita No.2 for violin solo, Prelude for Lute, Prelude and Fugue from Suite for Lute; Scarlatti's Sonata for Harpsichord in C minor; Paganinni's Gd Sonata, Violin, Guitar; Sor's Variations on Mozart's Enchanted Flute; Melodiya C10-17193-94, 1981); "Alexander Frauchi plays Nikita Koshkin" (The Porcelain Tower Usher-Waltz, The Prince's Toys, Guitar, Russian Disc CD, 1991).

Currently (1992) Alexander Frauchi is Senior Lecturer at the Gnesins Musical Education Institute in Moscow, and is President of the Classical Guitar Association, USSR. His publications include Introductory article in The Long Life of the Guitar (Chernassay, 1991); Collaborator to Chanterelle Music Publications. Contributor to: Interviews, specialist magazines such as: Gitarre und Laute Guitar; Guitar International; Classical Guitar.

Honours: 1st Prize at All-Russia Guitarists Competition in Leningrad in 1979; 1st Prize at Leo Brouwer International Guitar Competition in Havana in 1986; Special Prize for best interpretation of Leo Brouwer's works; Special Prize, Radio-France.

Source: International Who's Who in Music & International Directory (13th Edition, 1992/93)
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Aryeh Oron (July 2008)

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