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Paul Dombrecht (Conductor, Oboe)

Born: 1948 - Ostend, Belgium

The Belgian (Flemish) oboist and conductor, Paul Dombrecht, is the son of Stefaan Dombrecht, who was organist at Oostende.

Paul Dombrecht performs the oboe on period instruments as well as the modern oboe. He is a much sought-after soloist all over Europe, who plays frequently with other prominent musicians and Baroque orchestras. Along with his profound knowledge of early music, he is also a virtuoso on the modern oboe, performing the complete repertoire for the instrument, including the 19th and 20th centuries.

In addition to being an oboist, Paul Dombrecht is active as conductor and artistic director of the Baroque orchestra (and choir) Il Fondamento, which he formed in 1989, the wind ensemble Octophoros and the Paul Dombrecht Consort. As a musical director of these ensembles he advocates as intuitive and honest musical approach. As a conductor, he performs works ranging from chamber music to large-scale productions and opera.

Few Flemish woodwind players are so renowned as Paul Dombrecht, whose name is well-known to all budding oboists. But Paul Dombrecht did not only win his spurs as a teacher and virtuoso on the modern oboe; he particularly owes his great reputation to his being a pioneer of the authentic execution. His lively interest in forgotten, little-known, or rarely played scores is most striking.

Paul Dombrecht has an extensive discography with recordings made for the music labels Seon, Harmonia Mundi, Astrée, Opus 111, Accent, Vanguard, Passacaille and Fuga Libera.

Paul Dombrecht is a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and regularly teaches master-classes all over the world.


Source: Adele Sánchez Website; Il Fondamento Website; Wikipedia Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2001, June 2008)

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