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Frieder Bernius (Conductor)

Born: 1947 - Germany

Three dates mark important events in the artistic career of Frieder Bernius. In 1968 he founded the Kammerchor Stuttgart (Chamber Choir of Stuttgart) with the intention of raising the a cappella choir music to the level of professional orchestral music.

Since 1977 Frieder Bernius has collaborated with leading orchestras in order to reach an acoustical balance between the vocal and instrumental parts in the choral-symphonic literarture. In this respect he does not restrict his work exclusively to any musical period.

In 1985/1987 at his initiative, the Barockorchester Stuttgart (Baroque Orchestra of Stuttgart) and the Internationale Festtage Alter Musik Stuttgart (International Festival of Ancient Music Stuttgart) were founded. Both of these institutions are meant to foster a stronger interest in the authentic performance practice of 17th and 18th -century music.

Frieder Bernius' great success in Germany and abroad encouraged him to proceed in this style of interpretation. With the Kammerchor Stuttgart he won prizes at several international competitions. He received invitations from all over the world and made, for example, a tour of the Far East in 1988 and of the USA in 1989. He is a guest conductor at all Germany and in many European radio stations and conducts his ensembles at many important musical festivals.

Many of Frieder Bernius' recordings, which now amount to over 40, have been awarded the Vierteljahrespreis der Deutchen Shallplattenkritik (Quarterly Award of the German Record Critics) and the Prädikat des Deutchen Shallplattenpreises (Predicate of the German Record Prize). In May 1990 he received the Edison Prize (Holland) for his recording of Symphoniae Sacrare III by Heinrich Schütz with the Musica Fiata Köln. In November of the same year he won the Diapason d'or (France) for his recording of of the 'Missa Dei Filii' by Jan Dismas Zelenka with the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

Frieder Bernius has been on contract with Sony Classical since 1989. In the field of authentic performance practices he also works with ensembles othe than the Stuttgart groups, for example with the Musica Fiata Köln, La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy, Paris and Tafelmusic from Toronto.

Source: Liner notes to Sony Classical CD SK-45859 (Motets - conducted by Bernius, 1990); Ruud Janssen (February 2006)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2001)

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