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Capricornus Consort Basel (Baroque Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 2006 - Basel, Switzerland

Since its founmdation in 2006, the Capricornus Consort Basel is dedicated to the historical-music period of the composer Samuel Capricornus (1628-1665) and his contemporaries - the performance of rare and solo works from the Baroque and High Baroque.

The first violinist, founder and artistic director Péter Barczi gathered around him a group of musicians; their mutual artistic bonding usually immediate friendships from their study at the prestigious university for research and dissemination of historical music, the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Ther musical cohesion charcterise the members of Capricornus Consort Basel but not least in the ongoing compliance as regards the requirements for interpreters in dealing with early music. The ensemble's repertoire is still significant in a tradition that leaves some of the most essential components of music unlisted, and in contrast to larger occupied or developed later works a musical the enforcement of standardization neither wishes nor allowed. This clears the way for the most wonderful harmony in a special measure on the associated expression will own musical personalities seems to lead.

The Capricornus Consort Basel can look back on invitations from renowned festivals and has particularly attracted the attention of the international press with its CD recordings. A recording in the field of early German Baroque (2011, with Franz Vitzthum, counter-tenor) and monographs on the work of Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (2012) and Christoph Graupner (2014) reaped great praise from the critics. of all rehearsed for the label Christophorus. The latter CD (2014, with Miriam Feuersinger, soprano) won the prize of the Deutschen Schallplattenkritik with an entry in the top list February 2014 excellent.

The Capricornus Consort Basel continues its series of world premiere recordings continued with a complete recording of the Sinfonie da Chiesa by Francesco Onofrio Manfredini (2014).


Péter Barczi, Eva Borhi (Baroque Violins)
Matthias Jäggi (Baroque Viola)
Daniel Rosin-(Baroque Cello)
Silvia Tecardi (Viola da gamba)
Michael Bürgin-(Violone)
Julian Behr (Theorbe)
David Blunden (Organ/Harpsichord)

Source: Capricornus Consort Basel WebsiteEnglish translation by Aryeh Oron (August 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2016)

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