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Aachener Bachverein (Choir)

Founded: 1813 - Aachen, Germany

The Aachener Bachverein (= ABV), was founded in 1913 by Heinrich Boell as an oratorio choir of the Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Aachen. The ABV consists of about 90 active members of all denominations and is considered as one of the most steeped in tradition art organisations of this region. Continuity and quality mark its contribution as "Klangkörper der Kaiserstadt Aachen".

The ABV performs regularly the works of J.S. Bach and beyond that feels also obligated to the choral repertoire from the early Baroque to the present. As choir of the Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde, the ABV performs church music in the Annakirche, built in 1748 by Johann Joseph Couven. In this church chamber music and orchestral concerts also take place, as well as organ concerts on the 1994 built Weimbs organ (34, III/P). Annually, from November until December, the ABV participates in the Aachener Bachtage and performs music with artistic emphasis.

The Kammerchor Aachener Bachverein, with its about 30 active singers, performs fastidious works of all epochs after short intensive rehearsals. In addition concert tours and broadcast recordings are taken regularly. A characteristic of both choirs is the rendition of Baroque and Classical works in historical performance practice (HIP) in co-operation with instrumental ensembles and internationally renowned orchestras. The ABV and the Kammerchor accept experienced and engaged choir singers at the beginning of a rehearsal phase.

Among former Directors of the ABV were Rudolf Mauersberger and Erhard Mauersberger, Hans Klotz, Hans Hulverscheidt, Johannes Geffert, and Heribert Breuer. The ABV and the Kammerchor of ABV were directed since 1983 by Wolfgang Karius. In July 2008 he was succeeded by Georg Hage.

Source: Aachener Bachverein Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (May 2005); Photos: G. Löhrer, Köln (Grosserchor), Thomas Wittkemper, Leonberg (Kammerchor), G. Löhrer, Köln (Chorfoto)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2005, October 2010)

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