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Ramat-Gan Chamber Orchestra (Chamber Orchestra)

Founded: Ramat-Gan, Israel

Ramat-Gan Chamber Orchestra (= RGCO) or Israel Chamber Orchestra Ramat-Gan (= ICOR) was founded in 1955 by conductor Michael Taube and was the first of its kind in Israel. Immediately upon its founding Taube turned to Paul Ben-Haim and asked to write a work suitable for the new band. Ben Haim agreed to the request and in 1956 composed Music for Strings, with five movements based on a single subject. The same year the RGCO also played the works of Alexander Uriah Boscovich, Six pieces for teenagers, arranged for the orchestra.

In 1957 the RGCO premiered his Visions by Eden Partosh, conducted by Michael Taube and Hanoch Tel-Oren, flute. That year Michael Taube also invited from Partosh a work for flute, piano and string orchestra, based in the Yemeni themes. In 1958, the RGCO performed Ode Music by Eden Partosh in symphonic arrangement, conducted by Gary Bertini with Uzi Wiesel cello solo. In its first performance the work was played by Eden Partosh, viola and Ilona Vincze, piano.

In 1978 Hanoch Jacoby wrote for the RGCO a new version of the work, David had a Violin, composed originally in honour of the declaration of the State of Independence in 1948. The piece was originally written for viola and piano and was arranged for viola and string orchestra. Soloist in this concert was Zeev teinberg. Earlier, in 1959, the orchestra, conducted by Michael Taube, premiered Partita Israeliana by Jacobi. Numerous well known artists have performed with the ICOR: conductors Gary Bertini, Ealiyahu Inbal, Shalom Ronli-Riklis, Sigi Stadermann and Hanna Tzur, flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal, harpsichordist Jochewed Schwarz and others. The RGCO is known for its outstanding programmes and performances, and various music festivals frequently invite the orchestra. In its support of contemporary Israeli music the RGCO regularly performs new works by prominent Israeli composers.

Between 1960 and 1967, Sergiu Comissiona was Musical Director the RGCO. In 1996, the Isreali conductor Aviv Ron was appointed Musical Director. The RGCO appears in various venues in the city, among other things, the Russell Cultural Center and Ramat Gan Theatre. In addition to its subscription series in Ramat-Gan the RGCO gives family concerts throughout the country which are greeted by an enthusiastic young audience.In 2005, the RGCO celebrated its 50th Anniversary and continues its extensive operations in different areas of music, among others, musical programmess for children and youth. The RGCO, which consists of twenty permanent string players, is integrated into the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Ramat-Gan.

Musical Directors

Michael Taube (1955-1960)
Sergiu Comissiona (1960-1967)
Aviv Ron (1996-Present)

Source: Hebrew Wikipedia Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (February 2016); Israel Chamber Orchestra Ramat-Gan Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2016)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Shalom Ronli-Riklis


BWV 82 [sung in Hebrew, w/ bass-baritone William Wolff]

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