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Choral Arts Philadelphia (Choir)

Folunded: 1982 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Making music since 1982, Choral Arts Philadelphia actively participates in the region’s musical community by celebrating the talents of our local professional and amateur musicians. As Philadelphia’s premier chamber chorus, Choral Arts Philadelphia presents concert experiences that delight and engage the community as well as contribute to their appreciation of the repertoire. Choral Arts Philadelphia is committed to musical excellence, historically informed performance practices, and furthering the great tradition of choral music.

Since 2013, Choral Arts Philadelphia and The Bach Festival of Philadelphia have presented Bach@7 Cantata Series, a midweek early evening Bach Cantata series.

Under the tenure of its first artistic director, Sean Deibler, the chorus regularly partnered with the Philadelphia Orchestra in concert and on recordings. Since then, Choral Arts Philadelphia has built a significant reputation and artistic presence in Philadelphia and has maintained a particularly strong commitment to exploring areas of the choral repertoire outside of the central canon. Deibler's successor, Donald Nally, added greatly to the chorus’s local and national successes that culminated in receiving the Margaret Hillis Award for Choral Excellence from Chorus America and Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly award during its 20th anniversary season. Under the artistic direction of Matthew Glandorf since 2007, Choral Arts Philadelphia has continued to build its reputation as a premiere early music choir. In its distinguished 32-year history, the choir has performed nearly 300 works by more than 100 composers.

Choral Arts is a semi-professional chorus, which means that most of our members are volunteer, avocational singers, who nonetheless maintain a high level of vocal artistry. The family of singers is supported by a professional core of eight vocalists. Over the past decade, Choral Arts Philadelphia has evolved from a symphonic chorus to a chamber-size chorus in response to the needs of our repertoire, and in order to cultivate and offer the highest level of performance quality.

Musical Directors

Sean Matthew Deibler (1982-1997)
Donald Nally (1998-2002)
Matthew Glandorf (2007-Present)

Members of Cappella Amsterdam:





Jessica Beebe*
Karen Fung Dante
Susannah Edmonds
Patricia Fisher
Lucy Guida
Rebecca Myers Hoke*
Leslie Johnson*
Kyle Leigh Carney*
Allyson Lieberman
Caroline Lively
Patti McLaughlin
Ellen H. O'Brien
Ashley Robb-Crockett
Jenna Rosania
Clara Rottsolk*
Audrey Simmons
Meredith Quirin Waldron

Sharene Azimi
Robin Bier*
Bryan DeSilva*
Maja Lisa Forsnes
Lucy Harlow
Amey Hutchins
Inna Lobanova-Heasley
Victoria McManus
Maren Montalbano*
Jodi Nieman
Jenifer L. Smith*
Katia Strieck
Nina Zhu

Jon Cronin
Frank DiTraglia
Robert Eisentrout*
Glenn C. Ferguson
Aaron Freeman
Nathan Gibney
Donald Grasberger
Chris Hodson*
Nickolas Karageorgiou*
Mark Mummert*
Nico Osborne
Bryan Park
Ohmny Romero
Judd A. Serotta
Dylan J. Steinberg
Steven Williamson*

Thomas Alton
Geoffrey Becker
Jean Bernard Cerin*
William Dowling
Steven Eddy*
Peter Gulia
Donald Hunt
Chiduzie Matubata
Michael Meloy
Dave Mosteller
David Nolan
Ryan Scheaffer
Tim Schellenberg
Ryan Tibbetts*

* - professional core singer

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Source: Choral Arts Philadelphgia Website & Facebook profile
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2016)

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