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Netherlands Bach Collegium (Baroque Orchestra)

Founded: The Netherlands

Netherlands Bach Collegium (= NBC) consists of the finest baroque specialists in Europe. With Pieter Jan Leusink conducting, the orchestra made many CD recordings, which got favourable reviews by both national and international music critics. The long experience in concert and recording practice of the various musicians with regard to Baroque music, in partucular J.S. Bach's compositions, guarantee a characteristic performance, marked by a great sense of authencity. Their recording of the complete Bach Church Cantatas cycle under the baton of Pieter Jan Leusink for Brilliant Classics, got an extra dimension by the integral use of period instriments.

Members of Netherlands Bach Collegium:

Violins: Pieter Affourtit, Rachel Beesley, Elin Eriksson, Annabelle Ferdinand, Laura Johnson, Antoinette Lohmann, John Wilson Meyer [Concert-master], Mimi Michell, Alida Schat
Violas: Örsze Adam, Marten Boeken, Simon Murphy, Jan Willem Vis
Violoncellos: Bas van Hengel, Frank Wakelkamp
Double-basses: Robert Franenberg, Jan Hollestelle, Maggie Urquhart,
Transverse Flutes: Frederique Chauvert, Doretthe Janssens, Oeds van Middlekoop, Marion Moonen
Oboes: Vincent van Ballegooien, Peter Frankenberg, Ofer Frenkel, Nico de Gier, Kristin Linde, Diego Nadra, Riekie Puenbroek, Fernando Souza, Eduard Wesley
Bassoons: Norbert Kunst, Trudy van der Wulp
Natural Horns: Erwin Wieringa, Teunis van der Zwart
Natural Trumpets: Susan Williams, William Wroth, Frank Anepool, Geerten Rooze, Hendrik Jan Houtsma
Timpani: Frank Aarnink
Organ: Vaughan Schlepp, Stephen Taylor, Rien Voskuilen

Source: Liner notes to the 60-CD set of Complete Bach Church Cantatas conducted by Pieter Jan Leusink (Brilliant Classics, 1999-2000)
Contributed by Aryeh Oron (June 2001)

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