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Orquestra Divino Sospiro (Baroque Orchestra)

Founded: 2004 - Lisbon, Portugal

Orquestra Divino Sospiro (= ODS), the Baroque orchestra founded by the Italian musician, Massimo Mazzeo, was born of the collaboration of gifted musicians and friends living and working in Portugal. During the time it has gained a reputation for having the highest standards in Early Music interpretation.

ODS’s musicians have worked with a panorama of international names including Enrico Onofri, Chiara Banchini, Rinaldo Alessandrini. ODS adheres rigorously to the finest stylistic and aesthetic principals of the Baroque period and presents a repertoire whose composers represent the best artistic output of the period. The group has an impressive list of performances to its name including an appearance with the “2003 Folle Journée” in Lisbon which presented some of the biggest names in the Baroque music world under the heading “Italian Baroque: From Monteverdi to Vivaldi”. They also recently completed a tour to Italy that was received with enthusiasm by public and critics alike. ODS received invitations from prestigious festivals like the Mafra Festival, International Music Festival Varna (2007), Ancient Music Encounters of Loulé, Festival d’Ile de France and from the famous Festival d'Ambronay (2011), where the ODS was the first Portuguese orchestra .

The next activities include the recording of a CD with Portuguese Music for the Decca Company and invitations to France, Spain and Japan.

ODS is actively involved in promoting the pedagogical and musical education of music of the Baroque period and recently sponsored master classes given by the eminent Baroque violinists Chiara Banchini and Enrico Onofri in collaboration with the Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional (Music School of the National Conservatory) and the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon. Activities reforced with master-classes of Rinaldo Alessandrini in November 2005 and with Enrico Onofri and Christophe Coin in 2006.

ODS’s reputation has brought with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the Baroque music world’s most important artists. Since its formation it has appeared with conductors such as Rinaldo Alessandrini, Chiara Banchini, Alfredo Bernardini, Enrico Onofri and Christophe Coin among others.

ODS is currently the baroque orchestra in residence at the Centro Cultural de Belém (Belém Cultural Center) in Lisbon and is regularly conducted by the Italian conductor Enrico Onofri, the principal director of the Divino Sospiro.

Members of Orquestra Divino Sospiro:

Principal Conductor: Enrico Onofri
Artistic Director: Massimo Mazzeo
Concertinos: Paolo Cantamessa, Alessandro Tampieri, Iskrena Yordanova
Violins: Bárbara Barros, Sabela Garcia Fonte, Nuno Mendes
Viola and Viola d'Amore: Massimo Mazzeo
Cello: Filipe Quaresma
Violone and Double-bass:: Duncan Fox, Marta Vicente
Baroque Oboe: Pedro Castro, Ricardo Lopes
Baroque Bassoon: Carolino Carreira
Baroque Trumpet: António Quítalo
Harpischord: Miguel Jalôto

Source: Orquestra Divino Sospiro Website; Photo 01: Júlio Sousa
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2015)

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