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Cia. Bachiana Brasileira (Choir & Orchestra)

Founded: 1999 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The artistic body of the Sociedade Musical Bachiana Brasileira (= SMBB), Cia. Bachiana Brasileira(= CBB), was founded in 1999 setting the expression of an attitude whose aesthetic consequences are its goal and its main differential. Since then, the ensemble has developed projects with repertoire, casting and performance time set for each production, seeking a disciplined and persevering way, a unique sound in the execution of concert music, local and foreign. The direction and regency of CBB are of its founder, also creator of SMBB, maestro Ricardo Rocha.

The high standard of quality with which performs the colonial Brazilian and European Baroque to contemporary music explains the unique position that the CBB occupies today in the Brazilian music scene, as evidenced by the 1º Prêmio de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (1st State Culture Award Rio de Janeiro) it recently received.

Radio and Television: Since 2001, the productions of the CBB orchestra, choir and soloists, have been recorded live at the Sala Cecília Meireles and transmitted locally by Rádio MEC and for the whole country, through the " A Grande Música " of TV Brazil. Recordings (CD's and DVD's): Besides "Brasil a Quatro Vozes" (1999) and "Tributo a Bach" (2001), they also published "Dois Séculos de MBC - Música Brasileira de Concerto" (2004), the 2-CD "Painel da Brasilidade na Música de Concerto" (2005 ) and "Obras raras na Música Brasileira de Concerto" (2006), with selected recordings from the annual series "Selo Musical" at the Centro Cultural Correios, focused on the dissemination of Brazilian music of all time. In 2007 they released the DVD "Quadros de uma Alma Brasileira", with chamber choruses by Heitor Villa-Lobos, recorded in live performance at the Sala Cecilia Meireles. In 2008 they recorded the CD "Réquiem de Marcos Portugal", celebrating the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the royal family to Brazil, and the DVD of "Motetos de Bach" was launched in early 2009.

Tour to Asia: In October 2009, the CBB orchestra performed in Hanoi and Singapore at the invitation of the Cultural Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Heitor Villa-Lobos.

Members of Cia. Bachiana Brasileira Choir:





Lilian Assumpção
Thalia Calcavecchia Vianna Ana Cecilia
Anne Duque Estrada
Rita Medeiros
Laila Oazem
Renée de Oliveira
Rebeca Pinheiro
Fátima Santana
Lúcia Viegas

Fernanda Banus
Maria Helena Nunes, Milena Sales de Barros
Katia Simone
Lena Westberg

Sandro Assumpção
Ueslei Banus
icardo Sá e Benevides
Ricardo Xavier

Antonio Cerdeira
Augusto Di Giorgio
Bruno Montenegro
Eustáquio dos Santos
Wanderley Souza

Members of Cia. Bachiana Brasileira Orchestra:

Violins: Angelo Dell'Orto, Marluce Ferreira, Catherine Hazan, Carmela Mattos Andréa Moniz, Ana Maria Oliveira, Daniel Passuni, Ivan Quintana
Violas: Deborah Cheyne, Francisco Pestana, Sávio Santoro
Violoncellos: Marcelo Salles, Paulo Santoro, Ricardo Santoro
Double-bass: Antonio Arzolla
Flutes: Marcelo Bomfim, Helder Teixeira
Oboes: Harold Emert, Francisco Gonçalves [also English Horn]
Bassoon: Ariane Petri
Trumpets: David Alves, Vinicius Lugon, Flávio Melo
Timpani: Lino Hoffmann
Harpsichord & Organ (keyboard): Elisa Wiermann

Source: Cia. Bachiana Brasileira Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (January 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2016)

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