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Paulin Bündgen (Counter-tenor)

Born: 1977 - Lyon, France

The French counter-tenor, Paulin Bündgen, graduated from the Lyons Conservatoire (CNSM) and went on to study with Marie-Claude Vallin, Dominique Vellard and Isabelle Eschenbrenner.

Paulin Bündgen has worked with the Baroque orchestra Les Agrémens and the ensembles Doulce Mémoire (Denis Raisin-Dadre), La Fenice (Jean Tubéry), les Jardins de Courtoisie (Anne Delafosse-Quentin), Gli Angeli Genève (Stephan MacLeod), l'ensemble William Byrd (Graham O'Reilly), le Concert Spirituel (Hervé Niquet), Akadémia (Françoise Lasserre), les Paladins (Jérôme Corréas), le Concert de l'Hostel-Dieu (Franck-Emmanuel Comte), Elyma (Gabriel Garrido), Vox Luminis (Lionel Meunier) and Clément Janequin (Dominique Visse).

Paulin Bündgen has appeared at many festivals, including Ambronay, la Chaise-Dieu, Beaune, Lyons, Uzès, Monaco, Bach Festival Lausanne, Julita (Sweden), Utrecht (Netherlands), the Flanders Festival in Antwerpen (Belgium), Warsow (Polland), Torroella (Spain), and at prestigious venues in Paris (Cité de la Musique, Salle Gaveau, Châtelet Theatre), Metz (Arsenal), Lyon (Opéra National), Bilbao (Teatro Arriaga), Rouen (Opéra), Geneva (Théâtre du Loup), Namur (Théâtre Royal) and so on. He has sung in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, the Nehterlands, Portugal, USA (Florida), Belgium and Spain.

Paulin Bündgen is also very keen on contemporary music and has performed works (including first performances) by Baboni-Schiling, Nyman, Charpentier, Bryars, Charpy, Wallen... He recorded «Aux Solitudes», a CD of pieces composed for him by Jean-Philippe Goude.

In opera he has sung the title rôle in Charpentier's Actéon (conducted by Serge Saïtta), the part of Mercure in Brossard's Typhon et les Géants (conducted by Odile Edouard), Pastore alto in Monteverdi's Orfeo (conducted by Jean Tubéry) Mercurio in Landi's La Morte d'Orfeo (conducted by Françoise Lasserre), Cirilla in Cavalli's Gli Amori di Dafne e Appollo (conducted by Gabriel Garrido), and Endimione in Cavalli's la Calisto (conducted by Stephan MacLeod).

Paulin Bündgen founded the ensemble Céladon, dedicated to early music, in 1999. With this group, he recorded for Arion: Soledad tenguo de ti (Portuguese renaissance music), and Absalone (vocal works by Cazzati). He recorded for many labels: Ricercar, Ambronay, Cynfeirdd, Glossa, Zig Zag Territoires, Radio France…

Source: Patrick Depelley
Contributed by
Patrick Depelley (October 2007)

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