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Johann Martin Schubart (Bach's Pupil)

Born: March 8, 1690 - Careberg, near Ilmenau, Thuringia, Germany
Died: April 2, 1721 - Weimar, Thuringia, Germany

Johann Martin Schubart was a German organist. He studied with J.S. Bach in Mühlhausen (1707-1708), and followed him to Weimar, living there as a member of his household until 1717. When J.S. Bach left Weimar for Köthen (Anhalt) in that year, Schubart was appointed Kammermusicus and court organist in his place, at a much lower salary, but he died only four years later at the age of 31. .

In August 2006, German researchers in Weimar said they had discovered the oldest known handwritten manuscripts of J.S. Bach. The two manuscripts contain copies that J.S. Bach made of organ music composed by Dietrich Buxtehude and Johann Adam Reincken, and date from around 1700. Researchers found the documents in the archives of the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek in Weimar, where a previously unknown aria (BWV 1127) by Weimar was discovered in 2005. The library, housed in a 16th-century palace, was badly damaged by a fire in September 2004. While some 50,000 books were lost, the J.S. Bach scripts survived because they had been stored in the building's vault. Bach attached a note to the Reincken copy that confirmed he was studying at the time with the organist Georg Böhm in the north German town of Lüneburg. The manuscripts were found together with two previously unknown fantasias by Johann Pachelbel, copied by J.S. Bach's student Johann Martin Schubart. The newly discovered four tablatures found their way into the library as part of Schubart's estate.


Source: Oxford Composer Companions J.S. Bach (Editor: Malcolm Boyd, OUP, 1999); Article in The Associated Press (August 31, 2006)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2014)

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