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Johann Schneider (Composer, Bach's Pupil)

Born: July 1702 (baptised: July 17, 1702) - Oberlauter, near Coburg, Bavaria, Germany
Died: January 5, 1788 - Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

Johann Schneider was a German organist, violinist, and composerr. He was born in Oberlauter, near Coburg in Bavaria, and grew up in Saalfeld. He became a keyboard pupil of J.S. Bach's, perhaps around 1720. He also studied the violin under Johann Gottlieb Graun and Johann Graf (1684-1750).

In 1721 Johann Schneider became court organist and chief violinist at his home town of Saalfeld. From 1726 he was employed as a violinist in the Weimar court orchestra, and on December 23, 1729 he was appointed organist at the Nikolaikirche, Leipzig. Lorenz Mizler, writing in 1747 (see BDok ii, no. 565), mentions him as a fine organist, and adds: 'his preludes on the organ are of such good taste that in this field, except for Mr Bach, whose pupil he has been, there is nothing better to be heard in Leipzig' .

The possibility that Schneider is identical with the J.S. Bach pupil known as Anon 5, who made numerous copies of J.S. Bach's keyboard works under the composer's supervision between about 1720 and 1725, has been raised by Marianne Helms (see NBA V/7, Kritische Bericht, pp. 183-195).


Source: Article by Richard D.P. Jones in Malcolm Boyd (Editor): Oxford Composer Companion - J.S. Bach (Oxford University Press, 1999)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2010)

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