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Johann Wilhelm Koch (Bach's Pupil)

Born: January 31, 1704 - Buttelstedt, about 10 km north of Weimar, Thuringia, Germany
Died: November 8, 1745 - Ronneburg, Thuringia, Germany

Johann Wilhelm Koch was a Gerrman musician, singer, Kantor and schoolmaster. He sang in the court chapel at Weimar in 1720-1721, and was then director musices at the Gymnasium in Lübeck. In 1725 he marticulated at the University of Jena, and from 1731 was Kantor at Ronneburg. He studied privately with J.S. Bach in Leipzig between 1738 and 1741. J.S. Bach was godfather to J.W. Koch's daughter Johanna Helena Sophia, who was batised on September 12, 1739 (she lived less than a year), but he did not attend the ceremony as he was detained to Altenburg for the inauguration of the new organ at court. Letters to J.W. Koch from Johann Elias Bach [39] from Januaryt 10, 1739 and August 11, 1739 [38] (BDok ii, Nos 434, 438 & 455) bear witness to the close relations betwen Koch and J.S. Bach at this time. In a ltter from Septermber 28, 1739, J.S. Bach himself invited J.W. Koch and his wife to attend a performance of the Collegium musicum in Leipzig. In 1741 J.S. Bach returned a number of canons with notes on their resolution to J.W. Koch, friend of the family and godfather to one of J.S. Bach 's daughters. The accompanying letter written by J.S. Bach's nephew and then secretary, J.E. Bach thanks J.W. Koch for sending the pieces and goes on to say "There is no magic (Hexerei) involved her, as he [Bach] put it, and he has written comment on the large ones".


Source: Oxford Composer Companions J.S. Bach (Editor: Malcolm Boyd, OUP, 1999); The Bach Reader, edited by Hans T. David & Arthur Mendel (Revised edition, London, J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd., 1966); fine-print footnotes in the Bach-Dokumente
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2014); Thomas Braatz (January 2011)

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