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Vera Talerko (Soprano)

Born: Lithuania

The Lithuanian soprano, Vera Laterko, felt that singing was her mission already as a child when she was singing songs in the kindergarten with certainty and precise intonation. Since the age of 4 she was making solo performances in the vocal-instrumental group Daugaviņa (conducted by A. Rudz) as well as in music school and the trio Lastauki (conducted by T. Pimenova). Her performance made a bright occasion at each concert. After successful completion of learning at Daugavpils music school in the class of choir (led by V. Drobishevskaya), she made her final choice of profession and entered the vocal department, the class of the professionally experienced teacher and singer Regina Petkevich. Along with academic singing, she learned at the department of music theory (led by E. Daugulis). These were years of her creative formation because, apart from learning in college and general education school, she made concert tours participating in diverse musical competitions becoming a laureate and winner of grand prix several times.

The geography of her tours grew wider, from national to international, and in them Vera Talerko gained priceless experience of working on the stage and with the audience. It is no surprise that the singer could easily take examinations in the Music and Theatre Academy in Vilnius (Lithuania) in the class of opera singing (led by professor Asta Krikshchunaite). Improving her mastery in the academy, Vera continues active concert life in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Germany, Austria, Spain, etc. The singer never misses an opportunity to take a master-class with experienced European vocal pedagogues, such as Violeta Urmana (Lithuania), Adven Harry (the Royal Academy of UK), Gerda van Celm (Holland), Angela Goba (Latvia), Irina Dolzhenko (Russia), etc. Participation in international events also brings benefit (European Liedforum 2012 in Germany, ReStart 2013 in Latvia, European Liedforum 2013 in Lithuania, ReStart 2014 in Latvia, Muzikālais Aprīlis 2014 in Latvia, International festival “Sugryzimai” in Lithuania). She is fast to imbibe the needed advice and brings it to practice. Her individuality saturated by the wide range of her feelings in music has attracted attention of the director G. Scheduikis and the conductor R. Shumilo during the casting for new creative projects in Vilnius Opera “Bohemians”. During her master studies Vera Talerko successfully practices and improves her vocal skills in Vilnius Opera House, in Baltic Chamber Opera as well as Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theatre, learns scenic skills for her bright, rich creative future career.

Source: Vera Talerko Website)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (September 2015)

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