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Barockorchester Capriccio Basel (Baroque Orchestra)

Founded: 1999 - Basel, Switzerland

The Barockorchester Capriccio Basel (= BOCB) was founded in 1999 were described as "in shortest time to the point of the native baroque orchestras" (Basler Zeitung). The repertoire of the BOCB covers works of the Baroque, the classical and the early romantic periods. For the performance of works from these eras, the BOCB, playing original instruments, has developed a full of nuances and colourful sound, in the personal style shaped from dynamics, drama and fantasy.

The BOCB invests a significant part of its activities to performance of big choral works. Monteverdi's Marienvesper, the J.S. Bach's Passions, Georg Frideric Handel's oratorios, Haydn's Seasons or Elias by Felix Mendelssohn are examples of well-known works, which were performed successfully with various choirs in whole Switzerland.

The BOCB organises its own concert series in Basel (subscription) and in Zürich, to which outstanding exponent conductors and soloists of HIP are invited. Beside established stars such as Andreas Scholl, Andrew Parrott and Monica Huggett, BOCB presents also exciting new generation artists, develops unusual program concepts and experiments with new concert forms (dance and choreography).

For guest appearances in concert series festivals, the BOCB scoops from a rich repertoire of orchestral works in chamber-music-like to symphonic. Foreign tours and appearances have led the BOCB so far to Hungary and to the USA, to the international Promenadenfestspiele Burgsteinfurt, to the small Philharmonic Concert Hall Berlin and to the Glocke Bremen.

In June 2000 the BOCB won the 1st Prize in the VALIANTforum Competition for young orchestras.

The discography of the BOCB covers works of J.S. Bach, the Bach sons and Johann Bernhard Bach as well as of Henricus Albicastro.


Source: Capriccio Basel Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (February 2005)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2005)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Joachim Krause


BWV 182, BWV 232

Stephen Smith


BWV 227, BWV 236 [w/ Ensemble Corund]

Markus Teutschbein


BWV 247

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