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The Handwriting of Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach had especially distinctive and beautiful handwriting. Of course, as is true with each and every one of us, his handwriting changed as he grew older, and there are surviving examples from his late teens onward. On this page I hope eventually to display samples of his handwriting at all stages of his career.

As it turns out, in the first version of this page, I had what Lord Peter Wimsey refers to in Murder Must Advertise as a "starling in the nest." And, of course, as a soi-disant Bach specialist, I should have known better to begin with!

Joshua Rifkin was the first to call it to my attention and the distinguished specialist in the handwriting of Johann Sebastian Bach, Yo Tomita, has confirmed that the page from the Second Collection 24 Preludes and Fugues that we customarily refer to as Book Two of Das Wohltemperirtes Clavier; showing the "Prelude No. 15" is in fact, a fair copy in the hand of Anna Magdalena Bach. Here for your continued reference, since this particularly beautiful handwriting is widely reproduced, in correctly, as in fact "his" hand, is that page:

Loading 130K - wtc2p15.jpg

Now, let me provide you with genuine samples of the musical handwriting of Johann Sebastian Bach:

First, the opening page of "Gott ist mein König", BWV 71, a cantata written for the Inauguration Service for the Mühlhausen Town Council in 1708:

Loading 122K - jsbwv071.jpg

Next, the opening page of the composing (and probably also the "conducting") score of the "Coffee Cantata", BWV 211:

Loading 101K - jsbwv211.jpg

and two pages from the fair copy of the revised version of the "St. Matthew Passion", BWV 244, that is generally dated to the year 1736:

Loading 115K - jsbwv244.jpg

To be expanded...

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