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Heinz Hennig died

Johan van Veen wrote (February 6, 2002):

The German conductor Heinz Hennig, who founded the Knabenchor Hannover in
1950 and directed the choir since, has died on January 29.

Dr Hennig will be remembered for the contribution of his choir and its soloists to the recording of Bach's cantatas on Teldec. In that project he worked closely together with Gustav Leonhardt. One of the best soloists in the series was Sebastian Hennig, Heinz' son.

The choir made other important recordings, especially the Geistliche Chormusik by Schütz.


The passing of Henz Hennig

Douglas Neslund wrote (February 6, 2002):

We had heard that Maestro Heinz Hennig, founder and director of the Hannover Knabenchor was in poor health, even a year ago. And now he is gone.

Those who own a copy of the wonderful movie "L'Or des Anges" will know this man, as he and his choir are one of the featured groups. He founded Hannover Knabenchor in 1950 and over the years, his choir has gained a large and faithful following. His son, Sebastian, had a fabulous choirboy career, capped by several recordings which will immortalize his fine, beautiful voice.

The choir's website opens with a page "in mourning" - as one would expect. It would appear that a successor director has yet to be named, at least on the website, which may be linked by clicking on the following:

Our friends in Germany should let us know if any news arises about the choir, in its search for a new director.

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