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Bach Books

by Jean-Pierre Grivois






Jean Sébastian Bach

Jean-Pierre Grivois



PB / 626 pp


wrote (February 10, 2004):
I've just posted in the 'Files' section a word document entitled 'Opening of Bach novel'. It's the first half of Chapter 1 of a fictionalised account of the life of
JS Bach from October to December 1732. Recently written by an unpublished German author, we have begun translating the novel into English. I am acting
as the editor of the English version.

The opening concerns a coach trip that actually occurred, and characters who actually existed in Bach's life. The novel appears to explore themes such as the ironic
contrast between the everyday and the eternal in Bach's life.

We'd be most grateful to receive any critical feedback that members may wish to offer. In particular, we wonder whether it's worth continuing the job.

The 'Files' section can be accessed by hitting 'Files' at the left. Please respect the intellectual property of the author and the translator.

Marc Boss wrote (February 10, 2004):
This is very interesting!

A friend of mine ,Jean Pierre Grivois, has just published in France at his own costs a book which isnt fiction although it is named I , JS Bach . In this book which is a very rigorous biography of his life Bach tels his story .It reads like fiction and a man with emotions appears !Grivois studied Bach for 15 years and went to Leipzig to consult with people of the Neue Bach Gesellschaft .He has corected many facts which have been transmited over the past by biographs who did not look to the sources!This book contains many anecdotes and dialogues between JSB and his large familly .It is a resumé of the most recent knowledge we have today on JSB.all the persons in the book have existed and were part of his life.It was writen and contact was kept with foremost specialists in Germany and France who all apreciated its qualities and its easy reading.You mention a chort episode of bachs life you are translating /we are searching for an english translator ! 610 pages!

Tony wrote (February 10, 2004):
[To Marc Boss] Thanks for your email. The Grivois book sounds fascinating. Is it available yet? Which publisher? I wonder whether you read the text I posted on the
site, and what you think....

Marc Boss wrote (February 10, 2004):
It is available in French. If you want I can send it to you?I Canít find your site!

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