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Szekszárdi Madrigálkórus (Choir)

Founded: 1965 - Szekszárd, Hungary

The history of the Szekszárdi Madrigálkórus (Szekszárd Madrigal Chorus) bound to an old legendary performance. Once it happened that operetta performances staged in the Szekszárd community center in 1965. The piece is an enthusiastic chorus, sing-loving local inhabitants were organized, directed by Dr. János Partos. The performance was so good that members of the choir stayed together, and formed the sensemble, which is today known as Madrigálkórus.

The founding conductor, Dr. János Partos receivedc the love of church music from his father, who was was a cantor at a local church. János Partos directed the choir until 1974. Everyone who knew him, very respectfully commemorate the founding conductor, band leader who was literally unto death. Then Andor Ligeti Andor, Pécs college professor, took his place and began a series of appearances abroad. He was followed in 1981 by the current conductor, Valér Jobbágy, who brought a new era in the choir's life. The music literature, choral music is to get acquainted with the area, such as Gregorian chant, Renaissance and Baroque sacred works, including masses, oratorios, cantatas. In addition, many contemporary or the 19th and 20th centuries, and at the turn of the century works by modern composers considered to have been included in the repertoire.

During the past decades, many changes have occurred in other areas as well. The foundation is 90 percent of the members were enthusiastic amateur, the figure has since been thoroughly altered. Today, the majority of vocal and music teachers, amateurs or at least considerable musical skills have made ​​up the majority of the membership.

During the existence of the Szekszárdi Madrigálkórus, it has given more than 600 appearances and participated in 30 foreign competition and festivals. Recognitions and honors list is long. It owns the highest rating, a special concert choir address. Over the years, many uplifting and joyful moment witnessed members of the choir.


Source: Szekszárdi Madrigálkórus Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (August 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2016)

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