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Bell'arte Salzburg (Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 1995 - Salzburg, Austria

The musicians making up Bell'arte Salzburg share a special interest in the magnificent works composed in the European centres of music during the 17th and 18th centuries. Enthusiasm for the music of Biber, Hofer, Muffat, W.A. Mozart, Michael Haydn and other composers active in Salzburg led in 1995 to the foundation of Bell'arte and the choice of its name.

Since then, the ensemble has acquired an outstanding reputation, and the instrumental virtuosity of its musicians together with the sonorous, colourful scoring of the pieces they play do much to account for the success of Bell’arte Salzburg's concert programmes. Expressive intensity coupled with nuanced and lively playing characterize the ensemble, whose members are specialists in the field of historical performance practice. The artistic direction remains in the hands of Annegret Siedel.

The ensemble’s extensive chamber music repertoire demands various different formations, augmented with well-known singers for specific concerts. Bell'arte Salzburg has for many years collaborated with singers like Emma Kirkby, Susanne Rydén, Nuria Rial, Monika Mauch, Jan Kobow, Wolf-Matthias Friedrich, Gotthold Schwarz and Klaus Mertens. Bell'arte Salzburg has performed at the Early music Forum Zürich, Rheingau Music Festival, Early Music Days in Stuttgart, Bach Concerts in Frankfurt's Alte Oper, Irsee Klang & Raum Festival, Köthener Bach Festtage, Heinrich Schütz Festival in Dresden, European Weeks in Passau, Tonicale in Munich and other renowned concert series and festivals.

The ensemble's concert programmes are frequently broadcast live, as in the series “Das Alte Werk” of NDR Hamburg, “Early Music Days” at Herne, Brühl Palace Concerts, Köthen Autumn Festival, Wartburg Concerts in Eisenach and the Gallery Concerts at the Dresden Zwinger, and the concerts at the Austrian venues of Schloss Goldegg and Dom zu Maria Saal.

Bavarian TV broadcast a live production of a “Musical Vespers” with works by Andreas Hofer and a further series about Hofer’s compositions in 2007. The ensemble has undertaken concert tours through Germany and Austria and to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Members of Bell'arte Salzburg

Artistic direction
Annegret Siedel ()Baroque violin, viola d'amore, viola and violino piccolo

Wind instruments
Linde Brunmayr-Tutz (Transverse flute)
Martin Stadler (Oboe, oboe d'amore, recorder)
Christian Leitherer (Baroque clarinet and chalumeau, basset horn, recorder)
Patrick Henrichs (Baroque trumpet)

String instruments
Georg Kallweit (Baroque violin)
Gudrun Engelhardt (Baroque violin)
Micaela Storch (Baroque violin and baroque viola)
Werner Saller (Viola)
Irene Klein (Viola da gamba)
Rebecca Rusó (Viola da gamba)
Hermann Hickethier (Viola da gamba and violone)
Christian Zincke (Viola da gamba and violone)
Arno Jochem (Viola da gamba, violone and cello)
Matthias Müller (Viola da gamba, violone and lirone)
Guido Larisch (Baroque cello)

Continuo instruments
Michael Freimuth (Theorbo, lute and guitar)
Thomas Boysen (Theorbo, lute and guitar)
Margit Schultheiß (Organ, baroque harp and harpsichord)
Zvi Meniker (Harpsichord and fortepiano)

String instruments: Maja Hunziker and Bettina Blum (violin), Stefan Sieben (viola and tenor viola), Sabine Fehlandt (viola and viola d'amore)
Continuo: Michael Spengler, Barbara Hofmann (viola da gamba), Christine Schwark (baroque cello)
Dennis Götte (theorbo, lute)
Carsten Lohff (harpsichord, organ)

01: Zvi Meniker, Ulrike Titze, Annegret Siedel, Matthias Müller, Margit Schultheiß

07: Hermann Hickethier, Margit Schultheiß, Michael Freimuth, Annegret Siedel

03: Juris Teichmanis, Matthias Müller, Christian Leitherer, Martin Stadler, Linde Brunmayr-Tutz, Raquel Massadas, Maja Hunziker, Annegret Siedel, Michaela Storch, Hans-Jürgen Schnoor

04: Michael Freimuth, Annegret Siedel, Margit Schultheiß, Hermann Hickethier

02: Zvi Meniker, Ulrike Titze, Matthias Müller, Annegret Siedel, Margit Schultheiß

06: Michael Freimuth, Margit Schultheiß, Hermann Hickethier, Annegret Siedel

08: Annegret Siedel, Micaela Storch, Stefan Sieben, Klaus Mertens, Margit Schutlheiß, Marie Luise Werneburg, Hermann Hickethier, Thomas Boysen

Source: Bell'arte Salzburg Website; Photos 01: 07: Stevan Haberland
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2016)

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