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Matthias Privler (Bass, Choral Conductor)

Born: April 26, 1973 - Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany

The German bass, choral conductor and church musician, Matthias Privler, attended the Gymnasium Starnberg, and in 1992 anrolled at the Allgemeine Hochschulreife. After the civil service he studied from 1993 to 199 Catholic Church Music and music education at Richard- Strauss-Konservatorium in Munich; he studied there with Hans Stockmeier (HF organ), Hans-Rudolf Zöbeley and Ulrich Weder (orchestral conducting), Gerhard Jenemann (HF choral conducting), Olaf Dreßler (ZF piano), Frater Gregor Baumhof (HF Gregorian chant) and phonation / singing with Andrej Kucharsky and Nikolaus Hillebrand.

Before and during his studies (1987-1997), Matthias Privler already gathered some experience as a part-time organist, choirmaster and as a chorister in Starnberg (Söcking). During this time he also directed over 5 years the Projektchor "Mixdur" with both secular and sacred repertoire. After "Church Music B-examination" and obtaining the "state certified music teacher" he was from November 1997 to March 2008 a full-time church musician in the Pfarrei Allerheiligen, Munich, in which he took over the management of the various choirs and organist services. The concert series M.U.S.I.K.A. (Musik und Spiritualität in der Kirche Allerheiligen) from 2002 to 2004 and the organ renovation of local Späth organ (III, 35, 1960/2002 f. 100,000) were initiated by him. In addition, further studies in HF organ in Munich and the Hochschule für Musik Stuttgart with Martha Schuster, which has been successfully completed with the concert exam in 2001. Since May 2002, he pursued a private classical singing studies (bass) at Bernhard Adler in Munich, from 2008 whith Richard Lombardi, Evelyn Löhr and Elke Slawitschek.

Since March 2008, Matthias Privler has been freelancing as a concert singer, overtone singer, choir director, organist, and as a voice trainer and speaker / trainer (overtone singing, Gregorian chant, (music) Kinesiology * S.U.) active and informed voice, organ and piano.

Matthias Privler founded and directed the "Obertonchor Munich" (2007). He works with various choirs and vocal ensembles -also as soloist in numerous concerts and church services (requiems, Passions, oratorios, masses, a-capella ...) and free musical theater productions at home and abroad with: e.g. Chorakademie der Tiroler Festspiele (Erl A/I), Philharmonischer Chor München, Europäische Vokalsolisten (Aachen, Germany), Ensemble Cantissimo (Konstanz), Projektchor CHRISMOS (contemporary works with UA (Robert Moran, D. Kirsch, W. Hader) with radio and CD recordings), European Overtone Choir ( Switzerland), Deutscher Obertonchor (W. Saus, Aachen), Münchner Scholaren (Gregorian chant) with CD recordings Ensemble Agrigento; In den Bergen, etc. Since autumn 2010 he sings the bass in Sixtonics, who dedicate themselves mainly to the repertoire of the Comedian Harmonists. He is enseble- and founding member of the a cappella quartet Wir4, whose motto is: "A-cappella mit Hang zu Obertönen" (A cappella with a penchant for overtones).

Source: English translation by Aryeh Oron (February 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2016)

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Video: BWV 140 [2015], BWV 150 [2015], BWV 186 [2015]

Michaela Prentl


Member of SebastiansChor München:
C-2 (2006):
BWV 63

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