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Lorraine Prigent (Soprano)

Born: 1972 - Naples, Italy

The Italian soprano and actress, Lorraine Prigent, holds the DUMST, Diploma of the Métiers du Spectacle Théâtre. She studied Music and Musicology at Université Paris Sorbonne - Paris IV

Lorraine Prigent works as an actress with stahe directors: directors: Alain Mergnat, René Loyon, Aristide Demonico, François Noury, Pierre Louis, Michel Dubois, Christophe Galland..She became assistant to the setting of the latter director for theater and opera: Triomphe d'Iris by Clérambault, Li Zite in galera by Vinci, La Finta Cameriera by Latilla, Giovanna d'Arco by Verdi. Dive into the world of opera, she embarked on vocal studies with d'Armande Olivier, Gérard Chapuis, Jacques Bona et Manuela Kryscak and her Diploma of Singing Studies in in 2001.

Equally keen on early music works, Lorraine Prigent regularly collaborates with Ensemble Alia Mens (Director: Olivier Spilmont) around Baroque programmes, she explores the French polyphony of the 14th century with Laurence Brisset, Flemish polyphony of the 15th century with Stratton Bull Peter Van Heyghen, contemporary music with Nicholas Isherwood, Jacques Derégnaucourt, Frédéric Martin, Gualtiero Dazzi or André Serre-Milan. She has been heard in various cities of France and at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Monteverdi's Orfeo conducted by Jean-Claude Malgoire, in the role of Despine in W.A. Mozart's Così Fan Tutte with the Orchestre Amadeus conducted by Lawrence Hirsch, and in recital with organists Raphael Tambyeff or Mickaël Durand.

In 2007, Lorraine Prigent performed for creation around the painter Caravaggio, which combines text, video, Italian music of the early 16th century for voice and lute, Neapolitan songs and contemporary music with composer Gualtiero Dazzi. She has been heard recently singing François Couperin's Les Leçons de ténèbres and Lux ​​et vita, a French Baroque programme with all l'ensemble Harmonie des Sphères conducted by Marie Eumont..

Lorraine Prigent prepares a new programme of Heinrich Schütz' works with the same enseble, and a recital of songs of the composer Kosma with the pianist Anne-Lise Saint-Amans.

Since 1994, Lorraine Prigent conducted training activities in different courses and workshops in theater and music domain, for adults or children. She intervenes in particular for four years with the Association Récré à Son for music workshops for children at the Théâtre du Châtelet, nd directs in Paris two children choirs for the third consecutive year.

Source: Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (September 2016)
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Aryeh Oron (September 2016)

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With: Ensemble Les Muses Galantes:
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BWV 23 [2013]

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