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Coro Polifónico Provincial de Santa Fe (Choir)

Founded: September 21, 1961 - Santa Fe, Argentina

The Coro Polifónico Provincial de Santa Fe (Provincial Polyphonic Choir) was organized in the spring of 1961 and since 1962, operates under the then Dirección General de Cultura de la Provincia. Since then and for 34 years its Director was Francisco Maragno; since 1996 Chief Conductor is Sergio Siminovich.

The purpose of the creation the Choir was reaching technical levels and adequate training to the requirements of a wide repertoire of vocal music, vocal-instrumental and choral-symphonic... So the Choir has added to its repertoire and released to vast audiences, works of Ockeghem, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Victoria, Monteverdi, Carissimi, Gesualdo, Dietrich Buxtehude, J.S. Bach, George Frideric Handel, Haydn, W.A. Mozart, Gluck, L.v. Beethoven, Schubert, Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn, Wolf, Franz Liszt, Ravel, Debussy, Arnold Schoenberg, Wagner, Francis Poulenc, Bruckner, Ligeti, among others,as well as the Argentinean composers Dublanc, Guastavino, Caamaño, Virtú Maragno, Ramírez, Leguizamón and others.

At home, the Choir has performed in almost all the provinces, from Tierra del Fuego to Misiones. In its province, the Choir has given oncerts in over 100 locations, in many cases on a regular basis by season. Abroad, the Choir got its greatest achievement at the beginning of his activity, when it received the 2nd prize in the most important category of contemporary polyphony, in the XVII International Choir Competition Arezzo (Italy), where it also qualified in other categories (feminine chorus and popular music). The Choir was also presented at major festivals and and encounters: Latin American and international, regional and provincial; in Montevideo, Porto Alegre, Encarnación and Asunción, Paraguay with great public and critical acclaim.

The Choir has performed under the baton of distinguished conductors: Francisco Maragno, José A. Gallo, Clydwin Jones, Washington Castro, Guillermo Bonet Müller, Olgerst Binstevins, Manuel Cellario, Juan Carlos Zorzi, Reinaldo Zemba, Simón Blech, Heribert Breuer, Pedro Ignacio Calderón , Carlos Cuesta and many others. It has also performed with major orchestras in Argentina: : Filarmónica de Buenos Aires, Sinfónica Nacional, de Mendoza, San Juan, Entre Ríos, Rosario and Santa Fe.

Their repertoire of the Choiur include major works ofthe choral literature, choral-instrumental and choral-symphonic as: Stabat Mater by de G.P.d. Palestrina, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Doménico Scarlatti, Rossini and Penderecki; Matthaus-Passion (BWV 244), Mass in B minor (BWV 232), Magnificat (BWV 243) and cantatas by J.S. Bach, Messiah and other oratorios by G.F. Handel; Great Mass in C minor and the Coronation Mass by W.A. Mozart; The Seasons and The Creation by Haydn; Symphony No. 9 and and Missa Solemnis by L.v. Beethoven; Requiem by W.A. Mozart, Cherubini, Verdi and Johannes Brahms, among many other works.

The Coro Polifónico Provincial de Santa Fe has recorded three albums that were excellently received by critics, not only in Argentina but also abroad. In 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 the Choir received the ATVC award for best program of cable television in the category Musical and in 2000 and 2001 in the category Education with the program "Cantemos con el Coro" joint implementation Coro Polifónico Provincial, newspapers El Litoral, Cablevideo and Cable & Diario, praised the ideal of Sergio Siminovich. In 2005 a jury composed of Roberto Schneider, Juan Carlos Rodríguez y Carlos Falco, received from the Municipality of the city of Santa Fe, the Premio Máscara, the City pays homage to the makers of the Santa Fe art scene.

Members of Coro Polifónico Provincial de Santa Fe:





Caligaris, Susana
Cavaglia, Daniela
Robledo, Mercedes
Plank, Graciela
Godoy, Susana
Pistoni, María
Caliva, Claudia
Torregiani, Analí
Tourn, Paola
Mickiewicz, Irina
Scardino, Mara
Meichtry, Roxana
Magani, Antonela
Novau, María de los Ángeles
Nardi, Agostina

María Alberdi
Susana Andreu
Graciela Ballejos
Karol Bayer
María José Bedetti
Verónica Bonell
Daniela Lucia Coria
Lucía Gardinalli
Celeste Heinzen
Laura Leal
Paula Meloni
Agustina Quiñonez

Nadalet, Roberto
Bertolaccini, Idelberto
Villot, Gabriel
Lisa, Mauricio
Martínez, Mario
Bustafán, Matías
Blanco, Diego
Baldo, Danilo
Marchi, Sergio
Herdt, Julián
Escobar, Raúl
Saez, Juan Carlos
Novero, Andrés

Ruscitti, Pedro
Ocaño, Arnaldo
Perrone, Mario
Caliva, Juan
De Greff, Ricardo
Müller, Iván
Hillar, Samuel
Caronni, Daniel
Molina, Alejandro
Morello, Fernando
Fabrizzi, Aldo
Tavella, Pablo
Baez, Fernando
Saracio, José

Chief Conductor: Sergio Siminovich
General overall coordination: Monica Salva
Main trainer: Alejandro Molina
Pianist: Matias Bustafán
Continuo: Marina, Manue
Technical-administrative assistants: Dario Bonneau, Ricardo Mendoza


Source: Coro Polifónico Provincial de Santa Fe Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (August 2015)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2015)

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