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Ensamble Nova Eventos (Instrumental & Vocal Ensemble)

Founded: 2005 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ensamble Nova Eventos (formerly: Ensamble Nova), an ensemble made up of instrumentalists and singers, was founded in 2005 by its current Artistic Director, Pablo Quinteros, in order to bring out generate high-level projects and musical quality.

As a chorus rhey are devoted to the repertoire of double choir, composed of professional singers. They have performed Mass in E flat Op.109 by Josef Rheinberger, Three Psalms, Op. 78 by Felix Mendelssohn, Motets by J.S. Bach and excerpts from the Cantata Figure Humaine by Francis Poulenc for double chorus a cappella.

In 2006 they were summoned by the Ambassador of England Dr. John Hughes to perform the opera Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell, in his personal residence. The repeated this worke, with the same production at the Teatro Apacheta, also in October 2006.

In the orchestral and choral symphonic form, they have performed in concert, Antonio Vivaldi's Magnificat, J.S. Bach's Cantatas BWV 4, BWV 161 and BWV 82, H. Purcell's Ode to St. Cecilia, W.A. Mozart's Misa Brevis in D minor K. 65 and Coronation" Mass; accompanied different choirs, as well as numerous arias from various oratorio for vocal soloist.

Under their new name, Ensamble Nova Eventos is a group of professionals with extensive experience dedicated to creating music for all kinds of events in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country. Composed of instrumentalists, soloists, choristers, directors, puestistas, technicians, sound engineers, etc. They formed a group of production that brings ideas and working as a team for over 15 years. They provide musical and artistic solutions for business and corporate events, secular and religious ceremonies, receptions, live waltz, celebrations of 15 years, anniversaries.


Source: Ensamble Nova EventOs profule on Facebook, English translation by Aryeh Oron (August 2015)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2015)

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