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Tadashi Miroku (Tenor, Counter-tenor)

Born: Japan

The Japanese tenor and counter-tenor, Tadashi Miroku, holds a Masters degree from the State University of Chiba (Japan) and and a graduate degree in singing from the State University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo. He studied Baroque singing with Santina Tomasello, Gloria Banditelli and Christina Miatello at the Coservatorio di Verona. In 2000, he was awarded 1 st prize at the audition of “L’homme armè” in Florence. He also won several other auditions,

In 1996 Tadashi Miroku made his debut as a tenor in Rossini’s Otello. However, since 1999, he has been performing as a counter-tenor in opera houses and concert halls in Japan and internationally (in France, Holland, Sweden, Turky and Israel). In Italy, he has sung at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara, the Teatro Rossini in Lugo, the Teatro Nuovo in Verona and the Teatro Raffaello Sanzio in Urbino. He won several auditions and so he cooperate with several Italian musical groups: L’Homme arme, Accademia Bizantina, Bal’danza Ensemble, etc. He sang in several musical festivals: Monteverdi Festival of Cremona, Viterbo Festival Barocco, Festival Musicale of Rovereto, Festival della Musica Sacra of Pisa, etc.

After studying in the University of Bologna (DAMS), Tadashi Miroku worked as theatrical director: of Operas (Dido and Aeneas by H. Purcell, La serva padrona by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, La Dirindina by G.B. Martini, Il maestro di cappella by D. Cimarosa, Le nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart, Il Barbiere di Siviglia by G. Rossini, Il segreto di Susanna by E. Wolf Ferrari, etc.) and ancient music performances: Il festino della sera del giovedi grasso avanti cena and Barca di Venetia per Padova by A. Banchieri, Kaffe-kantate (BWV 211) by J.S. Bach, etc. In Japan he sing with his groups Giardino Musicale and Trovatori Levanti.

Tadashi Miroku was a lecturer at the Conservatorium of Ferrara where he leads a course in Baroque singing (2001-2003). He is a charter member of the Cultural Association Bal’danza in Ferrara, Trovatori Levanti and Giardino Musicale in Japan ()Japan Federation of Musicians. Since 2006, he is Professor at Gakushuin University life-long Learning Center and at Art & Music University n Tokyo.

Tadashi Miroku featured in all CD arecordings of Bach Collegium Japan (Director: Masaaki Suzuki) dedicated to J.S. Bach and George Frideric Handel (1996-1999). He recorded for Tactus several CD's (in duo with Silvia Rambaldi): “Madrigali diminuiti e passaggiati tra voce e cembalo”, “L’Armonia delle Sirene” and “Cantate amorose” by Giovanni Battista Bassani, Ariette Op. VI by Barbara Strozzi..

Source: Lake Como Festival Website (August 24, 2007); Daniela Salvatore Website (2013)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2015)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Masaaki Suzuki


Member of Bach Collegium Japan:
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 5:
BWV 18, BWV 143, BWV 161
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 6:
BWV 31, BWV 21 [1714/1720 edition]
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 7:
BWV 61, BWV 63, BWV 132, BWV 172
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 8:
BWV 22, BWV 23, BWV 75
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 9:
BWV 24, BWV 76, BWV 167
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 10:
BWV 105, BWV 179, BWV 186
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 11:
BWV 46, BWV 95, BWV 136, BWV 138
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 12:
BWV 21 [1723 Leipzig version], BWV 147
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 13: BWV 64, BWV 25

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