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Ensemble Magnificat (Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 2004 - Treviglio, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy

Ensemble Magnificat is a choral and instrumental group, dedicated to the study and interpretation of the literature of polyphonic instrumental music from the 17th and 18th centuries, with particular preference for the sacred repertoire of the Italian and German Baroque. In this light the Ensemble Magnificat plays an intense and continuous research work, study, transcription and preparation of works and compositions also rarely performed, so that they can prposed to the public in concerts and elevations high quality music.

The Ensemble consists of singers and musicians living in Lombardy, who share a passion for early music and animated by the desire to make known to a wider audience a repertoire of musical compositions ranging, for organic and gender, from sacred polyphony late Renaissance works to concerted Baroque oratorio. The use of performance practice on period instruments is dictated by a precise philological choice and interpretation, bringing to the public the feelings and "affetti" characteristic of the Baroque period.

The group, directed by Massimo Greeks, began as a mixed choir, but performs in different formations: from the consort solo to full choir, using its versatility to adapt to many types of works. Ensemble Magnificat, was founded in 2005 and formed an association in 2008, has to his credit a number of concerts and musical elevations. It is the creator of the annual festival of vocal music "I Venerdì di Maggio", which takes place at the Santuario della Madonna dei Campi di Brignano (BG), now in its 10th edition. The Ensemble performed the opening concert of the Organ of the Chiesa di San Bernardino di Caravaggio (BG). In 2008 the Ensemble took part in the event "I Luoghi della Fede", sponsored by the Centro Musica Antica di Bergamo. In autumn 2008 the Ensemble was chosen for the recitation of Treviglio (BG) and some replicas of "La Variante di Lüneburg", fable in music with Milva, Walter Mramor and Valter Sivilotti, including some dates at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano in March 2011.

In 2009 the Ensemble recorded La Tromba della Divina Misericordia, an unpublished oratorio by G.B. Bassani, with the all’Ensemble StilModerno di Milano. The album, recorded for the Concerto Classic label, is now distributed worldwide. The oratorio has been replicated in several locations in Northern Italy, and was presented in Milan at the Basilica di San Lorenzo alle Colonne.

The Ensemble has had in its ranks musicians coming from renewed scene of the Renaissance and Baroque, among whom the internationally renowned trumpeter Gabriele Cassone, for J.S. Bach's Cantatas BWV 51 and BWV 147.

Members of Ensemble Magnificat:





Roberta Carminati
Stefania Casirati
Adele Coluccia
Antonella Daccò
Simona Manzoni
Fabiana Nisoli

Roberta Beneggi
Fiorangela Bianchi
Elisa Coatti
Chiarastella Pesenti
Maria Luisa Ravasio
Giovanna Ubiali

Giuseppe Aldeni
Raffaele Coita
Fabio Ferri
Achille Marinelli
Giovanni Parisi

Fiorenzo Bano
Luca Carminati
Angelo Casirati
Fulvio Cortesi
Massimo Facchinetti
Piercarlo Ferri


Source: Ensemble Magnificat Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (December 2015)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (December 2015)

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